What’s in the Champ box?

Forensic analysis of the Champ box

After six seasons of Lost, I watch TV in a very different way.  Whether it’s Hawaii Five-0, The Young and the Restless or American Idol, I note every little detail, search for nuances and look up references, thinking that there’s some underlying meaning to it all.  I *know* the way Simon Cowell places his Coke cup on his judges’ table will lead to a big reveal of one of the contestant’s mysterious past, somehow, someway.  Likewise, I’m forensically dissecting the Champ box and the McGarrett family past… hopefully we can get some insight as to where the story is headed.

The Champ box

Under the gun, John McGarrett addresses his son Steve as “Champ”, something that he had never done before.  Upon arriving back in Honolulu, he discovers the battered red tool box in his dad’s garage.  “Champ” is the only readable word on the front of the obscured logo.  The logo is that of the Champion Spark Plug Brand (Pilot).

In the tool box, Steve finds:

-a brass key
-microcasette recorder with John’s recording:

“I can’t continue the investigation in the police department from the inside, I don’t trust the people I work with, so I’m gonna have to do this on my own.  It’s all about the key, I just don’t know what it’s for,  I haven’t been able to…(garbled).”

In “Ohana”, Steve plays more of the tape:

“When he was five years old, I asked my son Steve what he wanted to be when he grew up.  “I want to be a cop dad, like you.” I told him, “Be anything but that.”  The life of a cop is not easy, it’s not that I’m not proud of the work that I did, but more than anything, I have…regrets.  The toll that it took on my family, the way it hurt them, it’s something I think about everyday.  Now I’m alone here.  Losing my wife was almost unbearable, but giving up my kids, that…just broke me.  I’m so proud of them, but they never know it.  I missed so much of their lives, watching them grow up and all, but I guess that’s just the way it has to be, till I figure this out.”

Mary Ann finds the box in “Nalowale” and we see a lot more of its contents:

-a stack of business cards
-some type of coin
-a floppy disk

Champ box contents

Champ box contents, Photo: CBS

She comes upon three more significant things:

Burned out car

Burned out car, Photo: CBS

-a photo of a burned out car -At this point in time (up to Episode 12, “Han ‘a’a Makehewa”), Steve learns that his mother did not die in a car accident, but in a car explosion that led to a homicide investigation led by John (revealed to Steve by Chin).  I noticed two interesting things about the photo: 1) The houses do not look like typical houses found in Hawaii and 2) the trees are bare, indicating the photo was taken in the fall or winter in a non tropical (i.e. mainland) climate.  If this is a photo of Mrs. McGarrett’s crime scene, did it happen on the mainland or is this a production oversight?

Cigarette butt

Cigarette butt, Photo: CBS

-a cigarette butt – The butt is in a sealed evidence bag.  John may not have had access to DNA foresnics if he was going rogue on the investigation and didn’t trust anyone in the HPD.  Chances are, it’s Wo Fat’s butt.

Postcard from Japan, for John McGarrett

Postcard from Japan, John McGarrett Photo: CBS

-a postcard from Japan (Mary’s guess from “Nalowale”) with curious stick men on them –  This card is probably the biggest mystery of them all…  The card is addressed to John McGarrett at 404 Piikoi, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96821.  404 Piikoi was one referenced as Steve McGarrett’s address in the original series.  Side note- back when that series ran, the building at 404 Pi’ikoi was a commercial building that housed a variety of stores, but no residential units.  One of the stores I remembered was called “Jelly’s” which sold comic books, records, books, and my personal favorite, Dungeons and Dragons stuff.  I remember buying Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now” on cassette single there… ah memories.  In any case 404 Pi’ikoi at present day is a high rise condo that also houses the local FOX affiliate, KHON.  96821 it not the correct zip code for that area, but rather 96814.  The card looks like it was stamped and postmarked from Japan, and I’d be content with that assumption.  We do know that the McGarretts live at “2727 Pi’ikoi” (from “Po’ipu”).  Was John really at a 404 address undercover, or in hiding?  Or was it a simple misdirect, especially since the zip code is wrong, just in case someone other than John got their hands on it?

