McGarrett’s Mercury rolls back onto the Five-0 set

Mike Gordon reported yesterday that Jack Lord’s (Steve McGarrett from the original Five-0) 1974 Mercury Marquis will make another appearance in tonight’s episode.   Jack Lord’s stunt double John Nordlum inherited the car after the series ended in 1980.  We first saw this car in the Pilot, in John McGarrett’s garage.  A few episodes ago, we saw Steve trying to order a part get the car going again.  Looks like we see the car rolling in tonight’s episode!

What I love about this is the writers continually look to see how they can tie the old series to the new one, and the appearance of such a distinctive and iconic car is definitely a hat tip to the original series.

Hawaii Five-0, Jack Lord's Lincoln Mercury

Filming at Tantalus with the original Five-0 Mercury, 1/25/11, Photo: Tina Lau


‘Hawaii Five-0’ rolls out McGarrett’s black Mercury
By Mike Gordon, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, February 13, 2011

Think of it as a metaphor for a character who refuses to quit or maybe the ghost of the actor who first brought him to life. Either way, the spirit of Jack Lord will be making an appearance tomorrow on the new “Hawaii Five-0.”

He’ll arrive in the guise of a black 1974 Mercury Marquis that’s still running after more than 200,000 miles. The sedan was Lord’s ride when he starred as Steve McGarrett in the original series. After the show ended in 1980, he gave the car to his stunt double, John Nordlum.

If you watched the pilot of the new series, you saw the Mercury when the new McGarrett poked around his father’s garage. It was the aging car’s only screen time until the “Five-0” writers brought it back for an episode shot last month.

Nordlum was invited to watch. He gave the production crew a few tips about getting the monster’s 460-cubic-inch V-8 to start. “It was a cute scene,” he said. “It looks really good in the shot, but it doesn’t run in the shot.”

When the show borrowed the car last spring for the pilot, Nordlum was told it would be used more often.

“They had some shows in mind, but they wanted to get the series established first,” he said. “It’s beginning to materialize now, and I am very happy with that.”



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2 Responses to McGarrett’s Mercury rolls back onto the Five-0 set

  1. rescuewriter (Vanessa) says:

    I think this is awesome. For me, it joins the ranks of the beloved 1967 Impala driven in one of my other obsession show “Supernatural” and the red and white Gran Torino from Starsky & Hutch.

  2. brian says:

    Aloha! Saw the Merc. on 5-16 episode.. Alex O’Loughlin needs to take some pics with the car. It’s a throwback to the old and new and gives a righteous nod to the original episodes as much as the exlusive use of GM cars gives a nod to the Fords used in the original series. If Mr. O’Loughlin does take any pics with the car, I’d like one so I could get his autograph on it!!

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