late breaking Friday news: Right Place, Right Time vid; McGarrett’s office; and Hawaii Five-0’s Lost connection; Mr. Mike’s Analysis

Liliha Street filming on 1/19

Video courtesy christiane321.  Coincidentally, this building is also the Hoffs/Drawlar Funeral parlor in Lost, where Jack was the only one to attend John Locke’s service.

What’s hiding in McGarrett’s office?

CBS put up a behind the scenes photo of McG’s office, stating that there are four important things in there…what could they be?  My guess is the third or fourth post down.

Steve McGarrett's office, Hawaii Five-0

Steve McGarrett's office, Hawaii Five-0, Photo: CBS

The Lost/Hawaii Five-0 Connection

Blogger Wopsican has an excellent writeup on the overlap between Lost and Hawaii Five-0 locations… He’s got a great attention to detail!

Mr. Mike’s analysis with a fine toothed comb…

Mr. Mike watches the episode frame by frame.  With audio.   Check out his thorough breakdown of episode 14.


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10 Responses to late breaking Friday news: Right Place, Right Time vid; McGarrett’s office; and Hawaii Five-0’s Lost connection; Mr. Mike’s Analysis

  1. MyMcG says:

    You so silly – you mean the Shake Weight.

  2. officer808 says:

    Yes, so does it work? 😉

  3. Lisa says:

    Love you website. The picture has four items from the original Steve McGarett’s office. Watched an episode at The coat rack, the pen set, the deask pad and the painting on the wall are from the original show.

    • officer808 says:

      Aloha Lisa and thanks for your kind words. I saw your answer on the CBS page. If the admin comes on CBS page and confirms that, then you may just earn yourself a prize from me 🙂

  4. MyMcG says:

    Sadly all the workout my poor arms can handle these days is lifting and lowering my chubby baby. The hula chair… That would’ve been hilarious if that big tufted leather chair in Steve’s office was replaced with the hula chair.

  5. spotted reptile says:

    Bit late to this. I’m pretty sure the USN ship on the credenza is the Big E or the USS Enterprise CVN 65, probably the most famous of the aircraft carriers in the USN. Here’s another view of a model of it: USS Enterprise model

    • spotted reptile says:

      Also think that the sailing ship could be the old Hawaiian Royal Yacht which used to be called Cleopatra’s barge until King Kamehameha II got it and rechristened it the Pride of Hawaii? It was wrecked in the 1800s and I think they recently dived for it but it was too damaged to restore. It’s definitely a hermaphrodite brig – 2 masts, foremast square-rigged and aft mast schooner-rigged.

    • officer808 says:

      I really wish CBS would come back and answer the question…

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