Talking Story with Mike Buck on AM 830 KHVH Honolulu Talk Radio (Hawaii Five-0 podcast Feb 8)

On the radio

Local talk show host Mike Buck and I used to discuss “Lost” on a regular basis while the show was running.  When Hawaii Five-0 started, he invited me to call in and discuss my blog.  Here’s today’s podcast.  Unfortunately there was a production miscue, and the conversation started off air while a commercial was running.  Our conversation doesn’t start until about the 1:38 minute mark.

Officer 808 on the Mike Buck Show, February 8, 2011 for “E Malama” (16:20)

So U.S. and Canadian listeners can get the live stream on the KHVH website, by clicking the “Listen Live” link in the upper left corner on the Tuesday following a new episode, at 6:30 PM, Hawaii Standard Time.  Unfortunately for you folks outside of the U.S. and Canada, you can’t get the live stream, but I’ll post the podcast here.


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20 Responses to Talking Story with Mike Buck on AM 830 KHVH Honolulu Talk Radio (Hawaii Five-0 podcast Feb 8)

  1. Cecile says:

    I agree with the host when he says the fact that H50 doesn’t always start with a body, unlike NCSI or else. That’s one of the reason I really like the show, it goes from murder, to kidnapping, to witness protection and all. There’s always the surprise of what is it going to be about.

    Flashbacks would be cool too.

    (I guess I’ll have to stop calling you Bob then ;)). Thanks again for sharing.

  2. MyMcG says:

    That was a fun one, thanks for the link! Cecile, I had the same thought as you when I heard the name drop!

  3. sockie says:

    thanks for the podcast. you sound a lot younger than I thought you would be. 🙂

    sorry we missed some of the chat, but I thought the commercial was funny. do people actually eat tomato soup in hawaii? I swear, if I was lucky enough to live there, I’d skip all the spam and tomato soup and live off mangos. 🙂

  4. Camogirl says:

    Thanks for sharing this! And by the way, totally love your blog.

  5. Merry Blue says:

    Well, “Bob”, *are* you younger?

    I liked the discussion about Liliha Bakery and other local product placements. Much more intriguing than Apple or Bing or that car brand or that hotel brand. A poster on another FB site (which will remain nameless) said that Liliha would ship some of their product frozen. So, of course I had to check out the website. Apparently not. Too bad. Coco Puffs sound like just the thing to survive February and March.

    “What is this? Butter? Cream? Chocolate? More butter? I want this as my last meal…”
    – Danno (dialogue somewhat butchered)

    I guess I’ll have to ship myself to the Bakery. (Which is sort of the point, isn’t it?)

    • officer808 says:

      Regarding my age, I’m old. 😉

      I just got off the phone with Lourdes, who sounds like a nice lady at Liliha Bakery who indeed confirmed that they do NOT ship to the mainland. So you all need to come to Hawaii. 😉

      • Merry Blue says:

        Above and beyond, Officer. If you do choose, as petitioned, to go into the Liliha shipping business, I hearby volunteer to find out what type of permits would be needed to import a product that sounds to be mainly dairy fat into Canada. (I have contacts.)

      • officer808 says:

        LOL thx for the tip. See today’s post.

  6. hawaiiobsessed says:

    thank you for putting this up. I was so sad that I couldn’t listen to you guys discuss Hawaii Five-O! Are the other podcasts available as well? That is my son’s name! Love it. Here I was all excited about AOL’s accent and …. you sound young and …hot. WHACK!!! sorry Mrs. Bob! Love to hear the correct pronunciations of the words. So the real question is….. are the malasadas better at Leonard’s so you have to make two stops then? Liliha for coco puffs ( gotta get me some!!) and Leonard’s for malasadas? I did notice on the Liliha website they have malasadas as well. Really love your blog, your sense of humor and getting to discuss the best show on tv with like minded crazy people. :>)

    • officer808 says:

      I had to read this twice to make sure I got it right, and laughed out loud both times 😉 I have another podcast from “Wai E’e” that I haven’t posted yet. I regret not recording earlier calls because we’ve had a lot of great discussions.

      Malasadas are hard to screw up, and Liliha ones are fine. It’s just that each bakery has their signature pastry.

      I’m glad you love my blog! Tell all your Five-0 friends about it 🙂

      • hawaiiobsessed says:

        guess I could have made that a little easier to read/understand. Glad I made you laugh!
        I regret that you didn’t record the other podcasts as well, will look forward to “Wai E’e”. :>)
        I do love that Hawaiian accent!
        Don’t forget Ted’s Bakery and the Chocolate Haupia Pie, oh my!
        Maybe you could record a weekly podcast in pidgin about the show!

  7. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Dear Mr. Undercover – how can you keep track of who you are? I’m starting to have trouble remembering all your “Aliases” (wasn’t that a different tv show?) All this talk about Coco Puffs and Malasadas, the beaches, the jungle, etc., etc., … I’m ready to book the first flight out from Montana! You might have to wait awhile before I get there, though, because I have to find my tractor first! But… I think I may have seen it recently in a shed in a jungle on Ohau! Would you mind going out and checking on that for me, Bob? Nice product placement, although I’m pretty sure it was unintentional – that was definitely a John Deere – even without the name showing up. A tractor person can’t miss that John Deere green and yellow paint! By the way, someone asked somewhere if that tractor took gasoline. Sorry to say, most ALL tractors, John Deeres included take deisel – I don’t think that motorcycle of Chin’s would have gotten to the courhouse on time!
    Great interview Bob. I have never listened to a radio broadcast on the computer before. You keep challenging me to learn how to better use my computer!

  8. textbook says:

    Just chiming in late, yes indeed it was fun listening to this! Thanks, ossifer. Do it some more.

    What I get a kick out of on the foodstuffs is they’re surely not official product placement – are they? – but the shops are probably getting a heap more out of it than Bing or Chevy.

  9. jeff chapman says:

    Just wondering if Mike Buck knows what ever happened to Old Ironsides from the 1968 talk radio show from Oahu. I used to listen to him as I went to sleep at night

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