Friday’s news: Five-0 adds new cast member; post script from “He Kane Hewa’ole”; preview of “Kai E’e”

 Larisa Oleynik joins the cast of Five-0

Alex O'Loughlin, Larisa Oleynik, Hawaii Five-0, Photo: Mario Perez/CBS


“Former Secret World of Alex Mack star Larisa Oleynik is joining the cast of the freshman drama Hawaii Five-0, TVLine has learned exclusively.

On CBS’s reboot of the classic cop show, Oleynik will play Jessica Kaye, an ex-CIA analyst and Harvard graduate with a degree in Political Science and a Masters in Global Security and Intelligence Studies who is fresh off the plane from Langley, Virginia.

Her purpose in Hawaii? To assist Five-0 in the pursuit of Steve McGarrett’s arch nemesis, Wo Fat (Iron Chef America‘s Mark Dacascos). Jessica has a personal stake in the manhunt since Wo Fat was responsible for the murder of her fiancé, a well respected CIA field agent.

Oleynik’s role is recurring for the remainder of this season, with an option to become a series regular come Season 2. Oleynik, who rose to fame in the mid 1990s as the star of Nickelodeon’s The Secret World of Alex Mack, also recurred on NBC’s 3rd Rock from the Sun. She most recently guest-starred on AMC’s Mad Men as Ken Cosgrove’s fiancée.”

Post script from “He Kane Hewa’ole”

Undercover Special Agent Kelly reminded us that Alex probably found his pooch Reggie during filming of this episode!  Previous reports stated that Alex found the dog while filming at a junkyard.

Preview for “Kai E’e [tidal wave]


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5 Responses to Friday’s news: Five-0 adds new cast member; post script from “He Kane Hewa’ole”; preview of “Kai E’e”

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  2. Linda Stein says:

    Good recall Kelly! And, unless I’m very much mistaken I think you can see Reggie in the last show in the 2nd to last scene when Steve goes back to the junk yard the 2nd time. Right before Steve pulls up in his car there is a very fast shot of a dog kennel. Before Steve’s car blocks it from view you can see 2 dogs in there one is standing and looks like an adult. It’s black and white with a little bit of brown in the side of it’s face. But the other dog looks much younger and is completely black and white. I think that’s Reggie!!!

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Linda, I watched that ep. again last night, and with lots of pausing of the DVR, I did get to see the dogs! The one does look just like Reggie! I don’t think you would be able to notice the shot with pausing or looking at individual screen caps. Great detective work! Has the Blog Boss given you a badge yet?

      • Linda Stein says:

        LOL…that would be so cool, wouldn’t it? And like I said on facebook, the badge would be great but I want Alex to pin it on me!! LOL

  3. officer808 says:

    Everyone’s work is being duly noted 😉

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