“Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii 5-0″ Episode 8, Mana’o

Like something shiny on the ground that Paris Hilton sees, the dancer’s shiny coconuts were distracting me during the luau scene.  Drums beating, grass skirts flying, coconuts gleaming…  it’s the glare, I tell you, very distracting.  Distracting until the point of the grand uncovering of the roasted pig.  The thing that will wipe a smile off a man’s distracted face is the sight of a human being who’d been slow roasted in a deep imu all day long.  How many of you would just stand there, and say “Oh my, oh dear how terrible!” like those tourists? Everything I’d eaten the past week would be tripping over each other in a mad rush to come back out- Zippy’s chili, mac salad, mom’s curry she made for me on Friday, two liters of diet coke, and maybe even some Halloween candy still lingering in there.

We find that Danno’s old partner, Meka was murdered.  But murdered because he was crooked, or murdered to cover up a conspiracy…?  They meet up with internal affairs officer SGT Basilone (Jon Seda) who stonewalls them.   Danno doesn’t make any friends trying to get answers from the Bigger Than They Need To Be Police Officers (I think these extras were cast from the stevedores at Sand Island), until Bruce Lee (Jason Scott Lee) slips Danno a little note for a lunch date.  That  takes them to an art show, where Sexy Cocktail Dress Kono pickpockets Jonny Depp to get into the back room where the drug dealer is.  Not getting any answers, Aggro Danno straps the drug dealer to the hood and goes for a joy ride around Waikiki.  But wait.  Who’s that drug dealer?  IT’S BALKI BARTOKOMOUS!  My God, he *really* let himself go after he moved out of Cousin Larry’s place.  Cousin Balki confesses the world, and now McGarrett and Danno have something solid!

Later, Danno needs to blow off some steam.  He cheats on his bromance with McGarrett and decides to spend some quality time with Chin Ho.  They go somewhere where everybody knows their name, and over some fine Primo beer, they commiserate.  Danno gets the bright idea to question a con they put away from a previous episode, and with a secret deal, the con tells Danno who the mole is.

McGarrett, Danno and Cousin Balki set up a sting with Bruce Lee and SGT Basilone.  To meet Hawaii’s daily quota, a gunfight ensues, bodies hit the floor.  Bruce Lee runs after Ochoa, and by the time everyone else catches up, two shots ring out and Ochoa is dead. Everyone say it together…. “HMMMMMMM….”  Why would he have to shoot Ochoa?  Bruce Lee could have easily slapped incoming bullets down with his bare hands, or he could have knocked him down with a flying bicycle kick.

A late reveal about Ochoa wounds reveal the real mole in the HPD as…Bruce Lee! NO!  It can’t be!  They finally put a quality local actor in there (please don’t hurt me for saying  that Mr. Kala Alexander, sir), and he turns out to be the bad guy!  DOH!

In my opinion, this was the strongest episode since the Pilot.  Like McGarrett who wanted to give the SEAL in the previous episode the benefit of the doubt, Danno wanted to do the same for his ex-partner.  Not only that, but he took control of the case himself, establishing himself and his police method over Mcgarrett’s military expedience.  The writing was excellent, and Scott Caan showed shades of Sonny Corleone in strong dialogs…I dare say Scott may be as good, if not better than his father James.

The episode wraps up by again showing how important family is in Hawaii.  After a cute dialog, Danno chases after his daughter to give her the toy, Danno appeals to the con to think about Meka’s son, the con gives Danno the info on the condition he gets to see his family again.  Finally, Danno tells Meka’s son to remember Meka as a hero.  Emotional control was over for my wife at this point, I handed her the box of kleenex, but could only think of one thing…shiny coconuts.


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2 Responses to “Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii 5-0″ Episode 8, Mana’o

  1. cfl96744 says:

    Wow. This was a well written and deep analysis of lastnights epsiode. I agree the best yet since the pilot. Does this mean that Kano Kalakaua is up next for haracter development? I hope so!

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