But the most interesting thing about the card is the stick figures holding out their arms in different positions.  At first glance, I thought they were holding their arms to indicate the time of day.  I also thought that they might be orienting their bodies to spell out letters.  What I found was a little more complex than that.  Long time Hawaii Five-0 fan and guru, Mr. Mike tipped me off on what the figures mean.  First, the figures were giving hand signals in Navy semaphore (flag signals over long distances).  This would make sense since John McGarrett as a Navy man himself would understand semaphore.  But upon translation of the hand signals, I still come up with gibberish:  NLWO/UCFU/RMY.   When Mr. Mike asked the same questions months ago on his forum, a “Dalen Quaice” gave him this:

“That looks a lot like the dancing men from the “Adventure of the Dancing Men”, a Sherlock Holmes story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle from 1903. In that story, it is a substitution cipher.”

Follow the first wikipedia link to learn about the Sherlock Holmes story, and the second link to find out about a substitution cipher.  To make a long story short, the “regular” alphabet is substituted for the “coded” alphabet.  However, to know how the coded letters fall into the regular letters, one must know the key phrase that determines the substitution (“zebras” is the example used in the wikipedia link).

This leads me to my ultimate conclusion.  The brass key in the Champ box that doesn’t appear to open any lock is somehow the key that will decrypt the substitution cipher…but in a figurative sense.  Perhaps the keyword is “brass”.  Perhaps the keyword is stamped onto the key itself.  Unfortunately substitution ciphers come in so many iterations, that the postcard’s dancing men will only decrypt according to whatever rules the writers have determined.   If I’m right about the key unlocking the cipher or if it the actually does open something, remains to be seen.

Tidbits from the Pilot, “Malama Ka Aina”, “Lanakila”, “Palekaiko”,  “Hana ‘a’a Makehewa”

In the Pilot, John tells Steve “Listen to me Champ, I’m sorry that I lied to you,” and
“Whatever it is they want, Steve, don’t give it to them!”

We also learn that “it’s been awhile” since Steve has been home.

In “Malama Ka Aina” we find out that while Steve was still at Kukui High School, John was an absentee father.  The Five-0 team ere watching vintage footage of Steve playing football.  Steve reacts with surprise when Chin told him that his dad was there, cheering for him like crazy.  My interpretation of that scene leads me to believe that John was not in Steve’s life at that point.

In “Lanakila” we learn that Steve and Mary Ann haven’t seen each other since their mother’s funeral.  She missed her Dad’s funeral because “something came up”.

In “Nalowale” she tells Catherine she “just broke up with her boyfriend”.  She also takes photos of the boxes’ contents.

In “Palekaiko” we learn that Steve’s mother was killed when he was 16 in 1992, and that John told him she died in a car crash.  We also see Steve tell Chin about the box, and Chin discovers that the mysterious numbers noted on a piece of paper is actually the case number for John’s murder investigation of his wife…and the case file has mysteriously disappeared.

In “Hana ‘a’a Makehewa” we learn that John and Chin were the cops who brought in a $28 million in a huge bust 8 years ago, $200,000 of which went missing three years ago.  Chin was suspected of taking the money, but Kono states that Chin didn’t do it since “he was protecting someone.”  We also see Wo Fat asking Hesse how close McGarrett is to the truth…

Putting it all together

A lot of speculation, but like Lost, it’s always fun to have a theory…

John lied to Steve and Mary Ann about their mother dying in a car crash, when in fact she was murdered.  The murder could have been in Hawaii or on the mainland.

John McGarrett probably has a background story of owing someone money, or crossing someone the wrong way.  His wife was murdered 18 years ago either because John was the intended target, or the murder was a warning to John to settle his debt.

After the murder of his wife, John may have gone undercover, hid underground or went into some type of witness protection program to protect his children.  Steve expressed surprise when he found out that his father was at his football games, and Mary presumably was sent away to school on the mainland.

The $28 million certainly has something to do with Wo Fat.

The missing $200,000 was probably taken by John to settle a debt or demand (like father, like son!).  Chin Ho took the fall for it so that John can still work the investigation from the inside.

There may be more than one snitch in the HPD.  Detective Kaleo (Jason Scott Lee, “Mana’o”) was revealed as one.  Perhaps he or others were interfering with John’s investigation.  John’s case on his wife is missing…

The brass key will somehow unlock the cipher on the postcard.

