New Hawaii Five-0 contest from CBS

Here’s your chance to win a personalized mini-skimboard, Hawaii Five-0 cast autographs, original soundtrack, and a tsunami warning siren.  OK, the siren was just wishful thinking on my part.

See to enter

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“Broken Glass” by Mayaeni featured in “Ua Lawe Wale”

Very appropriate song from “Ua Lawe Wale”, used in the scene where Rhea is reunited with Jen.

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Mike Buck and Officer 808 discuss “Ua Lawe Wale”

Radio talk show host Mike Buck and I discussed the second Hawaii Five-0 episode of season 2, “Ua Lawe Wale” on AM 830 KHVH.  We talked about Lauren German, filming on Lana’i, and Jenna’s potential departure from the show.

Officer 808 on the Mike Buck Show, September 27, 2011, Hawaii Five-0 “Ua Lawe Wale” (12:33)

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‘Hawaii Five-0’ scoop: Jimmy Buffett to guest star


Jimmy-BuffettImage Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Jimmy Buffett in Mai-Tai-ville?

EW has learned exclusively that the singer/songwriter/avid aviator will guest star in an upcoming episode of Hawaii Five-0. Buffett will play a veteran pilot who’s a pal of Lt. Commander Joe White (Terry O’Quinn), and he helps Five-0 rescue one of its own from a sticky situation.

The episode will air this November on CBS.

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Another Hawaii Five-0 death?


Sounds like actress Larisa Oleynik may not be long for Hawaii Five-0. After being touted at the end of last season as a possible fifth member of the team, Larisa’s role has been majorly downgraded as new regular characters, including Terry O’Quinn (Lt. Joe White) and Lauren German (Lori), pick up the slack.

Now executive producer Peter Lenkov tells me an upcoming story arc will spell an end to Larisa’s tech-savvy character, Jenna Kaye, who (and this is me talking here) never quite clicked. “We’re wrapping up the Jenna story,” Lenkov says matter-of-factly. “She’s going to disappear from her life for a little bit and then come back into it in Episode 10 (likely airing November 21) for a very big story that’s going to be very McGarrett/Wo-Fat-centric. It has to do with the origins of McGarrett and takes us back to North Korea where we started in the pilot.”

Hawaii Five-0 has proven itself fearless when it comes to killing off prominent characters. The first season finale saw recurring players Jean Smart (Gov. Jameson) and Kelly Hu (Laura Hills) both offed in shocking story twists.

Prior to Hawaii Five-0, Larisa’s biggest roles were on The Secret World of Alex Mack and Third Rock from the Sun.

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Terry O’Quinn extends Hawaii Five-0 stay


Sounds like Lost vet Terry O’Quinn has been enjoying his return to island living in his recurring role as a Navy SEAL working alongside Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) on Hawaii Five-0.

According to executive producer Peter Lenkov, Terry has agreed to extend his run as Lt. Commander Joe White. “His original deal was six episodes, and now we’ll do another three,” Lenkov reports. “And we’re hoping for even more.”

Terry still maintains hope of headlining his own series — possibly Hallelujah, a new soap currently being rewritten byDesperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry after ABC failed to find a spot for the original pilot on its fall schedule. “Terry’s a guy who really wants to get his own show, and he deserves that,” Lenkov says. “That’s his goal. But we’d love to make it work where he could do both.”

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The Undercover ohana gets bigger

Well I’ve added two new Undercover Special Agents to my staff here in my secret underground bunker!  A few weeks ago, I made the announcement that Terry (@terrysagirl on twitter) is now a regular contributor to the blog.  Please welcome also Melapaloosa (of, @Melapaloosa on twitter) as the latest contributor to the blog!

Terry is working hard to put up the latest photos and news on Facebook and here at the blog.  Also check out the captions at “Oh No He Didn’t” and “Script, Please!” on Facebook. Melapaloosa will contribute the usual wit and snark you read on popstar.

Aloha to them both!

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