“Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0”, Episode 4, Lanakila, updated rerun edition

McG and sis at Punchbowl

McG and sis at Punchbowl, Photo: Neil Jacobs/CBS

Moving the story along

“Lanakila” was a great story of jailbreak, revenge and redemption.  The action scenes, car chases, helicopter crashes and shootouts are great, but what carries this episode is the underlying stories that advances the overall arc, as the writers flesh out the characters even more.

We first meet Mary Ann McGarrett (Taryn Manning) at the airport holding cell.  Her run in with the law automatically raises our suspicion that she isn’t the saint and savior that our hero Steve is.  She misses her father’s funeral because “something came up”, and by McG’s tone we know that they have a strained relationship.

We also meet Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth), the Way-Too-Good-Looking-To-Be-In-The-Military Naval intelligence officer aboard a carrier.  We all know now that she’s McGarrett’s love interest and ace in the hole for intel.

Aside from these introductions, the writers further develop the main duo. The writers pitched it perfectly to Scott Caan, and Caan knocked the ball out of the park with the “aneurysm face” dialog, but they went further than that in the restaurant scene.  Carrying over from the “everyone likes hippos” dialog in Episode 2, Danno tries to give his partner good advice about human communication, and how his partner is cool with a gun in his face, but not so much with human interaction.  When the waitress comes to ask what they want, he responds flatly, “Shane Dawkins”, then slaps his badge on the table.  Classic.  Cool under the gun yes, interviewing suspects, no.

Finally at the end, as McG wheels Dana down the hospital hall, she says about her fiance that “Everybody deserves a little forgiveness…”  This ties the story back to McG and his sister…he seems to forgive her for missing their father’s funeral, but is there something deeper than that he needs to forgive her for…?

The Great Escape – Hawaiian style

Allright, I seriously hope that the braddahs at Halawa Correctional Facility didn’t see this episode.  Dawkins sure as hell made that escape look easy…no tunnels to dig, no lengthy stand offs.  All he needed was a willing Corrections Officer to bribe, an unwilling Corrections Officer to take hostage and some caulk.  The Shawshank redemption would have been only a 30 minute movie if escaping was this easy.  Fortunately a CO friend of mine told me that while amongst the prisoners, guards are not armed with guns.

Geographic stand-ins

One of the things I know somelocals will complain about is the artistic license the show producers are taking with geography.  The night the episode aired originally, my facebook page seethed with comments from friends like “Ok, he’s driving where?   And then he ended up where?  OH MY GOD THAT’S SO RIDICULOUS.   I’M NOT WATCHING THIS ANYMORE.”  Without boring non-locals with the details, car chases jumped erratically all over the island in this episode, and the north shore of Molokai looked suspiciously like Kaneohe (a town on east Oahu), since you can see Chinaman’s Hat island clearly below the helicopter (seen in Episode 11, Palekaiko).  To the kama’aina: this is television, use your imagination.   😉  The inaccuracy of Hawaii Five-0 car chase scenes will not grind our tourism industry to a halt nor will it confuse tourists since they don’t know any better, so go easy. 😉  If you want, you can still mess with their heads by telling them that pineapples grow on trees and that they should trade in their U.S. dollars for sea shells because that’s the currency we use.

And now, “Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0″ Episode 4, Lanakila

1) Halawa Correctional Facility houses the greatest criminal minds and escape artists of Hawaii.

2) Braddahs still don’t like Haoles. But they like the Haole’s sister.

3) So, you want to watch a live feed of your car chase from a highly classified Navy spy satellite? There’s an app for that.  Only .99 at the iTunes store.

Did you notice…?

Lemonade and mayonnaise are key ingredients for jailhouse hair coloring.  Did you also know that it’s an old jailhouse secret that ground radishes and milk make an awesome ointment for hemorrhoids?  Nutritous and relieving at the same time!

When McG asked Kamekona to watch his sister, he said “Shoots, small kine.”  “Shoots” means “sure!” in pidgin, “small kine” is slightly misused here, and means “a little bit”.  A better word to use would have been, “garans”, short for “guaranteed”.

