Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 15, “Kai E’e”

It’s all about the story, really.

Grace Park, Scott Caan, Hawaii Five-0, Kai E'e

Grace Park, Scott Caan, Hawaii Five-0, Kai E'e, Photo: CBS

I think the story writers set about to do one thing in this episode- to frame the heist of the week with Hawaii’s preparedness for a natural disaster, while making sure the majority of the main characters are as scantily clad as possible.  I mean, Barry White’s soulful crooning of “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Babe” is starting to kick up when a rude phone call rouses a disheveled McG and girlfriend Lieutenant Rollins who’s dressed down to her Navy skivvies.  Scene change to the beach where a gorgeous Kono in a two piece red Hurley bikini is teaching a shirtless Danno (“ABOUT TIME” clamors the Danno fans) how to surf.  Speaking of Danno, am I the only one to notice that he was wearing cutoff denim shorts to the beach?  They weren’t boardshorts, or even swim trunks with manties (scroll to the bottom of the link), but denim shorts.  Seriously, the last time I saw shorts like that, Bon Jovi’s “Bad Medicine” was the number one song on Rick Dees’ Weekly Top Forty.  And I don’t think Jon would even wear those to the beach.  I just love the fact that Danno goes so out of his way to be Jersey, but the scene is endearing since he’s learning to surf for his daughter.

The banter was perfect in this episode.  The dialog that stands out in my mind the most is Danno’s glazed look as the scientists explains how the tsunami is tracked.  He asks for the “field trip version”.  The scientist brings up a childish animation and Danno loses his aneurysm face, and all is clear.  But the clincher is McGarrett, raising his hand, like a kid on a field trip, and saying, “Question?”  My other favorite scene is Danno’s call to Kamekona, and Kamekona happily reporting they’re re-enacting the Battle of Nuuanu with hand puppets (I would like to think the writers are reading my blog, scroll to the bottom of this post).

Eye candy and banter aside, the story was a stretch for the imagination, but kudos to the writers for making it believable.  How the heck do you fake a tsunami?  Trick buoys and computers into thinking they’re seeing one.  Is that really so far fetched?   Not really…this story is a clever modern twist on the Orwellian “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast that sent millions of listeners into a mad panic thinking the United States was being invaded by Martians in 1938.  My only problem is that we’ve already visited the “distraction to pull off another heist” scenario in the triathlon episode (“Hao Kanaka”).

By far, what stood out the most in this episode is that I finally feel the Five-0 team has truly solidified…we’ve seen them work well together, now we finally seeing them have to pull together.  They are truly a team that will leave no man behind.   Live together or die alone.  All for one and one for all.  Or fill in any of your team building mottos here.  We’ve seen the evolution of the team: their creation, their decision on a name, and their impromptu graduation for their most junior member.  They have a moral dilemma in this episode: do they allow the money to be stolen to hide the missing $10 million or do they stop the theft and come clean? On the drive to the evidence locker, each pair has their own conversation…Kono insists that they’re doing the right thing to take responsibility, and Chin agrees.  McG surprisingly thinks Danno blames him forthe situation, but Danno responds that he knew what he was doing with eyes wide open and that he’d do it again.  Our heroes are truly heroes…they stole the $10 mil to save one of their own, but when it came time to face the music, they were ready to stand together.  No longer an ex-SEAL, a Jersey cop, a washed up cop and a rookie, their new found solidarity makes for a much stronger team.

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 15, “Kai E’e”

1)  We’re so awesome with disaster preparedness, we do our Costco runs, fill our gas tanks and clear the streets in about 30 minutes.

2)  The Navy is smart enough to move their ships off shore when the tsunami hits, the sailboat owners don’t mind leaving their boats in the slips to get pummeled.

3)  LOCK YOUR DOORS! Kahala is the most dangerous neighborhood on the island!  😉 Forget the million dollar McMansions…every other day someone’s getting kidnapped, their house shot up, or their neighbor is running an illegal gambling den.

Did you notice…?

