Wedsnesday’s news: Alex’s doggy, spam-ophobia, Episode 14 AND 17 spoilers, Five-0 dominates Castle, and a nod from the Five-0 Godfather

Aussies sticking together

From the Honolulu Examiner:

Alex O’Loughlin who portrays Steve McGarrett on Hawaii 5-0 just adopted an Australian Border Collie mix which he found at a junk yard during a shooting for an upcoming episode for Hawaii 5-0.

The lucky doggy got a spa treatment from Cocojor, a pet spa on Oahu.


Alex's dog Reggie, Photo: Cocojor

…and don’t give them Spam

Travel reporter Jae Ha Kim sat down to interview Alex O’Loughlin recently about his favorite hangouts, hotels and food.  The one thing that jumped at me was this:

Q. What’s your take on Spam?

A. I don’t get the love for Spam here. I hate it! I don’t know why they eat it. They have all this fresh seafood and delicious food. Why would they want to eat this?

Alex, Spam is a delicious food made from different parts of different animals that is *always* fresh from the can.  It will make you sprout muscles in places that you thought you never could.  Don’t knock it till you try it, mate.

He mentions that Diamond Head Cove Health Bar in Honolulu as one of his favorite places to eat.

Executives reveal Hawaii Five-0’s cultural consultant

Brooks Baehr interviewed kumu hula [hula teacher] Blaine Kia about being a consultant on the show (with video).   Blaine went into so much detail in this interview, I was compelled to pull out a notebook and start taking notes for fear of a pop quiz tomorrow morning.  Blaine appeared to have filmed a part as the priest at John McGarrett’s funeral, but never aired.  He did air two weeks ago, in “Hao Kanaka” as the local armored car driver.  Baehr also talks to Mike Cho, the shows police consultant.


Actor Greg Germann (“Ally McBeal”, “Raising Hope”) is flailing in the background.  Presumably he is a guest star…but possibly a recurring character?

Episode 14 and Episode 17 SPOILERS reports:

Episode 1.14 is entitled  “E Malama” [to protect]
This episode introduces a new possible recurring guest star as Stan, who is the husband of Danny’s ex wife, Grace. He is introduced when he learns of some illegal activity, putting Grace and Rachel’s lives in danger.  Also in the episode McGarrett and Chin Ho are on the hunt for four assassins targeting a star witness in a murder trial.

Episode 1.17
The episode introduces a series regular, described as a serious person with a practical jokers sense of humor. Graduating Harvard with a degree in Political Science and Economics, also with a masters in Global Security & Intelligence, they are now CIA and also described as ‘the go to person for any Chinese Terrorist Activity.’

Hawaii Five-0 On Top of the Ratings… TAKE THAT, CASTLE!

Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s Mike Gordon reported yesterday:

“Five-0” drew 10.51 million viewers, well ahead of ABC’s “Castle,” which drew 7.73 million viewers, according to Nielsen ratings released by CBS. On NBC, “Chase” drew 4.99 million viewers.

A nod from the Hawaii Five-0 Godfather, Mr. Mike

I got a nod from Mr. Mike… he runs the deepest, most informative, and possibly longest running Hawaii Five-0  resource on the internet.  His site is especially of interest to those fans of the original series.  Check out his Hawaii Five-0 Home Page.

Update: Also available is his Hawaii Five-0 reboot page, with his meticulous “anal-lysis”.


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