Thursday’s news: Spamgate Day 2, DDK on Regis and Kelly, Mike Schaub’s secrets and Mr. Mike’s analysis

Spamgate Day 2:  Masi Oka and the Spam musubi

As I continue to do more research on Hawaii Five-0’s avoidance of Spam, I came upon more troubling news.  Actor Masi Oka (who plays Dr. Max Bergman) had never encountered Spam in the form of a Spam musubi.  A Spam musubi is a delicious snack that locals eat, comprising of a cube of rice, with a slice of Spam lovingly placed onto it, all wrapped up with a piece of dried seaweed.  It’s perfectly nutritous and has all four basic food groups:   meat, starch, vegetables, and whatever fruit that the pig ate before it became Spam.

From the Honolulu Advertiser:

Masi Oka was mystified by the Spam musubi that showed up on the set of “Hawaii Five-0.”

“I totally thought, ‘Whoa, am I getting punked or something here?'” said the excitable Japanese-born actor. “I left for like five minutes, and it was all gone. … I guess it’s a huge delicacy.”

Mr. Oka, indeed!  Did you think the Spam musubi was there to hold the plate down?!?  I will continue to dilligently investigate on this Spamgate scandal. 😉

Masi Oka as Max Bergman

"I make pickels, and I also avoid spam musubis." Photo: CBS

Daniel Dae Kim on Regis and Kelly

DDK appeared on Regis and Kelly a couple of days ago to clear up the finale of Lost and talk about Hawaii Five-0.  The “aw, shucks” moment came when he talked about his parents, and the camera flashed to them.  He also gave a big shout out to the people of Hawaii for their aloha of the show.  Looks like he really has made Hawaii a second home.

Mr. Mike goes CSI on Hawaii Five-0

If you’ve been in the business for as long as Mr. Mike, you’ll be able to dissect each episode bit by bit.  Seriously, he has more free time than I do.  You may want him to proof your legal documents or read the manuals for your DVD recorder, since he is so in tune to details.  Check out his thorough dissection of Episode 11.

Mike Schaub dishes out the inside scoop on Episode 11, Palekaiko

Writer’s assistant Mike Schaub gives the inside scoop on the thought process behind Episode 11.  Where should the killer have hidden Jake’s body?  Read the blog to find out and find out what the writers thought…


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