The pidgin was perfect!
Responding to Danno, about Kamekona losing Mary Ann McG: “Eh das bu lie!  She tricked me!  Besides, I good wit da keiki”
In the King’s English:  “You, Sir, are lying!  She tricked me!  Besides, I do very well with children.”

Mamo: “Somebody is blowing smoke up someone’s okole.”
In the King’s English:  “Somebody is blowing smoke up someone’s ass.”

Speaking of Mamo, it looks like he relocated from Queen’s Beach to Ala Moana Beach Park.

Kono was pretty cold asking about Chin and Malia getting back together.

Danno was without a tie for half the episode!

Danno’s “boring them to death” technique (McG, “Palekaiko”) actually worked on the hacker.  McG didn’t have to pull out his pistol and shoot her, torture her or throw her in a shark cage.

I loved Chin’s pull out arsenal in the trunk of his car.

The episode closed on another great McG speech… “You took an oath…this country owes you nothing”.

The Tsunami Warning Center, Civil Defense, and part of the Hawaii National Guard is headquartered in Diamond Head (not Ewa Beach as the show indicated).

Tomorrow’s blog post: Hawaii’s tsunami on February 27th, 2010, and where did the $10 million come from?

Update: Another Lost connection.  Last night @hawaii (Ryan Ozawa) straightened us out:

@hawaii:  @H50undercover @JAVAJ9 Who? Commander Sam Hale? Played by Brian Goodman. He was on #LOST as Ryan Price, killed by Hurley’s Dharma van. #h50

Update: The Pacific Disaster Center/Hawaii Civil Defense and some elements of the Hawaii National Guard are hq’ed at Fort Ruger in the middle of Diamond Head.  The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center is indeed at Ewa Beach.  Thanks to 3D Hawaii and Barbara on facebook!


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  1. Elissa Barnes says:

    I think Wo Fat has something to do with the return of the $10 million. 🙂

  2. Ah #2!!! Excellent observation. All that traipsing around the boat harbor — ‘scuse me, the yacht club — and no sailboats seen evacuating the channel.

    • officer808 says:

      I got a good view of Waikiki and Pearl Harbor from where I was during last year’s tsunami, and there was a convoy of sailboats making their way out of the harbors!

  3. Pinkie says:

    “Our heroes are truly heroes…they stole the $10 mil to save one of their own, but when it came time to face the music, they were ready to stand together. No longer an ex-SEAL, a Jersey cop, a washed up cop and a rookie, their new found solidarity makes for a much stronger team.”

    I “heart” you Bob!!! ❤ What a great statement. Oh cool someone besides me thought Chin's totally organized tools of the trade drawer in his trunk was beyond awesome! I had to stop and rewind just to check it out. A cat burgler would be green with envy!

    Good article. You Hawaiians ARE organized about your tsunami warnings. Coming from tornado alley – I know a think or two of taking heed of those sirens. My sun visor is off to you.

    • officer808 says:

      Thanks Miss Pinkie…I’m writing something up about our tsunami scare last year…we were prepared for the worse but thankfully it was good practice to make sure all measures were in place 🙂

  4. Linda Stein says:

    Let’s start off with a long overdue shout out to Scott Caan’s bare chest! For those of us girls who adore it when Alex goes shirtless and have been pining for the day when Scott would do the same, well, ladies, enjoy! Ok, ok, for the guys there is also Grace in a hot little red bikini but, frankly, I wasn’t looking at her much. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see Danny get those adorable 80’s cut off’s wet (I guess Danno don’t surf, brah means Danno also don’t buy board shorts!) because there’s a tsunami siren blaring. Damn thing not only cuts short Danny’s surf lesson but a little somethin’-somethin’ going on at the McGarrett homestead too. Steve and Catherine scrambling to get dressed as the siren blares and the cell phones ring were absolutely adorable. I just LOVE these two together.

    After that the story to me was just a nice little filler story about a missing scientist and the wave that wasn’t. But it was a really, really good story. As usual there were twists and turns to keep you on edge the whole time and looking back at the promos it really did look like a huge wave was bursting through that warehouse door. But looking back on it, it really didn’t make much logistical sense that there really would be a wave. How were the producers of the show going to destroy downtown Honolulu and have it rebuilt by the next episode? Did someone re-vamp FEMA while none of us were looking?!?!? We were about half way through the episode when it became obvious there was no wave coming. I loved that Mamo knew there was no wave way before anyone else did and I’m really glad he made a return appearance even if it was a really short one!

