Friday’s news: the last word on Taryn, unrest on the set and things coming soon…

The last thing I’ll mention about Taryn (potential spoiler)

A very reliable source told me that Taryn Manning’s original contract was for six of the original thirteen episodes.  As the success of the show grew, CBS ordered a full season of twenty two more episodes, and two more bonus ones, for a full season of twenty four.  While I’ve heard that Taryn is brilliant in Sons of Anarchy, and has been tapped to do Law and Order SVU, fans are divided over her portrayal as Steve McGarrett’s happy-go-lucky sister Mary Ann Mcgarrett:  some people love her and some don’t.  I’ll preface this by saying that this is speculation:    producers may have weighed her character’s long term viability against the shows overall performance, and have decided not to bring her back.  Her leave could be a variety of things… death, coma, accident, Peace Corps, you name it.  Could she be back in the future?  I would imagine that would be possible, depending on what happens to Mary Ann.   Again this is all speculation based on her mention that Alex O’Loughlin was not happy at how the McGarrett siblings’ relationship ends.

The natives are getting restless

Reporter Tiffany Fumiko Tay of the Straits Times wrote in a piece last week of the cast’s fermenting stress over such a grueling film schedule.

Scott Caan was quoted:

‘There’s no time off, so you see people more grinding and grumpy than having a great time. Nobody’s doing an hour show and going like ‘This is the greatest thing in the world’. It’s not. Your life is gone when you’re doing a show like this, so the goal is to get through it.’

Alex O’Loughlin added:

‘You move away from your family and friends to a small island where everyone knows your business and the time you’re not at work, you’re at home studying for the next day.

Even when the red carpet stuff comes around, you’re so tired you don’t even want to go’

Definitely surprising and disheartening for fans to read…  The writing may be on the wall for the executives to ease up on the schedule.

Coming next week

I’m putting a post together on how to not just watch the show, but how to be on the show, as an extra or “background performer” as they say in the biz.

I also got a chance to sit down and chat with up and coming singer/songwriter/actress Renee Marcou who has a part in Episode 12, Hana ‘a’a Makehewa.

Update : The same TV Guide article also mentions that many of Taryn’s scenes were cut in order to advance the storyline of the McGarretts’ mother’s death…


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