Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 14, “He Kane Hewa’ Ole”, with sneak peek at next week’s episode “Kai E’e”

Clever writing, simple story…

Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim, Hawaii Five-0

Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim, Hawaii Five-0, Photo: CBS

The story is actually quite simple…a young, head strong woman is having an affair, putting her head together with her lover, they concoct a plan to kill her husband, fake her kidnapping, and collect a hefty headhunter’s fee from her father whom she apparently loathes.  Unfortunately, a poor illegal immigrant trying to make some money and get ahead in life gets caught in the middle of it all.  Although he has a head start on the HPD, his unlucky head-on crash triggers the series of events in the episode.  But the whole episode is predicated with a week of promos on TV that made a lot of people scratch their heads…”What’s in the box?” (if you haven’t read it, read yesterday’s post).  The suspense comes to a head when Kono peers inside the box and finds…human remains.

Aside from the main procedural,  this has to be the most balanced episode yet that shows all team members contributing significantly.  The case is not simply solved by McG and Danno running around and shooting stuff up while Chin Ho sits in the lab reconstructing data fragments from a cell phone that’s been underwater overnight.  The episode deepens Chin Ho and Kono’s characters significantly.  I almost believed Chin when he told Kono that he regretted becoming a cop, since his takeback seemed halfhearted.  Chin’s dialog with Malia adds another layer of complexity to Chin’s background, and I’m wanting to know more…  We already know that the HPD black listed him as being corrupt, but he took the fall for someone, and on top of that, we now see he has an unresolved personal relationship thrown into it.  Chin’s scene with Malia was perfectly awkward but perfectly heartfelt at the same time- Daniel Dae Kim and Reiko Aylesworth’s chemistry is perfect on screen.

I loved the fact that Kono was tasked with interviewing Spencer (the suspect), and you could see how naively easy she was on him.  Even better was the palpable cold treatment she gave to Malia at the hospital.  Rounding out Kono’s experience in the episode was her disappointment in herself for failing to see through Spencer’s lies.  Chin was there to mentor her, telling her that they all have to live with their mistakes and move on…ironic since Chin himself seems to have trouble coming to terms with the mistakes that he’s made in the past.  But Grace Park is playing Kono perfectly, tough and confident at times, yet vulnerable in her inexperience.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the investigation, McG and Danno track the car driver to a junkyard in Waipahu.  McG makes the connection and realizes that the driver is the junkyard owner’s son, and the father to the child with the super hero toy.  McG the idealist, vows to Mr. Chi that he will prove Han’s innocence.  Back on the road, McG and Danno get into a serious cargument about McG’s need to rectify all wrongs if a son ever loses his father (like “Ohana”).  The scene was beyond friendly banter and for the first time in awhile we see McG seething.  At the end of the episode, I think Alex may have played it a little too warmly, he should have brought more of the anger at Nicole, who dismissed Han as just “some guy Spencer hired”, but his parting words to her- “Danno, take her out of my sight” communicated his contempt all the same.

The running joke throughout the episode was the CHiPs, Ponch and Baker quips that lightened the mood when it needed.  Most of us who grew up in the 1970’s remember that show fondly, and Kono’s remark “I’ve never heard of it” made me feel *old*.  But the last scene where McG and Danno make their arguments for who actually is Poncho between the two of them is the cleverest writing I’ve heard on the show so far.  I think it’s absolutely refreshing to see that this show knows how to turn the humor on and off seamlessly, and that they know when not to take themselves so seriously… Danno quips that in his “TV cop fantasy”, he’s Eric Estrada. The beautiful irony is that Danno himself is a TV cop fantasy.

Finish that thought with, “In a world where I didn’t exist, you could be whatever you want,” (McG to Danno) and we have some of the best dialog so far in the show.

Super exclusive sneak preview of next week’s episode “Kai E’e”

Danno, Danny Williams, Hawaii Five-0

If all else fails, follow the Doctor's orders.

Scene: In Doctor Oh’s office.