    This was a bridge episode setting up the ending to spring board the story to the next exciting level. How many of you, like me, felt your stomach drop when they figured out it was the forfeiture locker the thieves were headed for. How many of you, like me, felt more suspense as Steve stood waiting to go into the Governor’s office than in the whole rest of the episode? And how many of you, like me, saw the look on Steve’s face and thought his next words were going to be “I’ve been fired”? WOW, what an ending! No way in hell did I see that coming. I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT to see how this pans out. Who do you think it was? Here’s my theory:

    When Wo Fat met with Hess in the jail he asked how much Steve knew about his father’s investigation. Hess answered “too much” to which Wo Fat responded “well, we can’t have that now, can we?” The episode ended there but the conversation did not. Wo Fat probably chewed out Hess for jeopardizing the operation for a personal vendetta and Hess told Wo Fat about the money he burned. Whatever Wo Fat is up to he does not want to show his hand just yet and the discovery of the missing 10 mil would start a whole humongous investigation that could spill into things Wo Fat does not want exposed. He covered the theft to cover his ass and to have something to hold over Steve. This is going to be so much fun to watch!

    Things I liked about the episode:

    – Ok, I already mentioned Danny’s surf lesson and the sexus interuptus at the beginning of the episode. But they really were absolutely adorable I have to bring them up again.
    – We have seen our characters grow into a team over the course of the season but tonight they were a REAL TEAM! When Kono, Danny and Steve conspired to steal the 10mil to save Chin they were irrevocably joined together and tonight it showed. Steve went to the Governor’s office to fall on his sword for the team but they wouldn’t let him do it. They were going to take the fall together. I was really scared for them but it was wonderful to see the affection they all have for each other.
    – I also like the fact that although none of our team regretted taking the money to save Chin, Danny admitted that they have been crossing lines for months to solve their cases and implying that, just maybe, their luck was about to run out. The team debating whether to go after the thieves or let them go to avoid an investigation was inspired. Great writing there!
    – Obviously Chin has not let Kono in on the fact that her dislike for Malia is unfounded. Could they really be getting back together? Nice!
    – There was just enough fun stuff here along with the surf lesson and the fast dressing. Danny taught Grace how to play poker and she was beating the pants off the big guys. Fantastic little Jersey girl that she is!!
    – Another funny line was Steve asking Danny if he missed hell freezing over when he saw the surfboard in Danny’s car and them arguing over why Steve couldn’t just walk the perp down the stairs instead of shooting him. These two are just wonderful.

    Things I really didn’t like about the episode:

    – Can we please come up with something besides missing “insert important person here” kidnapped and held somewhere with a computer doing the bad guys bidding while they threaten to harm said important person’s child. What is this, the 3rd time now? Come on guys, you have already proved your exceptional writing skills numerous times in many episodes. Come up with something new.
    – Speaking of something new… didn’t we also have the “huge event as a distraction for the big heist” storyline once before too. Please let’s not see that one again in a future episode guys.

    Lastly I think the shot of Chin with the bomb around his neck was a late addition to the episode. The episode was probably already completed when CBS decided it would come on after the AFC playoff game. The idea being to give the show a big ratings boost from the football crowd and hopefully get folks who have never seen the show before to keep watching it on its regular night. But those people wouldn’t have any idea what was going on with the money or why the team took it. The shot of Chin was for them. I hope it worked and a zillion more people tune in each week.

    That’s it I guess. Way too much talking as usual. LOL

    • officer808 says:

      You are officially taking over the blog whenever I go on vacation 😉

      Yeah I loved the fact that the writers/characters acknowledged that they have been tap dancing around “means and immunity” a little bit too easily.

      I was hanging off McG’s every word, expecting him to say “She thanked us for a job well done….
      …but we’re fired.”
      …but we’re grounded.”
      …but we can’t play with our Nintendo DS for a week.”
      …but I did something I never thought I’d ever have to do.”