Here’s a stretch…why would Mary Ann take a photos of the Champ box?   She probably knows a lot more than she leads on.  Is she possibly Wo Fat’s girlfriend, or is she working for him, or is Wo Fat keeping tabs on her, still trying to get to the contents of the Champ box which could incriminate him?  Mary Ann certainly didn’t take the photos for herself, so who did she take it for?  Will she betray her own brother?

The future

I think the writers can draw on a lot more of Alex’s acting ability as they reveal his family’s past.  John told Steve “I love you son, I didn’t say it enough” indicates that John wanted to be there a hell of a lot more than he was.  Steve may come to a slow realization that his dad was not the absentee dad that he and Mary thought he was, but a dad who couldn’t love his kids the way he wanted to, for fear of his children’s safety.  The emotional transformation of how he sees his father will definitely lead to some dramatic TV.  Unfortunately this realization will come to him long after his dad is gone.

How right/crazy/wrong am I?  Can’t wait to see more episodes!  All comments, questions and corrections are welcomed below!


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31 Responses to What’s in the Champ box?

  1. Kelly says:

    Wow! you’ve put so much thought into this, you should be a writer!!!
    I was very curious as to why Mary Ann was taking photos of the contents of the Champ box. Hope she doesn’t screw everything up for McG! This is what I am liking about the show, many layers, keeps it interesting. (and I for one liked the ending to Lost! I know a lot of people didn’t.)

  2. rescuewriter (Vanessa) says:

    Very, very thought provoking. It’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out. I know I’m intrigued and can’t wait. What an explosive idea to consider that Mary Ann might know more than she’s let on and that she might be connected to all of this in a far more sinister way than simply being the long lost little sister. What massive betrayal that would be to Steve. As I’m not particularly a fan of Mary Ann, I wouldn’t mind seeing this happen. I doubt it will, but I still like that idea.

  3. egg says:

    amazing detective work here! dang, i need to pay more attention or rewatch these episodes. thanks for the clues!

  4. norriksi says:

    Interesting thought process…I can see where you are coming from however I don’t agree with all of the conclusions you make from past shows. First, you are assuming that Steve and his father were estranged while he was in high school (or at least while he’s playing football) based on the comment at the end of that episode, however I’m not sure that is the correct conclusion. I took Steve’s reaction to have more to do with the surprised that Chin was there (or that it was something his dad thought important enough to share with someone else). I somewhat back with up with Steve comment to Danny while waiting to talk to Sang Min about being the son of a single father and the importance of just being with her father is more important than the tree. – I’ll add here that I can’t explain Mary and Steve not seeing each other since their mom’s funeral (I’m wondering if that is an oversight in the writing department or actually meant to be true) I might then accept that John sent Mary away because she was a little younger but Steve was 16 and I always had the impression that he’s stayed with Dad. What John spoke on the tape can be taken many ways. A father can live in a house with his children and still miss them growing up in many ways or nearly completely it’s called being a workaholic (as the daughter of one I know somewhat, what that is like).

    The other assumption you are making that I think is a bit of a jump is the conclusion that John and Chin made the 28 million dollar bust. Where does that come from? We know that John was Chin’s training partner, I’d say that means they were partners for a time but once Chin was trained he’s no long partnered with John but stays friends. We know that Chin wore a badge for 15 years (Danny says so in the pilot) and he’s been off the force for a few years, he was training when Steve was in high school… I don’t think he’d still be with his training partner eight years ago when the bust happened eight years ago (Chin’s not that slow of a learner)… all that said, I don’t deny the possibility that John may have something to do with the 28 million but I don’t think that is a simple conclusion as of yet.

    Oh and great catch on the picture of the car looking at the background and how that wouldn’t be Hawaii… oh and I love the thoughts about the funky little dancing men…. what the heck is that….

    Please don’t take my comments the wrong way, I enjoyed reading your take it makes me think, and maybe my comments will make you think more on it as well.

    • officer808 says:

      norriksi- I appreciate any and all feedback. Great interpretation of estrangement…it’s totally plausible that John was just never home…but his words on the tape were with such finality, led me to believe he was really out of their lives. Of course that begs the question…if he was gone, who raised them? So I’m slowly starting to think along your lines, that he just wasn’t there…

      Regarding Chin and John…I did make a huge assumption that they were still partners, since no one ever talked about them working with anyone else.

