Talking story with the cast of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ from KGMB News, Honolulu

Check out Teri Okita’s feature interview with the cast of Five-0 from last night’s 10 o’clock news.  Video clip available on the website.

Talking story with the cast of ‘Hawaii Five-0’


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By Teri Okita

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – We’re half-way through the television season, and Hawaii Five-0’s found a comfortable home in the top 20 averaging more than 12-and-a-half million viewers a week.

Hard to believe Monday was already episode 16.

The four stars rarely do interviews together but Teri Okita landed a sit-down with the castmates and found out how life has changed for them.

When you’re part of such a popular show, lots of things change most notably, privacy.

I asked the cast why we don’t see them around town on the party circuit much.

Daniel Dae Kim, who plays “Chin Ho Kelly:” “Really?”

Alex O’Loughlin, who plays “Steve McGarrett:” “Well, that wouldn’t be true for Grace.”

Grace Park, who plays “Kono Kalakaua:” “I used to go out and then, I think it just gets weird when you can just sense that a lot of people just stop moving and they’re just looking at you, and the cameras come out, and you’re like, ‘How is this natural?’ Why would I do anything?”

In this era of cellphone cameras, twitter, and Facebook, being the star of a hit show can have its drawbacks. Loss of anonymity comes with the territory.

Alex: “You deal with that because it goes hand-in-hand with what you do for a job. But it’s, you can’t sort of bitch and moan about it.”

Grace: “You talkin’ to me? I know you’re talking to me!”

Alex: “If you’ve got boundaries, right, with people and you know how to deal with people in your life anyway, then it doesn’t become that much of a problem. I mean, I’m not that famous, so I don’t really get it.”

Grace: “No, you’re not. Alex: You sort of learn by experience.”

Alex: “This is awesome. Yeah, over to Grace. Yeah, over to the peanut gallery.”

Another reason for keeping things low-key: their private time is precious. Cast and crew work no fewer than 12, but often 16 hours a day.

Alex: “Monday, it’ll start. You get out of bed, sort of 4:45, 5 a.m, you go to work. You sort of get rushed through the works, and then, you start the day of trying to deliver 10 pages of dialogue and whatever action, whatever stunts, whatever else is required for the day. with a half-an-hour lunch break, and that can be anywhere between 12-13 to sort of 15-16 hours.

With an average 12-and-a-half million viewers each week, the secret to their success, they think, is the character development and the serialized aspect of it.

Daniel: “There’s a reason for viewers to come back the following episode to find out, as opposed to solving one case, one episode, and then, not having to come back for a week or two and still feeling that you can catch up.”

Keep it here each Monday in February after the show airs. we’ve got special reports all month along. in the coming weeks, you’ll hear what the castmembers’ guilty pleasures are and they’ll reveal secrets about one another.

Teri Okita, Hawaii News Now.

Copyright Hawaii News Now 2011. All rights reserved.


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7 Responses to Talking story with the cast of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ from KGMB News, Honolulu

  1. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Nice interview, but it’s pretty obvious, Scott really does hate doing interviews!

  2. mcphee says:

    I can’t believe they couldn’t get Scott sitting there on a cushion that is not good for his knee injury to sit on wood

  3. norriski says:

    At the end the new casters say something about having more with the H50 people each Monday so I’m wondering if that wasn’t a much longer interview that is just going to be pieced together over the next month. Otherwise it was a little strange that all we got from Scott was that his butt hurt. (however that was funny that he just feels the need to interrupt with that bit of information)… this makes me think he’d been sitting there a lot longer than the 2 minutes we go in that little clip… hopefully we’ll see his input next week.

  4. Val says:

    Great interview – nice to them in a group together but one can totally understand the necessity for down time given the long hours they put in each day. Its true what Daniel says that even tho crimes are solved each week what keeps us going back to watch is the back story of what happens to each one of them and the emotions of they experience on the job itself. Sometimes its a good – others not so good but we feel their pain and we are so drawn to each one of them and can relate to what they go through in their personal situation as a character and work situation and also there is so much more to learn about their back story so we are constantly learning something new about each individual personality traits or backstory. Its true we never see the crime take place it always starts off with them at the beginning of a work day and then follow through with them so we never know what it is they are investigating when they come upon a scene. We never can assume what they think or do each time which is so refreshing and its so natural and unpredictably good.

  5. hawaiiobsessed says:

    can’t wait to see the rest of the interview. Yeah, Scott looks uncomfortable, not just cuz of the way he is sitting.

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