Sebastian Siegel brings the smolder to Hawaii Five-0 in “E Malama”

Sebastian Siegel brings the smolder to Hawaii Five-0 in “E Malama”

The other night I told my wife, “Hey, look who I’m interviewing for a blog post,” and showed her Sebastian Siegel’s website.  Her eyes popped open.  “Wow.” she said.  There was a slight pause, and just to make sure that she wasn’t misunderstood, she said “Wow,”  again.  I’m wondering if TV sets are made to handle the level of smolder that Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan and Sebastian Siegel are gonna bring to tomorrow night’s episode.  There’s no doubt that Sebastian Siegel is a dashing guy, but there’s more to him than that…he’s an artist, writer, and director as well.  I got a chance to shoot the breeze with him about his appearance in tomorrow night’s episode of Hawaii Five-o, “E Malama”.

Sebastian Siegel, Hawaii Five-0, "E Malama"

Is Jones (Sebastian Siegel), one of HPD's finest...? Photo: Sebastian Siegel

Sebastian, thanks for taking the time to talk.  In Lost, The Family that Preys, Hawaii Five-0 and the comedy I read about, Just Be Yourself, I noticed you choose to play edgy or eccentric characters, what’s up with that?
Haha! [laughing] It just lands that way. I like drama, I like comedy, and the character roles are just the ones I’ve ended up booking.

I followed Lost with a fine toothed comb…your character on Lost, Erik, was not a very nice guy, what was his story?
He’s one of the “Others” – an intense guy cruisin’ the forest barefoot in the 70’s keeping plane wreck survivors off their turf.

Too bad it didn’t end to well for him, though.  There were a lot of transplants from cast and the crew from Lost.  What was your reaction when you heard the Five-0 pilot was filming and eventually picked up?
I was looking forward to the opportunity of working in Hawaii, my heart’s there.  I played a lead with Mo Keale on a pilot-pitch about cops in Hawaii years ago. It was called Aloha Spirit.  Ever since then I thought it would be incredible to play on a revamped version of Five-0.

I’m reading through the CBS press release… you play a guy named Jones.  Anything you can tell us about him without spilling the beans?
Well, what I can tell you is Jones wears a police uniform…but he’s not a cop per se.  He’s the guy with the info that determines the fate of the witness in the murder case…and he lives.

He lives? So does Jones have a future in Five-0?
The writers are doing an incredible job, the characters are excellent, and I think now they’re having the opportunities to integrate these characters into multi-episode story lines.  Jones lives, that’s all I can say for now.

Alright fine, keep us in suspense…  Anything remarkable happen while filming?
The stunts are incredible. My friend Chris Gann did a stunt for me that’s just unreal, unreal!  You’ll see on Monday.  And I can tell you the whole crew is amazing, really enjoyed working with Brad, the director, rapping on set with Kyle, the writer, and all the actors on the show are just killin’ it.  It’s the best for me to come back to Hawaii, and to see so many of the guys I’ve worked with over the years.  When I was eighteen and I lived in Hawaii, I did this piece for Fuji Television, like a sort of dramatized version of candid camera. There was a guy who made the squibs [special effect for gunshot wounds] for a guy I shot on that show…his son made the squibs I wore when I got killed on Lost. It was awesome to reconnect with that ohana!

So with this Five-0 episode in the can, what else have you got coming up?
Love Sex & Religion is a documentary that explores the meaning of life – purpose, heaven, hell, sex, god…it’s got some epic interviews, it’s funny, it’s thought provoking, and has some tender moments too. Just Be Yourself is a theatrical ensemble comedy about a guy struggling to become his authentic self.

I read through your bio on your website.   It looks like you’re a Renaissance type- writer, filmmaker, actor, artist, athlete.  What is your true calling?
I love it all. I think the human soul requires varietal stimulus to feel deep happiness, so these things for me just happen to converge and integrate in the same field of work and play.

And what the heck is a transrational versifier?  You describe yourself as one on your twitter page (@SebastianSiegel)?
Intuitive poetic expression, committed to delivering verse from the deep ocean… or deep space.

Dude.  That’s just way too deep.  I think I might have fallen asleep that day in class.  Do you have any gems of wisdom for aspiring actors, writers and artists who also seek to versify transitionally?
I just do what I love, and I’m so appreciative to be able to do it.  I think in any field, getting involved in any way possible is key, so from production or writing to acting or directing – connect with like-minded individuals and make stuff, and keep it fun!  I think it’s important to collaborate with people you admire, and if you love it, give yourself to it, whatever it is – then you can show up early, stay late, and it feels like you’re part of something where everyone’s winning all the time.

You’re British, how did you end up spending time growing up in Hawaii?
When I was two my father got a job teaching at University of Hawai’i – comparative religions, specializing in Indian Religions.

Looks like you spend time bouncing between Hawaii and other parts, what do you do while you’re here?
Ocean swimming, hiking, surfing, reading, kayaking, sharing laughter and talkin’ story during sunset on the sweet shores of Hawai’i!  I hit the Olomana hike sometimes and of course, the Koko Head trail daily!  I love hanging out at Diamond Head Grill, the whole crew there is all love, and the food is insanely delicious.  And Umeke Market, tasty, healthy and all aloha.

Speaking of food, is Spam the secret to well chiseled good looks and killer abs?
Hahaha! [laughing], i don’t think it’s in the diet now, but maybe back when I used to party really hard – like when the Wave [a Waikiki bar] was still open.

Mahalo again for your time!


Catch Sebastian Siegel as Jones, in Hawaii Five-0, “E Malama”, tomorrow February 7th.  You can find out more about him here:

Twitter:!/SebastianSiegel or @SebastianSiegel


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