Friday’s news: Cary Tagawa’s live online event; P. Diddy goes Hawaiian

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa will host a live discussion online!

Cary Tagawa, Hawaii Five-0

Cary Tagawa hosts online discussion! Photo: Cary Tagawa

Actor Cary Tagawa, most recently of Hawaii Five-0 fame as Yakuza boss Hiro Noshimuri will be hosting a live online event on his website.  Actors, martial artists, and fans should join in since he’ll be covering a wide range of topics.  His second stream will be specifically for his Hawaii fans!  Read the following press release:




Here is your chance to meet with this famous actor who has touched
the lives of many with his presence on and off the big screen. In
this live broadcast Hiro kicks off 2011's Chinese New Year of the
Rabbit/Cat and bids Aloha to 2010's Year of the Tiger (his sign).
He shares his insights and teachings in his first ever live
steaming event. Topics will cover actors and acting, his developed
healing practice of Chuu Shin Transformational Breathwork, as well
as touching on Ninjah Sportz martial arts. This event will have a
chat room available so ask Hiro a question live during the Q&A
section of the broadcast.

Hiro's gentle spirit will capture your heart and his words of
wisdom offer hope and support for your own dreams and endeavors.

Follow Cary on Facebook, on twitter @CHTagawa, and be sure to sign up for the live discussion on his site:

P. Diddy goes Hawaiian


Well this news is a few days old, but reporting it just the same.  I gotta tell you, Hawaii Five-0 fans aren’t exactly jumping up and down and making sure their DVRs are set.  A lot of fans are looking at his entry into Five-0 cautiously- some with trepidation and doubt.  My interpretation of a lot of the chatter on the internet is that he brings with him a lot of celebrity baggage to the show that may eclipse whatever the episode is about.  Perhaps CBS is trying to expand their demographics.  He received a lot of praise for his role in “A Raisin In The Sun”, so he’s got acting chops.  Some people love him, some people don’t, so we’ll see how this plays out.

From William Keck,

Wow! After delivering the goods in December alongside Robert De Niro on Saturday Night Live, Sean P. Diddy Combs will next play a cop in a spring episode of CBS’s Hawaii Five-0.

According to show sources, Diddy plays a New York police detective named Reggie Williams who heads to Honolulu to hunt down the men responsible for a brutal crime against his family. But this vigilante’s one-man war for justice sets him on a collision course with Team Five-0. Uh oh.

It sounds like Diddy is taking his first action role very seriously. He plans to train with a real Navy SEAL (like Alex O’Loughlin’s McGarrett character) and take part in weapons training. As if this wasn’t cool enough, viewers will also get to hear several of Diddy’s hit songs playing throughout the episode. Book ’em, Diddy!

Reminder of tonight’s episode!

Tonight is an extra Hawaii Five-o episode, but is a repeat of “Ohana”- Russian arms dealers, a kidnapped intelligence analyst, and a glorious catfight with Kono and a Russian spy.


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4 Responses to Friday’s news: Cary Tagawa’s live online event; P. Diddy goes Hawaiian

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  2. textbook says:

    My problem with casting like this – Diddy – is that most of the time, whether or not he can act, one of two things happens.

    (a) The character is written to be some sort of parody or caricature of the person, who is famous for something other than acting. They want to capitalize on his/her fame, and the character he plays is secondary. So I would in this case look forward to “too cool for the room,” self-important, supercilious, dismissive of anything not perceived as hip, wildly overdressed/overgroomed, and emotionally uninvolved. (Perhaps my impression of Diddy is apparent?)


    (b) The actor is either incapable of acting at all or refuses to act the part of somebody unlike himself, in which case you find a character who isn’t there. He/she is delivering lines with no awareness of the disconnect. He/she just looks pitiful and the actors around him look like they’re in another show.

    Would anybody like to reassure me, or shall I just sit in a corner and grumble?

  3. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    I don’t know, I just think it’s going to be hard accepting him as a real character. I’m going to be looking at him going “oh, that’s P. Diddy, or whatever it is he’s calling himself these days.” In my mind, it’s definitely going to be taking away from the action of the episode. It sounds like he’s going to have a much bigger part than Jo Jo did the other night. Lots’ of fans worried about her being on the show, but she did no damage considering she was on for a total of, what? 2 minutes tops? It waits to be seen what Lachey and Co. will do. I think there are plenty of great actors out there than can do justice to these parts. Now, I could see a singer/musician playing a singer/musician, and maybe he can act, but I’m just suspicious about the reasons, that’s all. Is CBS promoting P. Diddy for something? Why do we have to be subjected to his music throughout the show? Is this going to be fodder for all those people who are complaining about the sound and music on the show?

    Textbook, you can tell I’m not a fan either. I might be in your corner grumbling right along with you, but I guess I will try to reserve final judgment until after the episode airs.

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