      • Linda Stein says:

        I also think John’s statement about losing his kids was more of an emotional loss than a physical loss and that it was a long term loss not just after his wife died. When Steve found out about John being at this games I took it that Steve was suprised his dad was there at all, probably because John was always working and Steve felt his dad just didn’t have time for him. Steve probably thought, at the time, that John’s work was the most important thing in his life and he just didn’t have time for his kids. Being a cop is a time consuming profession. John was probably always missing things as his kids were growing up. When Chin told Steve that John had taken him spear fishing Steve said “oh man, when I was a kid I always wanted him to take me”. I took that to mean that John was TOTALLY a cop ALL the time. He took Chin because Chin was a COP and they went with other COPS. John never took his son which is really very sad. In those types of families it’s the wife who carries the burden of child rearing and maintaining the home and the family life.

        Then John’s wife is killed and he became totally obcessed with her murder which only added to the distance between him and his kids. To find out John not only FOUND time to be at his games but thought it important enough to bring Chin with him was a revalation to Steve. Wow, maybe he DID care.

        As far as Mary Ann is concerned the emotional loss DID become a physical one. I took John’s words to mean that she was sent away after her mother’s funeral. She is younger than Steve, they never say by how much, but I’m figuring 2 or 4 years which would have made her 12-14 when her mother was killed. That’s a horrible time for a girl to lose her mother and it’s only worse with an emotionaly detatached father. John may have felt it was better for her to go away. She doesn’t say where she went. It could have been to a school with other girls her age or with a relative where she could be looked after and cared for. She would have been 18 when she got out of school and just decided to stay in California rather than go home to her distant father where she would be alone because Steve would have been in the Navy by then. That would explain why Steve and Mary Ann haven’t seen each other since their mother’s funeral. Mary Ann left right after and Steve left 2 years later for the Navy. Neither have been back until now.

        I find the timelines a bit confusing as well. In the pilot Chin says that John was good to him after Chin lost his badge. That would suggest that John was still on the force when Chin was fired. But when Steve shows Chin the Champ box Steve said “Chin, you were his partner when he retired….” That sounds like John retired BEFORE Chin lost his badge. If that’s true, how was John good to Chin after it happened? There is no evidence that John and Chin were part of the 28mil drug bust, only Chin. He said it was the case he “couldn’t let go”. The bust was 8 years ago but, according to Chin, 200 grand went missing 3 years ago and Chin got blamed. Was John still on the force 3 years ago?

        I can’t wait until tomorrow night to get some answers. I haven’t been this excited about an upcoming episode since John and Jack looked down the hatch!

      • MyMcG says:

        I love your site and the analysis here although some points you present have me scratching my head. I tend to agree with Linda on her thoughts posted below, but I need to do a little rewatching myself to refresh or reset what’s in my own head.  I can’t find anywhere to re-watch the pilot online, though. Anyone know of a free source?

        In any case, your site is fun and you’ve really got a lot of us thinking, so thank you for your hard work.   Hope the show sticks around for us to get a satisfying resolution for all these mysteries!  Looking forward to more in the coming weeks.

  5. officer808 says:

    An anonymous poster emailed me:

    Read your Champ box analysis with interest. A couple of comments:

    Steve’s Mom was expected home for supper – she was late and Steve says she was never late. So probably the homicide was on the island. So, was the burned out car hers or another case from the mainland?

    An interview comment from Taryn indicated that originally she was supposed to have a “Nancy Drew” story line – presumably referring to the Champ box. Mary Ann strikes me as the type of character that if you get all dictatorial on her, she will do what you ordered her not to do. Steve ordered her to put the box away, so… she decided to solve the mystery.
    Another interview comment from a producer (?) indicated that they had hoped James McArthur would be available to play a neighbour who helped with the box mystery. Perhaps he and Taryn were originally scheduled to work together. Speculation, and who knows how the producers will run it with all the changes to the story plan. My own feeling is that Mary Ann can be a major pain in the butt, but would not betray her brother.

    John was still with the force when Steve was playing football – he was mentoring Chin who was a rookie. I don’t read that as being in hiding. It was a few years after that that Chin handled the drug bust. Perhaps John was also “getting too close” at that point and the $200K was meant to be a set-up of him? I like your idea that Chin was protecting John that would certainly fit.