Dr. Oh: What the hell did I tell you?
Danno: Doc, the car was only going, like, 30 miles an hour when I tucked and rolled!  [chuckling]  Man, you should have seen it, it was pretty badas-
Dr. Oh: What the hell did I tell you?
Danno [sheepishly]: Go easy on the knees.
Dr. Oh: Exactly.  Did you listen to me? No.  Congratulations, here’s your new ride. [wheels out the walker with fitted tennis balls]
Danno: Wha?  Doc!  I can’t use this, there’s a tsunami coming next week!
Dr. Oh: You should have thought of that before you jumped out of the car.  When you run away from the wave, make sure you run away down hill, you’ll roll faster.  Now get outta here.

[No, this is not a sneak peek, I made this up :P]

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 14, “He Kane Hewa’ Ole”:

1)  There are small pockets of Chinese *everywhere*.  But if you’re going to Waipahu you’re going there for some good home cooked lumpia, adobo and halohalo.  Waipahu is predominantly a Filipino neighborhood.

Did you notice…?

About fifty people on twitter yelled “OH MY GOD THEY SHOWED IT!” when McG pulled the head out of the box.  “Really, Steve?” -Danno.

Ok, how many of you, like me were expecting to see another freaking head in a box when Mr. Chi gave McG his gift.

Ok, how many of you, like me were expecting McG to say “Book *her*, Danno”?

CGI flies (and CGI smoke for that matter) defy the laws of physics and gravity.

Let’s give props to Alex with the Chinese.  That takes talent.

I’m not gonna lie to you, Danno’s tuck and roll was truly badass.  Props to the stuntman.

He Kane Hewa’ Ole is Hawaiian for “innocent man”


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30 Responses to Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 14, “He Kane Hewa’ Ole”, with sneak peek at next week’s episode “Kai E’e”

  1. Caro says:

    Another funny, thought provoking and indepth review. Well done!

  2. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Oh, my, I laughed hysterically through your entire review! Just like the writing on the show, your’s is getting better too! (Gentle ribbing, there – I really, really enjoy your blogs! Makes the subzero windchills, 10 inches of new snow, and icy roadways of my environment bearable!)

    Definitely a more sophisticated episode, but at the same time there wasn’t the constant intensity or suspence, so we were able to breathe easily. The banter was back, Steve and Danny actually got mad at each other again, but Steve has learned how to be a “softy” from Danny, who was even more sarcastic than usual – “Jack” in the box? I got it right away!

    Chin and Malia – interesting! She’s definitely not over him. When Chin said he had done it for her (whatever “it” was), her remark that she hadn’t asked Chin to let her off the hook, and that she had gotten a bum rap for being unsupportive, leads me to believe this relationship will be revisited.

    I was one who couldn’t believe the head display and so expected the “book em, Danno” at the airport!

    Lot’s of stuff to process here – I’ll get back to it later!

  3. Kelly says:

    I wonder if this is the episode where Alex O found his new dog? I read somewhere he found her during filming at a junk yard??

    Really liked this ep, well rounded. Liked Chin’s ex making an appearance. (I can see a love scene headed our way there!!!) The severed head really grossed me out though. 😦 I thought the actor who played Mr. Chi was exceptional, and yes Alex’s Chinese was great to hear too! I like how everything is so well paced, no lulls, just keeps the viewer interested the entire show, with action, emotion, and varied storytelling. 🙂 The Chips references were fun. Looking forward to more. I hear rumblings online, people “wondering’ if the show will get another season. I think it’s crazy for anyone to think it wouldn’t come back! Who ever is making the decision is crazy if they pass on it.

    • officer808 says:

      good recall Kelly…I’m sure this is the episode that Alex found the dog! Yeah Mr. Chi did a great job acting…someone said he had a whole bunch of bit parts in the old Five-0.

