Saturday’s news… seeing the magic happen on set (SPOILER), Twitter – at last

Hawaii Five-0 Camaro

Steve promised he'd give the keys back to me last week. I'm still waiting. Photo: Officer808

Well I just happened to be at the right place at the right time and saw the filming happen today.  MINOR SPOILER!  My tipsters told me that Chin Ho and Kono were at the Saint Francis Medical Center West filming a hospital scene in Ewa Beach yesterday.  Also going on yesterday was a car chase scene in Kapolei city, not far away.  The crew filmed a 1990s mustang that crashes into a barrier at a dead end…  The car stayed there on the street overnight until today’s filming.  Today, HPD extras, Kono and Chin Ho rush to the wrecked car in a fleet of (you guessed it) Chevrolets to apprehend the bad guys…Kono inspects a box in the wreck…word is that there’s a bomb in there!  McG and Danno finished filming their part in the afternoon.   Follow the link above, the photos are housed on facebook for now.  I didn’t get too many photos, the crew will gently remind you that no cameras are allowed.  The lack of good photos reminds me why I’m a blogger and not a paparazzo.

I gotta say it was pretty cool to see the filming going on, and interesting that about 30 minutes went into about a minute or so of film time.  The actor’s dogs were on the set.  I got a close up view of the Camaro, and the crew and security guards were absolute professionals.  And yes, I was within ten arm’s reaches of Grace  Park, it was magical.   But in a future episode, if you hear someone yelling “KONO I LOOOOOOOVE YOUUUUUUUUU!!!” in the background of a car chase scene with a blue Mustang, IT WASN’T ME!

Oh God, not another time suck

I’m officially on Twitter as H50undercover.  One more thing to sap what little free time I have in the day!


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