(late) Monday’s news: A curve in the story arc? …and Taryn Manning is on!

More on Peter Lenkov from reporter Mike Gordon

In yesterday’s Honolulu Star Advertiser, Mike Gordon got a few comments out of executive producer Peter Lenkov:

“We always had in mind to really arc those stories,” said Peter Lenkov, one of the show’s executive producers. “But I think, for the most part, in the first batch of episodes you want stand-alone episodes to really cement the franchise, really cement who the characters are, and once people embrace that, we can start exploring the other sides of their personalities.”

Now that the viewers have a good understanding of our heroes, Peter and crew are going to move the story arc forward…what are the skeletons in the McGarrett family closet…?

Taryn Manning’s last episode?

Mike also mentions in his article that this *may* be Taryn’s last episode.  The Hawaii Five-0 blogosphere has been abuzz about Taryn’s future on the show being up in the air, recently reported at TVguide.com and in this blog.

The good news is that fans finally get to see Mary Ann after a long spell off camera.  Time for Mary Ann to kick butt and take names!

Taryn did respond to tweets today, saying (her words are in bold):

Family 4 eva! RT @H50undercover: @rainycali @TheFive0s agreed. taking Mary away permanently from Steve would be pretty brutal

But she did leave us a glimmer of hope:

No don’t b sad! Its not the last time u will c Mary! RT @TheFive0s: Last time Taryn will be on #H50. So sad. RT @TarynManning: Happy Monday☺


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