      • Linda Stein says:

        Actually, I think you can see Reggie in the show! When Steve goes back to the junk yard the 2nd time, you see the little boy playing with his action figure. Right before Steve pulls up in his car there is about a 2 second view of a dog kennel. Before Steve’s car blocks it from view you can see 2 dogs in there. 2 black and white dogs, the one standing looks older and has a bit of brown in it’s mussel but the one laying down looks much younger and is completely black and white. I think that’s Reggie!!!

  4. Linda Stein says:

    Great blog, as usual. You had me laughing just like the show did. I always enjoy your take on each show and can’t wait for you to post your blog. I really enjoyed this weeks episode because it was a bit calmer then usual. After the last 2 shows which were very emotionally charged this one was a bit of a breather. A nice little cop story. That does not mean I didn’t think it was a good episode. I do, fantastic, in fact. The plot had a lot of twists and turns to keep it interesting. Starting the show with the car chase and finding the head in the box and later seeing the rest of the body in the trunk were high impact but, in my opinion, the show did more by bringing back a human element to our main characters.

    Steve gets to show his soft side and Danny is soooooo right, Steve does have a vulnerable spot when it comes to fathers and their sons and the idea that a son will or has lost his father. But Danny is exactly the same when it comes to a father looking out for or worried about his little girl. And I think it was a good idea from the writers to remind everyone that Kono is still a rookie after all. The last episode she was basically put in charge of the investigation at the Pipeline and it seemed, to me anyway, they were making her more of a veteran a bit too fast. Not that she doesn’t have to goods to back it up but Chin was right when he said some things just come with time and experience and she does still have things to learn. Tonight Chin was asking her about what she thought the next move in the investigation should be like he did several episodes ago and she herself realized she still has a lot to learn when she let the bad guy walk. It was also great to see a bit of Chin’s personal life although there really wasn’t much time devoted to it. It was very interesting to learn that Kono’s anger at Malia is actually unfounded because it was Chin who left her and not the other way around. When she said to him “I didn’t want your protection, I wan……” before she stopped herself, I was sure she was going to say “I wanted to be your wife!” That’s an interesting story I’m looking forward to learning more about. Chin WAS protecting someone 3 years ago and he was protecting Malia as well and their feelings for each other are definitely still there!

    It was great to see Danny put together all the pieces at the house and figure out that the wife was in on the caper. A lot of times in shows like these writers tend to make the head guy, in this case, Steve, be the one to solve every puzzle, be the “brains” of the outfit. It’s so great that these writers spread the wisdom around and let others be the hero too. And it makes perfect sense. Steve may be the son of a cop and a Navy Seal who can speak a bunch of languages but he’s only been an actual cop himself for about 6 months. Danny said he had 80 some homicide investigations under his belt back in Jersey. Danny is excellent at what he does and it’s great that the writers show that and not let him be upstaged by Steve all the time.

    Some of my favorite moments:

    – Seeing Danny actually running again! Even though that flip and roll out of the car looked like a stunt man to me, it was good to see Danny running after the suspect. It must have been getting very old for Scott to always be lagging behind Alex every time there was running to do.

    – I guess Danny didn’t tell Steve where he got his pathetic Christmas tree and the perils of internet shopping! The look on his face when the car part in the box was not a master cylinder was priceless.

    – The banter between these two took a little vacation the last couple of shows but, boy, was it back in full force tonight and I was loving every minute of it!!! The entire CHiPs reference was great. I used to love that show as a kid. I wasn’t a John or a Ponch girl because I liked them both but Steve and Danny quarrelling over which of them was Estrada was hysterical. I had to laugh when Danny said Estrada could get all the girls and Steve said “well, there you go” like “dude, I’m the chick magnet here!” He’s right of course but Danny is pretty magnetic himself. And then they both wanted to be John when Kono said he was hot! PRICELESS!!!!!

    – Cudos to the actor how played the Chinese father. What a wonderful range of emotions he displayed. It was all very well done and you could just FEEL his pain and his happiness. H50 continues to find great actors for every part!

    – And did you notice that not only did Daniel get a LOST alum for an ex-fiancé but Alex got his SECOND Moonlight alum. First it was the actress who played Tierny Taylor on Moonlight playing the newlywed whose husband was killed and last night it was Josh, Beth’s boyfriend who played the killer. Pretty cool.

