Peter Lenkov featured in the Star Advertiser; shows some post-Christmas generosity with mild TEASERS on twitter; why today was a good day!

He is the man with the plan

Peter Lenkov, Executive Producer, Hawaii Five-0

Peter Lenkov, Executive Producer, Hawaii Five-0, Photo: Bruce Asato, Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Entertainment reporter Mike Gordon did a great short article on Peter Lenkov in yesterday’s Honolulu Star-Advertiser:

“I really went into it with a lot of passion for the source material, and I think that’s what overcame my fear,” Lenkov said. “And I think I felt I was going into it in a very honest way, and if I failed, at least I had done it the right way by being a real fan of the original material.”

Merry Christmas- Santa Peter hands out more presents (upcoming TEASERS)

Unable to resist the charms of Jools of @theFive0s, Peter Lenkov spills some teasers…

PLenkov Peter Lenkov
@reebsreiswig shirtless Danno coming up. VERY soon!

PLenkov Peter Lenkov
@TheFive0s Would you be interested in knowing who killed Steve’s Mom?
Well, mystery solved in 112.

PLenkov Peter Lenkov
@TheFive0s McG goes Rambo. Kono kicks female ass again. Chin Ho rescues damsel in distress. Danno saves Stan. All in 114.

PLenkov Peter Lenkov
@TheFive0s 113? All I can say is there is a mysterious box our heroes find in the teaser… And what’s inside isn’t pretty.

PLenkov Peter Lenkov
@TheFive0s oh, and McG and D debate who would be Ponch if they were in CHiPs. And of course There’s Chin’s ex fiancee. And Masi! Fun stuff.

PLenkov Peter Lenkov
@Terrysagirl box is about the size of an adult male’s head. But that’s all you’ll get outta me 🙂 Happy New Year everyone!

Ok so let me get this right, so a shirtless Danno finds out who killed Steve’s mom, while Chin Ho rescues a princess who got beat up by Kono, while John Baker and Ponch from CHiPs guest star to deliver Rambo’s head in a box to Masi Oka who’s having an affair with Chin Ho’s ex-fiancee?  SOUNDS LIKE SOME SERIOUSLY EPIC EPISODES!

Why today was a good day…

My daily morning commute takes me past this beautiful beach… and for the first time in three days, I got to see the sun rise 🙂


The big yellow things in the sky finally came out after three days of rain!


Daniel Dae Kim spotted at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida with a Hawaiian girl.


DDK and Lilo, 12/28, Photo: Kent Phillips


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4 Responses to Peter Lenkov featured in the Star Advertiser; shows some post-Christmas generosity with mild TEASERS on twitter; why today was a good day!

  1. hawaiiobsessed says:

    can’t wait for some new episodes! Glad the sun finally came out for you! I like the Hawaiian quilt avatars ( is that the right word?) that are placed for us. Very cool!

  2. rescuewriter (Vanessa) says:

    Beautiful sunrise. I know what you mean about that making it a good day. The sun finally showed up here Rochester. It was so very nice to finally see after Rochester broke the record for snowfall in December.

    I love the little teasers tossed out there by Peter Lenkov. Can’t wait for the second half of the season.

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