Saturday’s news: A Smurf and a Werewolf will guest star in upcoming Hawaii Five-0 episodes

Two announcements on upcoming guest appearances:


Michaela McManusMichaela McManus, Hawaii Five-0

Michaela McManus, Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images reports:  “Michaela McManus, who plays Vampire Diaries sexy (though lethal) werewolf Jules, is taking a tropical turn: she has just been cast in a February episode of CBS’s Hawaii Five-0!  Michaela will play a tough district attorney named Kathleen Roberts who will work alongside Grace Park’s character, Kono.”

Joel David Moore, Hawaii Five-0

Joel David Moore, still dressed in blue Photo: Movelie

Movieline reports: “Joel David Moore, who has played science nerds on screens both big (Avatar) and small (Bones), next will get his geek on for CBS’ Hawaii Five-0, Movieline has learned exclusively. In the freshman action-drama’s 15th episode, Moore will guest-star as the deputy director of a tsunami tracking office based out of Honolulu.”

Yes, my niece referred to the Navi in Avatar as “Smurfs”.  The “bad soldiers knocked down their internet tree” that allowed them to “talk to dead Smurfs”.


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