    All in all another great episode and like I used to do with LOST I’ll go back and re-watch it numerous times. I didn’t think I could ever love a show as much as LOST. Then came Hawaii Five-0! Aloha!

    • MyMcG says:

      I really like the notion that Danny’s got a soft spot for fathers & daughters (obviously) and now we see that Steve has a similar soft spot for fathers & sons. It’s sweet.

    • officer808 says:

      Excellent recap on a whole bunch of things I didn’t touch on! Yeah I love the way Chin is mentoring Kono from the hotel crime room scene in Po’ipu to Ke Kinohi, to this episode… Kono’s attitude towards Malia reinforces that family comes first… Danny’s piecing together of the crime scene shows that he is the police brains between him and McG… and the running banter with CHiPs made the whole episode even better. Good review!

  5. rescuewriter (Vanessa) says:

    Your review of this episode was fantastic, as usual. You definitely know how to make me laugh. Case in point: ***Dr. Oh: You should have thought of that before you jumped out of the car. When you run away from the wave, make sure you run away down hill, you’ll roll faster. Now get outta here.***

    This was a great episode. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Even the display of the head didn’t bother me. The CHiPs references were hysterical. I too remember watching that show as a kid (along with Starsky & Hutch which is often cited in different shows).

    The one thing I disagree with you on a little bit is McG’s reaction to the wife at the airport. I thought Alex played it perfectly. When she practically laughed in his face, his eyes went frigid and his soft “get her away from me” spoke volumes.

    Thanks for the great review!

  6. Mercedes says:

    Very awesome review!! I’m going to go back and read the rest. Also, I agree somewhat with what Alex did with Nicole. I think the writers played his contempt throughout the episode. So, when we get to the end, You know how he’s feeling. The smirk when she asks if he’s finished, and Hows line to Danny solidified that contempt.

    Anywho, great site and review!

  7. MyMcG says:

    Thank you for another great post. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Steve “The Dream” McGarrett box from the other day! I look forward to reading your “What we learned” entries almost as much as the new episodes (I said almost). Not only are they riddled with laugh out loud moments, I also love the little bits of insight – like the episode title translation. I always appreciate that.

    This episode was good entertainment. Not my favorite, but it had plenty of moments to love.

    Here’s what I liked about this episode:
    * I like that we got to see a little more of Chin Ho and Kono besides them running plates and Googling stuff back at the office for Danny and the Boss. I love their brother/sisterly regard for each other (yes, I know they’re cousins). I think DDK plays Chin Ho well. I love the subtlety of emotion that you can read from his face, like when he’s proud of Kono, or when he’s concerned for her. Example: Just the raise of his eyebrow when Kono grabs the lap dog from the Chinese Madam and tells her to sit down and shut up, you can tell he’s impressed with her chutzpah. And throughout the Coral Prince episode, the consideration he shows for Kono’s feelings, and the way he’s constantly in teaching mode about everything that is “part of the job”, I think it’s touching. And not overacted, which I appreciate. Yes, I like that Chin Ho Kelly a lot. Coming from the other side, Kono is fiercely loyal to Chin Ho – we know not everybody even in Chin Ho’s family believed him or took his side when he was accused of corruption. Kono’s icy reception towards Malia is more evidence of that, even though now we know that her grudge against Malia is unfounded.

    * I like that Steve is fixing up his dad’s old car (that piece of junk in the garage) – poor McGarrett needs a hobby.

    * Danny’s tumble out of the car – that was pretty cool. When I saw it happen, though, I shrieked out loud at the TV, “Oh my God, Danny!!”

    * I like that Steve is not so bad with kids after all, a big improvement from the elevator scene, where Danny tells that kid, “everybody likes hippos”.

    * The CHiPs banter was hilarious. After squabbling all episode, Danny and Steve finally agree they can both be Estrada. The way they both claim Wilcox the minute Kono says the blonde one is hot was so perfect. Steve looks straight ahead, totally unflinching, while with two blinks from Danny silently screams is utter disbelief. Hilarious!

