Tueday’s news: Hawaii Five-0 fashions, “Ke Kinohi” preview, Alex O’Loughlin gets Double Stuffed, later today “Things We Learned About Hawaii…” “Lanakila” rerun edition

Hawaii Five-0 fashions

Midweek writer Rasa Fournier got a chance to sit down with Hawaii Five-0 wardrobe director Kathryn Morrison Pahoa to get the skinny on the Hawaii Five-0 style.  Basically what we learn is that a LOT of thought and work goes into the process of dressing Alex O’Loughlin up before he has to take it all off (by contractual obligation).

“I try to get as much local stuff as I can…I really embrace local artists.”

“We have a lot of fun trying to find the perfect aloha shirts for [Chin Ho] that have a vintage feel for them for someone one who has been here a long time.”

“Kono may be the most fun.  I love when she goes undercover because I know I’m going to get to do something really fun.  What comes to mind is episode two, when she’s in the reed kimono.  I had to find the perfect fabric and the right color, and design a little kimono for that.”

“McGarrett is going to have a classic look because a military man has a very specific look.  But it’s going to be quite the day when Danny really lets the tie go, if he ever does.”

This is a great article on the background of the wardrobe selection, shopping, and fitting process.  Unfortunately, Midweek doesn’t go online with the current issue until later in the week, so thanks to @LisaLisa98 for snapping a photo that you can read!

What’s funny is that MORE interest is generated in seeing the actors WITHOUT clothes!  Holy smoke…walk into any chat room or forum, and it’s BRISTLING with excitement about the next time a shirtless McGarrett scene is on.  Or others speculate when Scott Caan goes topless (Peter Lenkov promises in February, by the way).  I’m sure a big “WOOOOOHOOOOOO” will erupt from my wife at the next momentous denuding of the chest and baring of the pecs.  And you know what?  I’m not going to tell her when the next time will be.  HAH!

Hawaii Five-0 fashion

Hawaii Five-0 fashion article, Rasa Fournier, Photo: @LisaLisa98

“Ke Kinohi” preview

Although last night was a rerun, we got a glimpse of what’s coming up on January 3rd!  Mary Ann kidnapped, and a warning from the governor… (clip courtesy of Long Legs O’Loughlin network).

No Spam yet, but Alex is introduced to…

@danieldaekim yesterday on Twitter wrote: “Today on set in the POURING rain, Alex O’Loughlin was introduced to the joys of the Double Stuff. OREOS, that is…”

Now why would he eat Oreo Double Stuff cookies when we have so much other fresh food to eat here?!?!?! 😉 😉 😉

Before there was Five-0 there was…

…”Hawaiian Eye” a cop drama starring Robert Conrad (who eventually stars in “Wild Wild West”).    The show ran from 1959-1963 and caught  the country at the peak of Hawaiian statehood excitement.  Read Lee Cataluna’s article in today’s Honolulu Star Advertiser!

I’m not gonna lie to you.  This was before my time.  I don’t think my Dad even remembers this.  But then again, we had no electricity back then, and the Professor set up a bicycle that Gilligan had to sit on and spin that powered an electrical generator.  Mr Howell and the Captain sure as hell weren’t going to sit and pedal.

and later today… “Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii 5-0” Episode 4, Lanakila, updated rerun edition!


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4 Responses to Tueday’s news: Hawaii Five-0 fashions, “Ke Kinohi” preview, Alex O’Loughlin gets Double Stuffed, later today “Things We Learned About Hawaii…” “Lanakila” rerun edition

  1. Rasa says:

    Fun site… I enjoy being included. Thanks for feeding the fans, myself included, some juicy tidbits.

  2. hawaiiobsessed says:

    for reals this is the best website I have found for info on my favorite show, Hawaii Five-0! So glad you are doing this! Really like your sense of humor too and I am so with your wife on the hottie Alex. I laughed out loud when you said she said ” Hold him, now is your chance!” to the tv! I thought the same thing! I am glad to have found this and have a question. In the episode coming up next week ( the re-run) when McGarrett’s girlfriend and sister have their awkward run-in at the house, in the background in the bathroom is a beautiful painting. Any info about it or the artist? Love this site, keep up the good work!

  3. officer808 says:

    Aloha! Mahalo for your kinds words as well 🙂 I’ll have to look at the scene to figure it out. McG’s house is filmed in two places…on location in east Honolulu, and also on a set in the old Advertiser building. That early in the season it was probably on location. That piece of art may be a show prop or it may actually be hanging in the house. I’ll have to do some research on that.

    Oh and, look forward to more of my wife’s blurts in the future 😉

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