Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 12, “HANA ‘A’A MAKEHEWA”

Christmas In Hawaii

Christmas in Hawaii is a unique experience.  We have no snow, and we have no chimneys (since we live in grass huts) but Santa still manages to make it down here.   I loved the shots of the Shaka Santa that sits at the fountain of Honolulu Hale (City Hall) and the huge Mele Kalikimaka [Merry Christmas] blocks down the street from the Santa.  Every Christmas, the city puts a huge lighted tree outside the city hall, with Christmas trees displayed inside.

shaka santa

Shaka Santa Photo: Officer808

We bring in tons of Christmas trees each year, and some years there’s even a shortage.  I have no idea why Danno insists on getting his tree “online” or even know where he’d get it from.  Charlie Brown would have taken one look at that tree and said “Dude. I thought my tree sucked.”

I was happy to hear local singers Na Leo Pilimehana and Manawa Pono and their featured songs.  Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s music was the first to hit the country mainstream, and now the country gets to see our twist on traditional Christmas songs.

Directing and Acting

Director Chris Fisher and editors caught the action shots perfectly, from the hectic scramble of uniformed officers in front of the Five-0 headquarters, to the fight scene at the end.

While there was definitely a lot of physical action, the strongest emotional moments came from McG, Danno, and Kono grouped around the bomb strapped Chin.  Little acting nuances crept out… Alex O’Loughlin emotes well with expressions, capitalized with the brave statement “You’re not wearing one [blast suit], neither are we.”  Daniel Dae Kim did well also, he had me convinced he was ready to die.  Scott Caan is very expressive through his hands and his delivery.  But standing out after weeks of writer’s neglect is Grace Park.  She had a string of lines that caught the acting chops we all know she’s capable of…she caught the concern, fear and desperation in her voice perfectly when she rushed to her cousin.  I hope the writers spend a lot more time developing Kono and allowing Grace Park to shine more.

What aloha means…

Kono kneels beside her cousin, her faced turned with worry.  She needs to run off with her boss to deliver Hesse’s money.

“We’re gonna both walk away from this,” she tells her cousin.
“Kono…aloha,” Chin tells her.
“Aloha…” Kono calls back.

My wife looked at me and said “No one says that!”.  And in that context, she’s right.  Aloha is something we say as a friendly greeting and literally means “love”.  We also wish “aloha” on someone when we part, the nearest English translation would be “good-bye”.  “Aloha” is also another way to communicate love as in “I love you”.  So while the context will probably have local people rolling up their eyes, what the writers were trying to communicate was a lot deeper.  Chin was ready to die and Daniel Dae Kim showed that perfectly… his aloha was that of a farewell, since he thought he wasn’t going to live through this.  Promising him that they were both going to walk away from this, Kono expressed her aloha as an expression of love and concern.  I’d like to think that my interpretation was the writer’s intent.

Here’s my resume

I’m an aspiring writer, and I’d love to write for the show.  I thought I’d just pitch these scene re-writes for a climactic end:

Han Solo

Photo: Lord Vader

Scene: Outside the Five-0 Headquarters
Kono:  We’re gonna both walk away from this.  Aloha.
Chin:  [self assured] I know.
Then the HPD bomb squad rushes in and sprays Chin from head to toe with liquid nitrogen to freeze the bomb for disassembly.

or this…


Photo: Richard the Lion Hearted

Scene: Outside the Five-0 Headquarters
Kono:  We’re gonna both walk away from this.  Aloha.
Chin disappears in a fiery explosion.

Just throwing this out there, Mr. Lenkov, Misters Orci and Mr. Schaub.  I’m available at any time for an interview, just let me know.  Mr. Schaub would you like some coffee this morning?

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 12, “”Hana ‘A’a Makehewa”

1)  We don’t have $10 million to give terrrorists.  Chin would have to wait for the next Furlough Friday for state workers which would be in a week or so.  Money saved from the furlough can then be diverted to his release.  But the Finance office would be closed anyway, so funds would be available on the next business day, Monday.  Hang tight, brah.

2)  We have a slew of hostess bars.  This is like any bar except it’s full of female “hostesses” who work there.  They’ll sit there, laugh at your jokes, listen like they care, maybe even put their hand on your leg (that’s what my friend told me).  There’s absolutely no promise of anything other than a conversation, and their sole job is to sit with you and make you feel like the king of the world (so I’ve heard).  They stick around for as long as you keep on buying watered down, over priced drinks.  The girls are *never* as good looking as the ones in shown in the bar in that episode (allegedly).  Stay away from the hostess bars in Pearl City, they’re grungy, they’re not as nice as the ones in downtown (again, so I’ve heard).

Honey, I’m going to be home late tonight…I have um…well, work I have to stay behind in the office for.  Don’t wait up for me.

Did you notice…?