    * Speaking of TV cop fantasy, in my TV cop fantasy, I am Steve McGarrett’s much adored fiancee who patches up all his cuts and scrapes after each caper.

    Here’s one thing I didn’t like though:
    * Greg Germann from Ally McBeal is now old enough to be cast as the father of a grown woman? THAT makes me feel old.

    Now some silly questions of no consequence:
    * Do Hawaii residents really have such bad luck with online shopping?

    * Why is Steve always driving Danny’s car, even when Danny’s not with him? Like when he pulls into the junkyard at the end of the episode with the governor’s letter, he drives up in Danny’s Camaro, not his truck. (btw, Bob, the thought that Mr. Chi’s box for McGarrett has a head in it – that was LOL funny – my husband called from the other room, “What’s so funny??”)

    • Linda Stein says:

      MyMcG: Good question about the car. My memory may be faulty (probably) but didn’t Sang Min steal Steve’s car? Wasn’t that a camaro too? That episode is gone from OnDemand so I can’t watch it again to double check what kind of car it was but it was silver, wasn’t it??

      Steve’s has driven a few different things so far. His blue pick-up when he picked up Mary at the airport, he had a loaner when they chased the honeymoon killer (why did he have a loaner anyway), he had the car the Sang min stole and he drives Danny’s car.

      I wish OnDemand or CBS would make all the episodes available so I could go back to the beginning and check. ABC always had every episode of LOST on line and it was great. I wish CBS would do the same.

      • MyMcG says:

        Hmm. You’re right, they do drive around in a lot of different cars. I rewatched the pilot the other day and they actually drive a squad car onto the freighter and I was thinking, how/why are they in a sqad car? And I’ve seen promo pictures of Steve and Danny in an open-top Jeep Wrangler type car, but I don’t remember ever seeing it in an episode.

        The only one in my memory that is Steve’s ride is the blue truck though. He picks up his sister at the airport in it and at the end of the same episode, he drives to the cemetery in it to find Mary Ann at their dad’s grave. I thought we saw it in at least one other episode, but I can’t remember. And I don’t have access to most of the episodes so I can’t rewatch at will.

        I didn’t know/realize that Steve might also have his own silver car, though I guess now in thinking about it, it would make sense. I feel like I see Steve driving as much if not more than Danny. (aww, could they have matching cars? How cute.) I do remember Sang Min taking off in the car, but I guess I assumed it was Danny’s car?

        I suppose Steve can have as many cars as he wants as long as it’s a Chevy, right?

    • officer808 says:

      line by line, excellent review! Yeah Steve did come a long way since the “hippo” encounter. I’m glad my wife is not the only one who blurts things at the TV LOL. Good eval of Chin’s and Kono’s relationship.

  8. Linda Stein says:

    Hmmmm let me think…. I figure they used a squad car in the pilot because they weren’t actually officially 50 yet. At the end of the pilot they were just moving into their new office. Steve probably didn’t have a car at all because he only just got back to Hawaii after 18 years away and the Mercury is in no shape to drive (it will be soooo cool when it’s fixed and Steve tools around in it!!!) and Danny’s was probably not close enough to use. Danny was sitting in his car outside Rachel’s house in the beginning of the pilot but I don’t remember if there was a long enough shot to see what kind of car it was.

    I also remember a picture of Steve and Danny in an open jeep but I can’t remember which episode it was. There was also that convertable they were in when they were on their way to the floating casino. Come on guys, jump in here and help us out with these car questions. Honestly, especially in that convertable scene, I am NOT checking out the CARS!!!!!

    • MyMcG says:

      Oh, drool, that convertible scene, yes the car is sweet, but totally agree with you that my attention is elsewhere! They had to borrow that convertible to match their cover (James Bond and waiter!). I just saw some stills from older episodes and I think Steve’s blue truck makes an appearance when Steve and Chin Ho go spear fishing. Again – not paying attention to the vehicle(s) so much in that scene 😉

  9. Cecile says:

    Sang Min did steal the Camaro, but Hesse kept it after that, he had it when he met Steve in the end, so the team took it back then.