      • Linda Stein says:

        Hehehehe.. DON’T GO ON VACATION !!!

        Steve walked out of the governor’s office so quickly I thought for sure she must have just fired him on the spot. The look on his face was so…. I don’t know…. to me he looked dejected but I guess he was just extremely confused. LOL

      • MyMcG says:

        Where do people who already live in paradise go on vacation, anyway? Don’t say New Jersey.

      • officer808 says:

        @MyMcG – pretty much we wake up on the first day of vacation, walk out the door, take one look around and say “Hey look, we’re in Hawaii. yay.” 😉

      • MyMcG says:

        Yeah, yeah, rub it in. >P Here, it’s snowed every week so far this month, and forecasted for some white stuff falling 5 days out of this week. So not fair.

  5. Maureen says:

    Thanks. This was a fantastic analysis of last night’s new episode of Hawaii Five-0. I enjoyed reading it.

  6. Cecile says:

    I was pretty surprised by the turn of events on this episode, though I knew the tsunami was a hoax, but probably for the wrong reasons :
    1) for me, a tsunami is so very rare, there’s no way they make it happen on a show. But I probably don’t realise how very possible it must be in Hawaii.
    2) dealing with the aftermath of such an event on a tv show would be considerable : it doesn’t take a couple of days to get everything back in order, so at list a few episodes would have to take place in this atmosphere, which wouldn’t suit the tone of the show.

    So, I figured it out from a logical and material point of view ! But I didn’t expect the 28M $ story to come back so fast. So the first half was rather tedious for me, there was no real detective work, no clue to start from and then speculate. It was all about technology, and pinpointing people via satellite. I was as bored as Danno on this one…
    But what happens from the moment we know what it’s all about, it took a whole new turn, much more dramatic (knowing that the tsunami wasn’t gonna hit, that is).

    Suff I liked :
    – I seriously laughed a big “HOOOOOOOW” out loud when Danny kicked the boom in the girl running on the pier. So cool^^.
    -the moral dilemma the team faces, whether or not to go after the bad guys, and how quickly it’s solved. It’s interesting that it was considered, but they wouldn’t have let them go. That’s nice.
    – I thought the way Danny said “It’s your last chance to say it, so come on”, and Steve’s “Book’im Danno” were very nice, not overly dramatic, not just thrown in last minute either. It was just right (and O’Loughlin was just perfect there). But please, please remove the shots of Kono coming closer. That was over the top. Chin raising his eyes was fine, Kono’s concerned expression was fine, but having her stepping closer was too much. I know it’s really nothing, but it kind of dampened the moment for me (not too much though, it’s still a really nice scene).

    Stuff I’m not really convinced by :
    – the cutoff denim. Really, at the beach ? With sand ? And the perspective to go in the water ? With JEANS ?
    – the kid playing Grace. She’s really cute and all, but she really only has one expression, which is…blank…She looks like she doesn’t really know what she’s doing there, and just say her lines. Not always, I loved the “He talks about you a lot too” at the football game, it was perfect !! But most of the time, she’s not very convincing. I’m being harsh, she’s just a kid, but I have a hard time believing she’s Danny’s daughter.
    – And yeah, like Linda said, again important missing person with big event as a smoke screen.

    @ Linda : I’m not really convinced by the “Wo Fat replacing the 10M $” theory. How would he know where the money comes from, Steve didn’t tell Hess. Even if the 28M $ are linked to Wo Fat (I’m pretty sure they are too ! ), there’s no way for him to know where it was from.

    So now, the question is why were there 10 extra millions ? We have two weeks to come up with a good hypothesis !

    • Linda Stein says:

      Where are you from Cecile? Just curious because here in Philadelphia where we spend tons of time at the Jersey shore guys in cut off jeans is very common, or like I said, was very common back in the 80’s. It’s was a nice little throw back to those old Jersey days.

      I agree with you, Danny hitting that girl with the boom was awesome! Man, she went down like a sack of sand. I also liked how his “bore them to death” talking style worked so well with her. He really got into her head. Even Steve looked impressed! And his request to Steve to say “book ’em Danno” almost brought tears to my eyes.

