Thursday’s news: Lucky Maui teen visits the Hawaii Five-0 set; Taryn Manning’s fate up in the air; Daniel Dae Kim sells everything he owns

Mele kalikimaka on Christmas Eve eve!  Just wanted to put it quickly out there that the Spamtastic Hawaii Five-0 Photo Contest is still on!

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Read my reconciliation with Alex, then the rules.

Lucky Maui teen visits the Hawaii Five-0 set

Alex O'Loughlin, Chance, Scott Caan

Alex O'Loughlin, Chance Esperanza, Scott Caan, Photo: Esperanza family

Claudine San Nicolas, of the Maui News wrote yesterday:

Sixteen-year-old Chance Esperanza visited the set of “Five-0” recently, where he met the show’s stars and was presented with an official series T-shirt and an autographed script of an upcoming episode shot on Oahu.

“They were OK. They were fun,” Chance said of the show’s actors, who make up a fictional special state police unit answering only to the governor of Hawaii.

He got to shake hands with the cast members and watch a scene being shot in downtown Honolulu over the course of three hours.

But the fact that he got to meet the cast isn’t what makes him lucky.

What makes him a lucky kid is that he has fought back from a near drowning experience two years ago, that first left him in a coma with severe brain damage.  Doctors warned his mother that even if he did come out of it, he may be a “vegetable”.  But he did awake, and through months of rehabilitation, he is talking and up walking again.

[His mother, Tanya] Wong said she was especially impressed with O’Loughlin’s interactions with her son on the “Five-0” set. She said the actor offered his set chair for Chance to sit on while he watched a scene taped in the headquarters of the TV crime-fighting unit.

At the end of each shot, O’Loughlin would ask Chance, “How am I doing?”

“He really went out of his way to talk to Chance,” Wong said.

This amazing experience was coordinated by “A Keiki’s Dream”, a nonprofit that helps fulfilling dreams of crisis and at-need children.

Taryn Manning’s fate up in the air

William Keck of TVGuide reported yesterday that Taryn Manning’s fate on the show of Hawaii Five-0 is up in the air (mild spoiler):

The Jan. 3 episode finally allows the actress to take center stage when Mary Ann gets kidnapped.  But — without giving away the tearjerker ending — something happens during the course of the episode that could potentially make this Taryn’s swan song on the CBS crime drama.

Now if this is true, and Taryn Manning won’t be returning in the future, I think the writers are doing the Steve McGarrett character a HUGE disservice.  The death of his father, the introduction of WoFat and the reopening of John McGarrett’s case all ties into Steve’s past.  At some point, the case will be solved.  But what about the future?  One of the few things that could deepen Steve and carry his development is his relationship with his sister.  If Mary Ann McGarrett is permanently written out of the story line, writers will have one less critical piece to flesh out Steve McGarrett.

I guess we’ll wait with baited breath to see what happens on January 3rd…

Daniel Dae Kim sells everything he owns

No, of course he’s not. 😉 😉 😉  But he’s making a few ripples…first he sells his stake in The Counter, now his house is on the selling block.

On twitter yesterday he said:

@danieldaekim: Wow, a lot of people seem to think I’m leaving the islands! Don’t worry, I’m stayin’. But thanks for thinking of me. : )

What is he up to?  Is he preparing for the Mayan 2012 apocalypse?  Is he downsizing?  Is he upsizing?  Will Victor Hesse kidnap Chin Ho again but set the bomb off this time?  Is J.J. Abrams planning a Lost spin off series that he needs Daniel for (“Jin Kwon: The Paik Automotive Years”)?  What does this all mean? Absolutely nothing.  The only reason why this is on the news is that he’s put up two big interests for sale!  If he starts selling off his childhood He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toys on ebay tomorrow I’m sure that will make headlines as well.


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13 Responses to Thursday’s news: Lucky Maui teen visits the Hawaii Five-0 set; Taryn Manning’s fate up in the air; Daniel Dae Kim sells everything he owns

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  2. Killing Mary Ann off just gives McGarrett more reason to go after Wo Fat. I think that’s the only reason Mary Ann was introduced in the first place. It’s for the good of the show.

    • officer808 says:

      Good point, but the statistical chances of all three of his family members meeting violent ends would be a little too far fetched (and would the writers be that brutal?). It may be that John’s death at the hands of Hesse (proxy for Wofat) may be a good enough motivator for Steve to continue the Champ box case.

  3. Linda Stein says:

    Would the writers really be so cruel to have absolutely everyone in Steve’s family murdered!?!?!? I saw a cute picture of Alex and Taryn a couple of weeks ago where Alex was mugging for the camera and Taryn had her fake injuries bandaged as if they just came from shooting a scene. Would you bandage injuries on someone’s who’s dead? Seems unlikely to me. Maybe she gets out of it and just decides Hawaii has too many bad memories after her parents and her kidnapping and she goes back to LA for good.

  4. Jim says:

    Lots of folks make this mistake – it’s not “baited breath,” it’s “bated.”

  5. rescuewriter (Vanessa) says:

    It’s not that I dislike the character of Mary Ann, but I’m not liking Taryn Manning in the role and because of that, it makes me care less about the character. (No offense intended.) If she were to be killed off (not that I necessarily want that), I think it would create a massive emotional impact for Steve–to have his entire family wiped out by the same evil, not in one fell swoop like a bomb but over years.

    • Linda Stein says:

      I agree I don’t really care for Taryn Manning’s delivery for this part although I’ve seen her in a few other things where she totally rocked. But, in her defense, she was only in two episodes. One was about 2 minutes when she ran into Kathryn at the house and the first episode where she spent the entire show in offices and the car except for another 2 minutes at the cemetary. Hard to sink your teeth into a performance with that material. I don’t really care if they kill the charactor off either it’s just that everyone else has family. It’s just really sad if Steve doesn’t. Send her back to LA. She’ll still be out of his life but could always be brought back if needed later.

      • officer808 says:

        Two very thoughtful responses…I’m hoping she isn’t killed, but rescuewriter makes a compelling case. If she does get killed, Steve’s whole family will have died violent deaths. Would that change him for the worse- make him an angry, bitter man? Or would it build his character in a positive way, as a motivation to get the bad guys (Wo Fat I presume).

  6. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    First off, Officer 808, I LOVE your website! This is just so much fun. Your posts are witty, entertaining and informative. I’ve only just found it, so have been catching up on all the posts from the last few weeks.

    Second, I’ve gone around and around in my head over Mary Ann since her last appearance on the show. I really didn’t like her at first – I didn’t see how she could possibly be Steve’s sister, they are so different. But, since both siblings were raised apart without their parents interaction, I guess it’s not so hard to believe. I am also of the school that it would be devastating to Steve’s character to lose his last remaining relative. I think there are a lot of fans feeling the same way, and come Monday night/Tuesday morning, CBS’ forums will undoubtedly be humming (that’s putting it nicely) if Mary Ann is killed off. Someone, somewhere mentioned maybe she’ll end up in the Witness Protection Program. That would be fine with me!

  7. popoahi says:

    I think mary ann should have a baby with wo fat …..she meets him in LA and has a tryst without knowing who he really is……..McG finds out when she is 6 months pregnant so she can’t have a abortion not that she would want to..
    this makes complicated for McG in his future with wo fat..
    crazy right?

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