Taryn Manning has huge Twitter meltdown

Taryn Manning, Hawaii Five-0, Mary Ann McGarrett

Taryn Manning, Photo: Scott Morifuji

Thanks to a heads up from Ryan Ozawa (@hawaii) and detective work by Valentino Valdez, I’ve pieced together a huge Twitter rant from Hawaii Five-o star Taryn Manning.  Late into Wednesday night, Manning shocks and surprises fans with rants about how terrible the show is.   Please be advised there’s a HUGE SPOILER in here.  Please also be advised that I searched the retweets to verify the accuracy of the statements.  The following are excerpts of tweets and conversations:

@TarynManning: Nope no sarcasm. I’ve held my tongue for months. Noone is happy on this show!

@TarynManning: Ya this show is lame, treats people …awful. Let’s let it be known H50 suxxx!

@TarynManning: Might have to thrash on set today…I never go out without a BANG!

PaulPro245: @TarynManning Y not apologize to orci lenkov o’loughlin Xsan park and kim
TarynManning: @PaulPro245 Haha!! Not when they keep treating peeps like donkey dung.

TarynManning: @TheFive0s No its not…I just kept it to myself for a long time. Its fine, the truth will unfold one day. Wish nothing but love for the show. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble. Just my lil opinion. Doesn’t mean much:)

[this tweet removed per user’s request]

[Her personal tweets are deleted a few hours after being up.  The following post then appears.]

TarynManning: Hawaii five-O is amazing! I’m sorry I threw u guys off! I was playing and in a bad mood earlier!! Love everything about this show!!!!!

Piecing all this together, I think Manning had recently finished filming a scene in which her character, Mary Ann McGarrett, is killed.  Could she be upset about a short run in the series?  Or is she upset at the fast scheduling and pace of the shooting (which has recently surfaced).  Or is she upset about how the cast is treated?  Is this a publicity stunt or sincere?  Honolulu Star Advertiser entertainment reporter Mike Gordon tweeted “So much intrigue…”.  Definitely intriguing.


Producer Peter Lenkov also tweeted last night:

Plenkov: @PaulPro25 Kid needed to vent, I guess..please cut her some slack. She just finished shooting a very emotional episode.

PLenkov: @PaulPro245 I don’t blame you for being upset. I’m upset about it… but that’s just a rant. If there was any truth to it, it’d be different

Update 1/5/11 (original post date was 12/1/10)

Aloha to McPhee and spoilerTV.com! Well after this past week’s episode, we see Mary Ann get on a plane, leaving her return wide open.  We can only speculate as to what the trouble was about, but  a lot of feedback that I’ve been getting here on the blog and on the Hawaii Five-0 Undercover facebook group is that the Mary Ann fans love her even more, and those who weren’t fans of her originally are big fans now.  Taryn had a big week this week with Hawaii Five-0 and Law and Order SVU, with great performances.  Hopefully we’ll see her in the future on Hawaii Five-0, as she indicated in a recent tweet (see links below).

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4 Responses to Taryn Manning has huge Twitter meltdown

  1. I can imagine they put the character in a coma to be revived at a later, more convenient date. So soap opera-like.

  2. officer808 says:

    I swear I’d stop watching if they pull that!

  3. Les says:

    I say so long and don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out. I really didn’t have an opinion of her or her character before, but after this I hope she doesn’t even come back to the show. I hope she was just venting and what she said isn’t trure, but even if it is, her behavior is totally immature and unprofessional. I don’t really like my job either, but I know better than to go on Twitter to complain about it. That sort of thing can come back to bit you in the butt. It’s just stupid.

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