      Hmmmmm now that you mention it, Hess didn’t know where Steve got that money, did he? I think we’re both right, Wo Fat is connected to all this but I’m going to have to give this more thought. I still think he put that money back but I’m not sure how he knew it needed to be put back. Is is possible there is yet another mole in the department, someone much higher up?

      This is going to be so cool!

      • Cecile says:

        I’m French, I haven’t seen cut of jeans at the beach lately, I don’t think this fashion ever crossed the Atlantic ! Anyway, it must be very uncomfortable, tight and itchy with the sand !

        Something else I’ve been trying to figure out for the past few weeks, is how does Wo Fat fit in the whole Yakuza thing. In the original series, he was the big bad guy, but here, Noshimuri is the big head of it in Hawaii, and was actually responsible for Ms McGarrett’s death, but Wo Fat was quite young (if Steve was 16, he must have been 25 at most), so not in the leading part of the Yakuza, maybe a hitman. So did he climbed the Yakuza social ladd and is now very well placed ?
        Or he could be Noshimuri’s son, and he’s about to take over from daddy’s big business.
        Or he’s big in Japan, someone’s right arm, and he is in Hawaii to see how thing are going one.

      • MyMcG says:

        Uncomfortable tight and itchy is right! And that’s when the denim dry – try when it’s wet from actually being in the water! I’m getting skeeved out just thinking about it!

        The idea that Wo Fat is Noshimuri’s son – how thrilling & creepy!

    • officer808 says:

      Good call on the logistical implausability of the tsunami.
      I’m loving Teilor Grubbs as Grace, but like Grace Park earlier on in the series, she doesn’t have much writing or lines to go with…perhaps in “E Malama” where Rachel, Step-Stan and Grace get into some trouble, will we see Teilor shine a little more.

  7. Kimmer says:

    A few great lines that made me LOL this episode:

    When Danny is dropping Grace off with Kamekona, and McG is backing up Kame’s story about how Mary tricked him and Danny says “Shut Up, You!” to McG.

    On the boat when the hacker is trying to find the IP address where the tsunami expert is being held and she says to McG “Rome didn’t burn in a day” and Mcg tilts his head and says “I don’t … think that’s… not how it goes” and he and Danny shake their heads in confusion.

    It’s the small things like this that I like about the show.

  8. Linda Stein says:

    Cecile: ROFL…I’ve seen pictures of the swimwear folks wear on the beaches in the south of France and, no, I don’t expect you see a lot of cut off jeans there! LOL

    Good questions about WoFat. You’re right, he seems quite young to be so powerful and feared. Hess looked truly terrified of him. Noshimuri’s son? That’s an intriging idea!

  9. MyMcG says:

    As usual, I enjoyed reading the entry and the response!

    I was nodding in agreement with most of the thoughts already shared here, but here are just some others I had watching the episode (mostly in chronological order as they happened on screen). Or re-emphasizing what others have said that particularly hit home for me.

    Danno in cut-offs at the beach: he’s a haole through and through. You know what they say, You can take the boy out of New Jersey, but you’re not taking the Jersey Shore out of this particular haole.

    First and only time I’ve noticed, but I think I heard just a hint of AOL’s Australian come out when he says to Catherine, “Must be nice… I guess the rest of us who don’t have a seat on an aircraft carrier will just have to get our snorkels out”

    Danny without the tie! He looks really good without neckwear – it’s a refreshing change.

    I like when Danny gets aggitated and calls Steve, “Steven”. “Scientists, Steven! Scientists that study this type of thing!”

    I like that the writers are keeping the Chin Ho/Malia reunion possibility open. Wasn’t it a theory on this blog that Chin Ho is protecting someone else related to his corruption scandal? Obviously there is some additional layer of secrecy around this or he would have told Kono that he was the one who pushed Malia away for her own protection instead of letting Kono continue to think ill of the woman he clearly still has feelings for. Chin Ho is a deep and conflicted man. Did I mention I like him?