Chin Ho compares Hesse to a cockroach… “They come back from the dead, you gotta step on them and don’t take your foot off.”  That’s the truth!  I hate cockroaches with a passion.  We call the big brown ones B-52’s because of their size.  There was one on my patio one night, I stepped on it, took my foot off to see the mess, but it just turned to look at me and said “HAH!” and crawled away.

Whenever McG drives, Danno gets “rationally concerned”.  I’m seeing a trend here where Danno will never be sitting behind the wheel of his own car.

Chicken fights happen, usually out in the remote countryside.  Some advocates are trying to legalize it.

McG and Danno use seatbelts for the first time!  Chin still cruises around without a helmet…but Hawaii does not have any helmet laws.

Fellow blogger Ryan Ozawa ties this episode back to Lost… the “Searcher” was Penelope Widmore’s boat that she used to search for Desmond.  Ali’iolani Hale (the State Supreme Court building) exterior and interior hallway shots were also used in a Desmond-centric episode as a stand in for a London university.


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9 Responses to Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 12, “HANA ‘A’A MAKEHEWA”

  1. textbook says:

    Don’t mean to offend, ossifer, but the Shaka Santa thing looks kinda creepy from here… Does it talk?

  2. officer808 says:

    Yes, he yells out “NAUGHTY” or “NICE” at you when you walk by. 😉

  3. Aelis says:

    Hey, thanks for all the comments about Hawaiian life and culture, it’s actually helpful (and funny :)) for us complete outlanders (French here, litteraly the other site of the world). Translations are particularly welcome !

    (Oh, and yes, some people do read the About us section ^^)

    Keep on please.

    • officer808 says:

      Merci! Je vais traduire la langue hawaïenne en français 😉
      I’m glad to spread the Aloha throughout the world. Tell all your friends about the blog!

      • Val says:

        Hey I really enjoyed reading your blog. Its my first read!! Interesting comment about the camaro…its very clear that McG’s a control freak and likes to be in driver’s seat and Danny just lets him….boy that’s some arm twisting brah!!

        About the cockroach ewww…like your analogy tho or really Chin’s analogy – Hesse is such an evil creep, he really deserves no less. Interesting read about the hostess bars – just want sort of undercover work have you been doing lately…burning up the mid night oil….undercover work can be really sleazy at times lol but the job’s gotta get done right to hit the press. Good job your wife is sooo understanding. Speaking of wife does she enjoy the show too? She must to tolerate all your midnight undercover work, sleuthing you do for all of us – all of which is greatly greatly appreciated.

  4. Val says:

    Thanks officer Bob for bringing this back as a reminder. Well believe it or not since we are right on the cusp near the end of the season much has transpired which leads us back to Monday’s episode. We just recently had a discussion on the angel’s board and we have come to the conclusion that Wofat staged the entire scene. We are convinced that the lure to the boat could not have easily been predicted, could have been any member of the team but one of them showed and bomb bracelet suddenly appears? Really? Not without a lot of planning for that to happen.

    One twist to the tail – what if it was McG who showed up first at the boat…what would have happened? Would he be the one wearing the brace bomb around his neck. Think of the panic reaction we’d all have. It so easily could have been Steve except Steve might have been prepared for any sudden move from anyone else but it was really quick – can’t help wonder because Hesse was busy trying to get away so if Hesse wasn’t there – could it be Wofat? Hmmm…waiting in the dark…and if Steve showed up…he would have been able to surprise Steve to knock him out.

    So Steve is trussed up like “thanks giving” turkey…who would save Steve and how? Chin would definitely tell Danny about the money which would have made Danny quite hysterical at the thought of stealing it but Chin would do the money drop since he knows where its stashed which leaves Danny and Kono.

    Which one of them would be able to take out Hesse to diffuse the bomb and could they do it? Hesse would really enjoy having that brace bomb around his neck and would eagerly hit the button but what keeps Steve alive is that Hesse answers to Wofat so Steve won’t die but he would enjoy making Steve suffer ….so guys how do they save Steve…anyone would like to give it a guess work?

    We have two more weeks to go before the next new episode. I need to think about the answer but it would be fun to hear from everyone else.

    • Val says:

      Going to take a quick stab at this – so if Steve gets nabbed. I’m thinking Danny would stay with Steve and between the two of them they will try and figure out how to diffuse the bomb bracelet. It would be fun watching Danny taking instructions from Steve on diffusing the bomb…it would be a very tight, tense, funny moment for sure.

      Maybe once they figure out how to difuse it – the other two Chin and Kono grabs Hesse throws him in jail and the money goes back to the vault…so no money is exchanged in that scene but Wofat still gets to do his visit with Hesse and he won’t be terribly happy but he would want to know – how close the five-0’s are to the investigation of Steve’s parents.

      Its really an odd question tho referring to Monday’s episode – Steve never said much about his parents – he was more worried about freeing Chin and kicking Hesse’s ass to jail for his father’s murder? Steve knows absolutely nothing about the Jakuza gang or Noshimuri either so…why did Wofat ask that question and why did Hesse lie?

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