    I”m having a hard time figuring out the link between Steve’s capture of Victor’s brother (after a 5 year chase and apparently with a mole on the inside of that, too) and John’s murder. Two birds with one stone? Free the brother and get rid of John? It has the advantage of mis-directing the murder motive, but seems overly convoluted and coincidental.

    Anyway, good analysis – you do have amazing attention to detail.

    • officer808 says:

      Good catch with the mom and dinner. Mary Ann as Nancy Drew is also totally plausible…her own detective work may lead her into more trouble. Yeah I seem to be out on my own with John and Steve’s relationship in high school, a few people interpreted the scene the way you did. I think there was a reference in the last episode about Hesse never really intending to release John…maybe someone got some insight on that.

      • Linda Stein says:

        Didn’t I read an article last week from the show runner who said something about “McGarrett’s going to find out a lot about his family, and maybe what side exactly they were on. That’s a big hint”. What the hell does that mean? Oh, man, this is going to be interesting!!!!

  6. Teresa623 says:

    I am not sure about Mary. If she were working for Wo Fat, would she ask Steve about box contents? Maybe it is just in her blood. I think key may be double, will unlock a code and an actual lock.

    • officer808 says:

      ALoha Teresa623 🙂 If she were, the only reason I could think of is that Wo Fat himself knew of the evidence, but not of the specific contents. Snooping “in her blood” may be more and more plausible. With all the thought I put into the key theory, I’m starting to think I’m setting myself up for a let down…it’s gonna open the tool shed in front.

  7. pinkie says:

    Great thought provoking ideas Bob. I have some theories too, some similar and some completely different. It will be fun to see what the writers have in store for us.
    It’s fun when a show gets the old cogs in the brain working, that’s what a good story should do. Kudos to Peter Lenkov, JR Orci and the rest of the writers, staff & crew and big big Kudos to our talented actors who make us want to come back for more every week. They are all fantastic. I LOVE Hawaii 5-0!

    • officer808 says:

      Hey, you’re not gonna share your theories?!?

      But yeah, big kudos to the producers, writers, actors and crew who bring us a great show…not even torrential rain can stop them!

      But it looks like it’s back to the grind for them tomorrow…

  8. MoonMad says:

    Very thought provoking ideas Bob. Personally, I lean towards Mary Ann simply wanting to snoop out a mystery. Perhaps she recognised her family car’s model as the burnt out wreck and that’s what piqued her interest? Also, I presumed the mother’s murder happened in Hawaii otherwise why would HPD have a case file on it? If it occurred on the mainland, wouldn’t that police department have jurisdiction of the crime?

    Can’t wait to see how all this plays out. I hope the writers are paying attention to the level of interest in this plotline by the fans, and I hope some of these mysteries aren’t simply plot holes. That would suck.

    • officer808 says:

      Yeah your point along with anonymous’ catch (late for dinner) definitely indicate that the murder was in Hawaii.

      You’re right about the fans and the plotline…fans are keeping an eye out for hope deep the story goes.

  9. spotted reptile says:

    Wow, such interesting theories! I haven’t been paying much attention to the box contents or what John said in the pilot, but there is so much to unravel here. Awesome detective work you have done there.

    A thought: When John said “I’m sorry I lied to you” to Steve in the pilot, he then followed that up with “I love you son.” I wonder if he means that he lied to both of them about that. Perhaps they thought he didn’t love them, and this was why he went away from his kids, so it would be easier for them to have closure about it. That sounds like something a father would do. I remember Mary Ann thought that John didn’t care about them, and Steve corrected her, because he had heard his father tell him that just before he died.
    The car looks like a bomb went off in it, but didn’t Steve say that his mother was killed by a drunk driver? I wouldn’t think a collision would end up with the car looking like it exploded. Perhaps that is not her car?

    Now I’m really looking forward to the next episode. Those little stick cyphers are fascinating.

    • officer808 says:

      Interesting thoughts about John’s last few lines. Regarding the car, I know a collision under the right circumstances can lead to a fire. Probably a little too nitpicky, but even if a collision was involved, the rear of the car could have been the point of impact.