    Danny’s car in the pilot is not the Camaro : it’s a darker shade of grey, headsets are different, little back window is separated from main front window, and no chevrolet sign on the wheels. Looks like a Ford Mustang to me, but I’m not a specialist on American cars. We never clearly see the brand.
    Why would they take a squad car for the ride on the boat, I don’t know, but Danny always drove so far, and it’s the first time Steve drives. So maybe Steve really wanted to run this one, and Danny definitely did not want Steve to drive his car !

    The Camaro appears in episode 2, with Steve driving it. The change of car is not unusuel after a pilot : they probably struck a deal with Chevrolet after the pilot was picked up. After that, most car our boys and girl drive are Chevrolet (Kono’s red car, Steve’s pick up, big black SUVs frome different episodes…). But Fords also appear frequently, when not driven by the main cast (Pick up driving away from StepStan’s at the end of Ep. 2, the Mustang next to Steve and Danny’s Ferrari in ep. 3, Kavika’s big 4×4 in Ep. 6 (though the sign is blackened on this one), drug dealer ford van in ep. 7)…They’re not all exclusive : in other cars making an appearance, Ferrari and Maserati are Fiat group, Bentley is Wolgsvagen…So I guess they had several deals, one with General Motors (who owns Chevrolet), and another one with Ford, less interesting. Same with phones : a big deal with Apple, then Windows stepped in !

    Other episodes :
    Ep. 3 Danny’s driving the Camaro (w/ Steve ‘Pizza and pineapple do not belong in the same air space’), Steve the Ferrari California (w/ Danny ‘I beg of you, detour !’).
    Ep. 4 Steve’s got his pick up (with Mary, alone or with Chin (‘I’m a multitasker’) ; Kono her red Chevy.
    Ep. 5 Steve’s driving a black Chevrolet SUV (w/ Danny and Chin, following Kono pretending to be kidnapped, less easy to spot at night), then the Camaro, (w/ Danny to where the ambassador is).
    Ep. 6 Bikes are Yamahas (I think), Steve drives the Camaro (w/ Danny, ‘this is not a road, this is dirt on a cliff’), Chin a black Chevrolet SUV (w/ Kono for the arrest).
    Ep. 7 Danny gets the Camaro while Steve’s having fun on the sub (not fair !)
    Ep. 8 Danny drives the Camaro (w/Steve, ‘Take it easy’ ‘Ok, I’m esay’)
    Ep. 9 Steve has the Camaro (first w/ Danny ‘You realise how much of your life revolve around food?’ , then with Kono, first time for her, then she tackles the runner, go girl !).
    Ep. 10 Steve drives the Camaro (w/ Danny, going to pick up the money, then going to the triathletes’, near Rachel’s house, ‘Wanna hit Sidestreet, it’s on me’), Kono her red car (w/ Chin, pick up the money), then Chin a black Chevrolet SUV, with Kono.
    Ep. 11 Steve drives the Camaro with Danny (‘Mum was never late for dinner’), then a black Chevy SUV (‘Don’t puck it’s a loaner’). I don’t know why they changed here.
    Ep. 12 Steve drives the Camaro (w/Danny ‘You see those guys right ?’ ‘They’ll move’). Then the Mercedes cab, when Ming San stole the Camaro (w/ Danny), then a pick up (w/ Kono, to meet with Hesse), then the Camaro (w/ Danny ‘Why are you always driving my car ?’)
    Ep. 13 Steve drives the Camaro (w/ Danny ‘If first thing in the morning, I see your face pop up on the phone, I might not answer it either’ and ‘Kick the rear light !). The bike is a Ducatti.
    Ep. 14 Kono drives the little red one (w/ Chin ‘You did passed the HPD test for pursuit driving right ?’). Steve drives the Camaro (w/ Danny ‘The guy’s driving around with a head in his car Steven’), then alone to the junkyard.