    The smack in the face by the boom – ouch! There is usually at least 1 moment in each episode that elicits a visceral out-loud reaction from me. Last time it was when Danny rolled out of the car. In the episode with the missing ambassador’s daughter, there was a scene in the warehouse where Danny is telling Steve when the bad guy is coming on him and Steve clubs the guy with what looks like a tire iron — in that one, Danny and I shared a similar reaction. In this episode, it was this boom to the face scene.

    Kamekona (Danny calls him “Fridge” ha!) is adorable, I mean, for a HUGE Hawaiian dude. The hand-puppets – how cute is that? And obviously Danny has at least picked up something about Hawaiian history that he can guess what scenes are being acted out! The look on Kamekona’s face when Grace says she wants to play five card draw!

    When Chin Ho pulls out the Arsenal in a Trunk – whoa! So badass!

    Steve shoots & presumably kills yet somebody else. Don’t get me wrong, you know I love Steve, but sometimes me thinks Steve is a little too gun-happy. Isn’t Steve supposed to be a better shot? Couldn’t he have shot the bad guy to wound him in the gun arm instead of square in the chest? NOT saying this is anything like real life, but a guy who discharges his weapon that much in real life would probably be in for quite a few hours of mandatory psych eval.

    Now as for the missing money and if and how it got replaced. It’s spine-tingling to think that Wo Fat had anything to do with it, but I’m similarly of the mind that Wo Fat & Hess wouldn’t have known where the money came from in the first place to put it back at all.

    Same for the Governor. Like Wo Fat, how would she have known where Steve got the money or that he got it at all? Steve asked her for $10M, she said no, does she even know he got the money at all from somewhere else? Best possible explanation if the Governor is somehow involved is that she was told there was $18M out in the lumpy sandbags, put it together that Steve must’ve had something to do with the missing $10M and “forgave” him for the missing portion (Now is she waiting to see if Steve will come clean about it?)

    The other question I have is about the “immunity & means” granted by the Governor. I understand it’s not a blanket immunity, but for the purpose of pursuing major criminals. Doesn’t the catpure of Hess count? Wouldn’t immunity cover Steve/Five-0 from the loss of the $10M? Apparently not, otherwise Five-0s wouldn’t be sweating it. Just wondered what others thought.

    • officer808 says:

      All excellent points…

      I like your Chin Ho comment. I did make a comment in the “What’s in the Champ Box” post about Chin Ho protecting someone. My assumption was that it was John McGarrett, so that he could continue the investgation while Chin takes the fall. But perhaps it was Malia he was trying to protect?

  10. Linda Stein says:

    MyMcG..great comments as usual!!

    Cut off Jeans. This must be a northeast USA thing and we just think it’s no big deal. I have been watching guys all my life on the beach and in pools with cut offs. Seems so funny to me that you guys are so thrown off by them. LOL

    Danny without a tie and calling Steve “Steven” are going to be two of my most favorite things about this show, like I needed more reasons to love it!

    I was thinking the same thing about the boom and the crow bar. Danny can be as bad ass as Steve when he wants to be. He’s usually the more “civilized” one but he wanted to get to high ground FAST. Means to an end! LOL

    I LOVE Kamekona. He’s like a big squishy teddy bear! And he really IS good with kids. And I love how he speaks pidgin. I have no idea what he is saying, but I love it!

    I am still so torn about the whole money situation. I am beginning to agree that Wo Fat seems unlikely or maybe just too obvious. I think the governor is too obvious too. Guess that’s why I’m not writing this stuff, they are! But Wo Fat HAS to be involved in this somewhere I just can’t figure out where. I think if the governor knew about the money and covered it up for 5-0 she’d have read Steve the riot act over it. She had no hesitation at all to chew out his very well toned butt when she thought he was wrongly going after Noshimuri. This is all so fascinating. I can not wait until February when this story picks up again!!!!!

  11. Cecile says:

    @MyMcG : Alex’s accent popped up once or twice before, but I don’t remember when exactly.

