KGMB reporter Malika Dudley gets some one on one/hands on training with Alex O’Loughlin

Malika Dudley takes on Alex single handed in a fist fight!

KGMB reporter Malika Dudley caught up with Alex O’Loughlin on set to see some of the stunts in action, performed by Alex’s stunt double Justin Sundquist.  She also gets a crash course on TV fist fights from Alex himself…

Read her blog post from today, and tune in to KGMB news tonight at 10:00 PM for the full report.


Stunts, Alex O’Loughlin & Moi!
Malika Dudley, February 14, 2011
Source: Malika Dudley’s Life’s Swell Blog

Shake, Malika Dudley, Alex O'Loughlin on set for Hawaii Five-0, Photo: KGMB

Malika Dudley, Alex O'Loughlin on set for Hawaii Five-0, Photo: KGMB

The stunts on Hawaii Five-0 are awesome but boy does it take a lot of hard work. I was on set to experience just what goes into creating a stunt sequence. When I got to Liliha street they were just setting up the stunt. The trolley was parked down the street. A ways up was “the car” – the one the stunt double has to launch off of to land inside the moving trolley. Woah. I wouldn’t do that!

Justin Sundquist, Alex O’loughlin’s stunt double actually got hurt on the first take. The trolley was a little too far away and he caught the railing right in his stomach. On the second take he was a little late and scraped the side of his tricep. Ouch! What’s interesting is how they determine who does what. The studio won’t let Alex do all of his stunts because the production would get shut down if he gets hurt. So Justin does the big stuff and Alex does as much as he can leading up to it. For this particular stunt that meant running, jumping onto the hood of the car and launching himself into the air – into pads. Alex did that about four times and it was a wrap for the stunt. It’s pretty cool to see these types of scenes unfold. You can feel and hear the crew release a sigh of relief when it’s done without a hitch and conversely suck in their breath when someone gets hurt.

I can relate to this. I did a stunt for the movie “You May Not Kiss the Bride” about a year ago. They set the jeep I was riding in on fire, sent it careening down a hill and into a tree to blow up. Along the way, I jump out with only a rock along the path of the jeep as my cue to jump. The adrenaline rush was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I seriously could have died. You can call it thrill-seeking or stupid, but action shows are nothing without their stunts teams.

Can I punch you, Malika Dudley, Alex O'Loughlin, Hawaii Five-0

Malika Dudley, Alex O'Loughlin on set for Hawaii Five-0, Photo: KGMB

A fun extra on my Five-0 shoot was my “fight scene” with the shows star, Alex O’Loughlin. The guy cracks me up. He’s funny and light-hearted and humored me with a quick “lesson” on how to do what he calls a “nap.” If you ask you shall receive – so I asked if I could punch him. I loved how he totally got into it and produced a quick fight scene for us to perform. He then let me kick him in the head. Kind of. As I brought my leg back he grabbed it and preceded to “dance” with me – calling it the “one-legged waltz.” All in all, a great shoot for a great story.

Malika Dudley, Alex O'Loughlin on set for Hawaii Five-0, Photo: KGMB

Malika Dudley, Alex O'Loughlin on set for Hawaii Five-0, Photo: KGMB


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6 Responses to KGMB reporter Malika Dudley gets some one on one/hands on training with Alex O’Loughlin

  1. Cindy says:

    Oh my gosh, lucky girl. I totally loved my Theater Combat class last year. Learning the punches, kicks, & rolls was a blast. What I wouldn’t give for a refresher course from AOL, lol, how fun!! Can’t wait to see her report.

  2. Val says:

    Tonight’s episode was brilliant but I’m really sad that Justin Sundquist got hurt…it wasn’t an easy stunt to pull off because it happened so fast and when it did….it was brilliantly done….the part that Alex O’Loughlin had to do. It must have been fun to do some of the playful fight scenes because I would love to know how he does it and what movements are made….great blog!! Wonderful interview and I’m sure she had a great time interviewing the “star” of this particular ep!! He really was brilliant in it and it was brilliantly done!! A fait accomplit – well written episode!!

  3. says:

    Saw Malika on the newscast — woman can throw a punch! You gotta appreciate how much work goes into the stunts after seeing that spot.

  4. hawaiiobsessed says:

    very cool interview. lucky girl….. :>)

  5. Lisa says:

    Absolutely loved last night’s episode. Thought it was amazing. I don’t know how they keep the scripts up like they do. They just seem to be able to get better and better with them. Almost leaves me wondering and worrying what they are doing for next season. lol All my best to cast and crew in Hawaii. Keep up the wonderful work.

  6. Cecile says:

    Sunts are really impressive on H50. My jaw always drop a few inches when Steve’s in action. The pilot (with the sliding on the car hood stunt), and last night’s episode (through the window then up the car et into the trolley) were awesome.
    Seriously, they’re smooth and really well executed. Kuddos to Alex and his stuntdouble, they’re always fun to watch !

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