The Official Rules For the Spamtastic Hawaii Five-0 Photo Contest

I’ve moved the rules to this post to free the other posts of clutter.  These are the current, official rules.  Any additions or changes are made here.  Bold comments are changes from the original rules.


Do you think you’re creative?  Do you love Spam?  Do you love Hawaii Five-0?  If yes to all the above, check out my Hawaii Five-0 Spam Photo Contest!

YOU CAN WIN:  A can of Spam!

If that’s not good enough for you,

YOU CAN ALSO WIN:  A high end set of ceramic knives to cut your Spam!  Courtesy of Shenzhen Ceramic Knives($70 value).

Shenzhen Knives 3pc knife set v2

Some basic guidelines:

Be creative…you don’t have to take a vidcap or CBS photo and doctor it up.  Take an original, creative photo that somehow incorporates Hawaii Five-0 and Spam.

These photos are done in parody, satire and all in good fun.  Be tasteful and respectful.

Official rules

1)  Take an original photograph of a a scene, situation or item that relates to Spam *and* Hawaii Five-0.
2) I will accept CBS vidcaps and photos, but TRY NOT TO USE CBS photography (since I don’t know what you wacky people might think of).  It’s okay to use fan photos, with the photographer’s permission.  It’s ok to doctor them up with photoshop.  Keep in mind that these photos are done in fun and parody, but please be respectful and tasteful.
3)  Email them to me at officer808 @ yahoo(dot)com (modify the address before you sendthe email) to be screened for content.  Add a caption, if you don’t I’ll write one for you.  Multiple entries allowed!
4)  I will post them to the Hawaii Five-0 Undercover Facebook group in the folder “Spamtastic Hawaii Five-0 Photo Contest”.
5)  “Share” the page with your Facebook friends, send them over to “Like” the group and “Like” your photo.  No limits on voting, vote for how ever many you want.
6)  The photo with the highest amount of “Likes” wins the contest!  The winner will receive a 3 piece set of ceramic knives and a can of Spam.
7)  The winner will be announced officially on January 4th, 2011, the day after the first new episode of 2011 (1/3/11).  I will send an email to the winner to confirm contact info and must provide a valid U.S. mailing address.

Some fine print:
1) Facebook is not a sponsor or administrator of, or in any way associated with, the promotion.  Neither is CBS, anyone associated with CBS, the actors or their representatives, and Spam or Hormel.
2) Entrants must be at least 18.   International entries welcome, AND I WILL SHIP INTERNATIONALLY as long as the United States Postal Service delivers Global Priority to your country.
3) You are not required to have a Facebook account to enter a photo. Voters who are not Facebook users may email me to submit a vote.
4)  This promotion complies with Facebook’s promotion guidelines.


About officer808

Investigating Hawaii Five-0 from the inside.
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