    About Steve being a little too gun-happy, (as you put it :)), I’ve been thinking the same thing for the past few episodes (and about other shows or movies too) : the good guys are supposed to be snipers, and never miss their target, but they still shoot to kill, while a wound in the arm or in the leg would have been sufficient. That said, in ep. 14, Steve’s reflex saves Danny’s life, so not so much time to aim. I suppose it’s more easily said than done ^^.

    About the Gov. willingly forgetting about the 10M $ missing, I thought about that too. For a few seconds, when watching, I wasn’t sure if that wasn’t what McGarrett was implying, like : “it’s all there, wink, wink”. But they the four of them looked genuinely surprised. And I think letting 10M $ litterally go up in smoke is a little too big to go unnoticed, after this week’s incident.. Had it stayed a cold case, it would have stayed in the dark, like the team hoped, but now it got hot again, it’s not only the team and the Gov. that are involved. I suppose the National Guard trying to rob it would have noticed 10M $ missing, and the cops who actually count it after that would know the Gov. did a bit of a magic trick there…

  12. Kimmer says:

    I was thinking along the lines that the entire 28million may have been replaced with counterfeit money at some time and in that whoever stole the original money (Wo Fat?) did not want any attention brought to it, so they replaced the missing 10mil with more counterfeit $$.

    I agree that Steve has been killing a lot of baddies that they really need to be interrogating! I was thinking during the 1/17/11 episode that Danny should be giving Steve the business about not shooting for critical mass. Then this week Danny says something about it – I see more “conversation” happening in that area between the two.

  13. textbook says:

    Sorry, I didn’t get back to read MyMcG’s post and the rest till today. Nothing much to add, except comments.

    Cecile, Mark Dacascos will be 46 next month, so Wo Fat would’ve been 28, but of course he could be playing older. Even so, there’s a lot of turnover amongst bad guys and he could’ve been fairly high up on his way to power.

    Not that it’s impossible, but Wo Fat is a Chinese name, Noshimuri is Japanese. Unlikely they’re father and son.

    Linda, cutoffs are standard here too (Dallas), and besides, everybody, those are not new jeans that Danny’s wearing, Cecile and MyMcG, no big deal wearing them on the beach. (I once wore a modified pair of denim overalls on a whitewater rafting trip and while they got heavy when wet – they were new – I didn’t end up with the scratches and bruises my companions did.)

    I’ve always thought that cops should be able to shoot somebody without killing them, especially like stopping them from running by shooting them in the leg, and yet all these years we hear even from real-life sources that you train to hit the center of the torso (biggest target) and that’s that. And in the military I assume you shoot to kill because the other guy is the enemy and you need to take him out. The mission depends on it. So I guess that’s what McGarrett is used to doing since he’s got all this military background. Danny as a detective is maybe used to thinking about all the variables before getting into a shooting situation, and the suspect is only a suspect. He’s not gonna shoot unless he or somebody else is directly threatened. But I still wonder, how come you can’t learn to specifically shoot somebody without killing them?

    Speaking of gun-happy, do you notice the stance that McGarrett takes when he’s slinking around with the gun drawn? A half-crouch and a crab walk. Frankly it looks silly, but maybe it’s the way Seals do things?

    And MyMcG, that’s a reasonable point about immunity for the 10 million. It would stretch the gov’s promises to the limit, probably, but yeah, if McGarrett said that was what they had to do, I say she’d have to bite the bullet and go along with it.

    • Cecile says:

      On Steve’s way of standing when gun pointing : I think Alex is pretty tall, so he’d be an easy target if he was standing straight. Maybe it’s a way of ‘concealing’ himself. Plus, it seems he would have more flexibility like that, both his legs are ready to be solicited, as opposed to if he was kneebend more vertically.

  14. hawaiiobsessed says:

    This was a great episode. Loved the banter and Kamekona ( I want a t-shirt!). I was glued to my computer last year when the real Tsunami was threatening you guys. So thankful it didn’t amount to much!

  15. Ichi says:

    Not sure if anyone is still reading the comments all the way back here, but…

    Why in the world did Danny drive that lift thing through the warehouse doors?? Reminds me of the episode where he had a go at Steve for driving a motorcycle up those stairs into the Yakuza club. And then Danny yelled at him for shooting the dude out of the window! LOL.

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