    Doing this little research, it looks more like the car is Steve’s (see the end of Ep. 14), at the end of Ep. 12, Danny clearly says the car is his…So either Danny is very permissive about his car (this one anyway), or the car is Danny’s in name, because he’s a cop and Steve’s a SEAL, so for insurance and all, it has to be Danny’s. But Steve’s the boss (with controle issues).
    Other remark : I realized Danny only gets to drive when he’s really pissed of and has personnal issues (or because Steve’s on a sub…) : Pilot, well it’s his car, but he meets Steve, which is not very pleasant to him ; Ep. 3, custody issues after the football game ; Ep. 8, his friend Meka is wrongly accused, and Steve doesn’t believe him.
    But at the end of Ep. 12, Danny clearly says the car is his car…So

    • Linda Stein says:

      WOW… that is some comprehensive list! Thanks!!! How on earth did you put that together so fast? We only started this conversation a few hours ago! I am super impressed with the amount of work you did. I’m going to have to go back and read that again LOL

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        Wow is right! Awesome car detective work! I know a gal who did a similar investigation on a Facebook message board a while back, not quite as in depth as yours. But you are right, Danny’s car in the pilot is a Ford Mustang. They are in that loaner in Ep. 10 because they are supposed to be on Kuai(sp? sorry!) catching the serial killer. Someone informed my that the Camaro is a special edition, $55,000 model! There’s one almost like it sitting on the Chevy lot in my town – thinking about taking it for a test drive, but only if Danny or Steve is driving me!

    • MyMcG says:

      AWESOME! And I love the quotes.

      So the blue pickup does come back in a few other eps. At least I’m not nuts.

      With this review, it is curious that it seems unclear WHOSE car the Camaro really is until ep 12, and only confirmed with one line from Danny. At least he’s wondering the same thing I am. What was Steve’s response to this? Without that one line from Danny, just looking at who’s driving seems to suggest it’s Steve’s car – as you point out – or at least, 5-0’s car that Steve drives most of the time bc he da boss?

  10. Linda Stein says:

    Steve’s response when Danny asked him why Steve is always driving his car was “I like to drive” whereby Danny said his line about Steve having control issues. Doesn’t really answer your question does it? LOL

  11. MyMcG says:

    With the height difference between Steve and Danny, that driver’s seat in the Camaro must get pulled up and pushed back quite a bit as they change drivers. Hope the Camaro’s got seat position memory! Maybe that’s why Steve drives most of the time (unless Danny is alone in the car) so they don’t have to keep changing the seat position back and forth!

  12. Cecile says:

    You’re welcome ! It was a lot of fun^^ To answer the ‘how did I do this’ question, it’s simple : I’m don’t watch the show on TV, since it doesn’t air where I am, so I found another way to watch it, a way which allows me to have all episodes on my computer, and watch them over, and over again, anytime I want^^ (if you catch my drift, lol). So I speed-watched them all, stoping whenever I saw a car or remembered there was a car.

    I always forget there are several islands hence the need to change cars sometimes, thanks Lynette !

    @myMcG : There were different pick-ups I think. McGarrett’s is electric blue, the one in ep. 12 is black (or dark blue).

  13. Cecile says:

    After three viewing of this episode, I finally realize Steve saying “What’s in the box ?” to Danny, just after the credits…Nice one 🙂

  14. officer808 says:

    I finally had time to catch up on all this. Cecile – tres magnifique! That was probably the most comprehensive car reference list I’ve seen…it may be worthy of it’s own post…

    For their hard work, Kelly, Linda, MyMcG and Cecile all are official Undercover Special Agents 😉

    • Cecile says:

      hum, hadn’t seen that one.
      Thanks for the promotion, boss ! I’ll be very flattered to participate to the awesomeness of you blog ! I was thinking of updating it (hence my late coming back on these comments, I needed to retrieve the whole thing !), so if you want, I’ll give you the updated version when I get it.

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