Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa on an upcoming Five-0…? Also check out his online discussion tonight!

Touching bases with Hawaii Five-0’s notorious Yaukza boss, Hiro Noshimuri, aka actor Cary Tagawa

I followed up with Cary since my interview with him.


So what’s the story?  You gonna be back on Five-0?

No plans for right now, but I didn’t count on it to be.  I think the writers are always under a lot of pressure for writing…but i can’t wait to do more Five-0.  We’ll just see what happens when the time comes.

That’s going to disappoint to a lot of fans who loved your Hiro character in “Ke Kinohi”.

Well, I’m very thankful for the supporters, fans, and twitter followers in Hawaii especially during the tweetup, and trending the event…it’s only the beginning for the Tagawa Ohana.


Cary still has a full schedule…check out his online discussion for actors and fans tonight and be sure to sign up on his site: The first discussion is at 10 PM EST/7 PM PST.  Hawaii fans will want to tune in at 7 PM HST for the second discussion as he’ll address local fans and actors!

Later in the year, Cary will be in Russia as a guest of a martial arts tournament, he also plans on helping wounded soldiers with healing methods at the Spark Matsunaga VA Center, looks to become the spokesperson for the Pacific Aviation Museum, and still plans on launching the Tagawa Ohana in a few months, so he’ll be a busy guy!


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