And the winner of the Spamtastic Hawaii Five-0 Photo contest is…

The winner is…

@LisaLisa98 is the winner of the contest with her glorious Spam brunch and wins a lovely three piece set of knives!  Now she can cut up her Spam with clean, even, ceramic strokes.


Hawaii Fve-0 Spam breakfast

"You keep the Hawaii, I'll keep the Five-0!", Photo: @LisaLisa98

Second place goes to “CD” who wins my eternal admiration!


Hawaii Five-0 Spam is Love

Hawaii Five-0 Spam is Love, Photo: CBS, with the help of "CD"

Thanks to all those who entered…you had a lot of us laughing the past three weeks while we waited for “Ke Kinohi”.  Thanks also to those who voted.  Look out for more product placement photos in the future. 😉

Lots to do today, my usual “Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0” post will go up later in the evening, HST.


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