The new Wo Fat is…

CBS breaks Tia Carrere’s heart and announces that Hawaii born Mark Dacascos will be cast as the new Wo Fat.


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2 Responses to The new Wo Fat is…

  1. JIM says:

    poor decision not to go with tia … gives me an excuse to stop watching though thanks CBS the show has been slipping since the pilot anyway. Maybe get rid of caan as dano he really stinks and bring in tia as a regular.

    • officer808 says:

      Thanks for your input…the longer I blog, the more I see such a wide variety of opinions. I think critics generally see Caan’s character as being the furthest developed and probably the deepest. Personally, I think his acting is the only emotional force carrying the show. Grace Park’s background was shallow, we haven’t seen anything major about DDK’s character, and McG’s Champion tool box has been put away from a few weeks now. While I don’t think the writers are deliberately making Caan the feature character, I think the story is working out that way. Hopefully we see some balance in the future.

      Tia may make a good recurring character, but not as Wo Fat. Reinventing that character as a female would be a bold move, but I wouldn’t cast her in that role. Personally, I don’t think she has enough physical or acting presence to counter McG.

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