  10. Overdamoon says:

    What a fine detective work, Officer Bob! You deserve a raise! 🙂

    Good food for thoughts. And good eye on the curious stick men on the postcard. Following up to what MoonMad said about Mary Ann possibly recognizing the burnt car, you’d think that as a decorated SEAL officer, Steve would’ve noticed it too, at first sight. Either it was his mother’s car or it was not. And yes, Spotted Reptile, he could easily tell the difference between a car wreck and an explosion. Hmmm.

    About the cigarette butt, can one tell from the product brand whether it’s one used by a mob? One of the spoilers said the mother’s murder was somehow connected to the Japanese mafia. Could the background of the bare trees be from some place in Japan?

    I failed H50 101 miserably, I think I’ve only captured about 10% of the backstory so far after watching the episodes about 3-4 times. 😡 I’ll bookmark your page for future references. Thanks for the blog! 🙂

    • officer808 says:

      Good points…Steve should recognize more. Possibly he has, just hasn’t been said on camera. The photo, like someone said above may be a related crime scene photo, not necessarily Steve’s mother, so we’ll see…

      No worries on H50 101! Leave it to the hard core fans to pay attention and point out the details 😉 Thankfully between all of us we got most of the bases covered. And I’m glad you enjoy the blog, spread the word. 🙂

  11. jadore says:

    Let’s not forget about Catherine. I have suspicions about her. After she and Steve spent the night together, he was called away by the governor. When she and Mary bumped into each other, she looked very surprised. Sure, you can say it was perfectly innocent; however, she could also be the one to betray Steve. Even though it was not shown, she could have been snooping around his house for info. Let’s not forget, she and Steve don’t see each other very often, at least that is what I got from their conversations. I may be wrong, but Catherine could be a plant by Wo Fat to get close to Steve and feed info back to him. As I said I could be wrong, but just another angle.

  12. textbook says:

    Wonderful work, ossifer! And not a moment too soon, since the new episode is on tomorrow night. I’m kinda surprised you waited this long to drop this on us. All of these theories are exciting and thought-provoking. My brain is a little zapped by reading through them all at once.

    I agree with “Anonymous”, observing that Taryn said Mary Ann is doing a “Nancy Drew” thing. After Steve got all authoritarian about the Champ box, she could easily have just taken all the pictures to study on her own without him knowing – out of spite. Especially if she was going to find her own place to live, as was mentioned somewhere. She’d be right to think there was something mightily suspicious about a beat-up, grotty tool box inside the house.

    Also, as to John disappearing after his wife was killed, he had to have stayed with Steve. Nowhere has Steve suggested that he had any other caretaker, and at 16 and in high school he wouldn’t have been living on his own. Since Mary Ann is thought to be the only family Steve has left, there obviously aren’t any aunts and uncles, etc, to be mitigating the circumstances for either kid.

    Keep up the good work, you are much appreciated! Feliz Ano ~Nuevo!

    • officer808 says:

      Yeah I think the Nancy Drew angle is probably more plausible than a sinister angle regarding Mary Ann…but the question would be exactly *who* would she shows the pictures to?

      Yeah it’s a stretch about Steve being on his own at 16, but still within the realm of possibility.

      Thanks for your kind words, and Hau’oli Makahiki Hou to you and yours! 🙂

  13. officer808 says:

    @lisalisa98 of TheFive0s tweeted me:

    On Sunday 2nd January 2011, @LisaLisa98 said:

    @H50undercover OK i finally read ur blog only ‘cuz u said it had past events…and ‘cuz i’m home on a saturday night. Anyways, i think Mary was just being a snoop ‘cuz McGarrett told her to put the box away. He was not gonna let up any info at the time so she’s gotta figure things out herself. This might lead her to her own investigating which puts her in trouble in the next ep. That or Wo Fat guys are just goin down the family line knocking off who they can. I too noticed the 404 Piikoi, 96821 when i rewatched. Hehe. And I think the car pic with the mainland trees was just a production oversight. C’mon, Kailua=Kahala, H3=Airport, Aina Haina=Piikoi. Mainland Trees=Hawaii murder scene off the beaten path. 😛 And is your name really “Bob” or is that a play on “808”? yeah… i do some super sleuthing myself. 😉 hehehe

  14. hawaiiobsessed says:

    interesting! love all the thought provoking. Can’t wait til tomorrow’s episode!

  15. officer808 says:

    Yup….I’m waiting with baited and bated breath!!!

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