Makani Kai is an actual helicopter touring company.  The pilot Kekipi is local comedian Augie T.

Morning radio DJ Michael W. Perry is the game show host.

The ‘apapane that Dawkins scares off in the Molokai forest is a rare Hawaiian honeycreeper.  The feathers of this bird was used to adorn capes and helmets of the Hawaiian ali’i (royalty).

Hawaiian cape

Hawaiian cape and helmet on ali'i Photo: Unknown


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14 Responses to “Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0”, Episode 4, Lanakila, updated rerun edition

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  2. Caro says:

    FYI………..thank you for pointing out that the locals don’t really need to get their panties in a wad when the car chases are ‘geographically impossible’. Many a movie has been made in my hometown & we use to laugh when we’d see a chase scene with the cars going around a town square backward/wrong direction, or see them drive over a bridge ‘here’ and end up over ‘there’ when they come off the bridge. TV shows & movies use plenty of ‘artistic license’ to move the plot along…….so just grin & bear it & take comfort in the fact that YOU know the REAL story!

  3. hawaiiobsessed says:

    love the re-cap and all the info! Mahalo! I thought when Kamekona said “small kine” he was referring to Mary…since he is so big and she is so little. ha.
    You mean all this money I spend getting my hair done I could just get me some mayonaise and lemon juice!?
    I saw Chinaman’s Hat ( such an obvious landmark!) and I knew they weren’t near Molokai. Plus, if you are trying to escape why on earth would you go to Molokai? I love this show and I try to give them a pass for stuff like that!
    The bantering between McGarrett and Danno makes me absolutely laugh out loud!

    • officer808 says:

      That’s a good point, I never considered that he was referring to McG’s sister…but even then it would be clunky to use. Even “a’ole pilikia” would have been better [no problem].

  4. textbook says:

    Re geographic stand-ins: I am myself now resigned to the liberties that shows take with local stuff. It was fun watching “The Good Guys” on Fox (no cracks please) for its short existence because it was filmed here in Dallas, and we got to look for familiar local stuff and references like other cities. Sadly, they didn’t do any better than any other show I’ve heard of. Much relocating of streets and mispronunciations of places. (For heaven’s sake, EVERYBODY knows that Houston Street is not HOW-ston Street like in New York. Puh-leaze!) And laughable-to-nonexistent Texas accents. A pity they’re cancelled though on account of they filmed in my neck of the woods a lot.

    I find myself hoping that the H50 powers-that-be don’t get attached to “aneurysm face” – can you imagine having to make that face for take after take? He probably did it once and somebody said, “Ooh, hey, that’s cool, do that again!”

    Ossifer, do people really truly say “brah” to guys in regular conversations? What do they call women?

    Thanks for the fun stuff! One looks forward to it every day.

    • officer808 says:

      Well a big howdy-doo to you Miss Textbook! Yeeehaw! Most of us don’t mind the stand-ins too much, and we’re used to it, but it’s a small minority that do. I do reckon that we use “brah” a lot, just as much as someone would say “dude” or “man” or “bro”. For someone older than us, we’d say “uncle”. For the cowgirls, we’ll say “sistah” or “aunty”. Thank ya kindly for stoppin’ by and rustle up yer other friends to stop on by. Now git! 😉 😉 😉

      • officer808 says:

        Of course that term, is used with caution 🙂 A “tita” translates roughly to mean a “tough lady”. As in so tough I wouldn’t call her that to her face unless I knew her really well 😉

  5. Kelly says:

    Thanks, enjoying all these little tid bits! *blushing, because I thought pineapples DID grow on trees!* haha

    • officer808 says:

      Kelly, mahalo for your honesty. Next time you’re in Hawaii I would be more than happy to exchange your U.S. dollars for these pretty shells that we use as currency. The current going rate is 10:1 – $10 dollars per shiny shell. I’ll be waiting. And tell your friends, too! 😉

  6. Jim says:

    Just for the record. it’s Makani Kai Helicopters – not makana

  7. Me myself and I says:

    @.@ Pineapples don’t grow on trees?

    ……./fail. xD Loved the article. H50 ftw–I love this show 😀

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