Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 17, “Powa Maka Moana”


"Yo ho ho and a bottle of Kona Brewing Company Fire Rock Pale Ale!" Photo: Jack Mynah

I feel robbed.  As in robbed by a burglar, but thankfully not shanghaied like a pirate. The whole build up to the episode was that we’ll see pirates- the scourge of the seas, maiming and pillaging poor hapless tourists and locals.  And not just any pirates, Tongan pirates, the worst of the bunch!  Much more worse than the Samoan, Fijian and Micronesian pirates.  Abandon all hope all ye who ply the Hawaiian waters!

Alas, piracy was nothing but a red herring for the viewers and the Five-0 team, from the mind of writer Joe Halpin (who I hear is a former police officer).  Piracy was the cover for an elaborate kidnapping and ransom plot, concocted by former boy band front man Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees as Tyler, and his conniving fiancee Susan, played by Vanessa Minnillo.

What saved the somewhat predictable plot was the dialog, photography and some unpredictable moments.  I loved the cargument that Danny and McG had outside of the Mercury Marquis, while pushing the monstrous car (formerly belonging to Jack Lord) up the hill.  Danny was on a roll further along the episode, busting Kamekona’s chops: “Waitaminute, did he just say training bra?”.  We definitely heard a lot of the Danny dialog that we got used to at the beginning of the series, which was toned down just a little during the middle stretch of the season.

The guest stars shined, with Vanessa Minnillo doing a great job of playing the hapless victim and sneaky conspirator.  Nick Lachey however wasn’t given enough to run with, seemingly anyone could have played that role.  My favorite character though was Saloni “I’m Mr. Aloha”, played by Native American actor Branscombe Richmond.  He definitely had the local look, attitude and dialect down.  Notable also was actor Ray Wise, of “Twin Peaks” fame (no Laura Palmer was not on the party boat).


Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, or "Bonnie and Clyde" as Alex O'Loughlin reported. Photo: CBS

I think the director of photography may have taken a few pages out of the Jerry Bruckheimer/CSI Miami playbook.  The ocean scenes showed deep blues, and the day scenes glowed a gorgeous yellow.  The show still does make Hawaii look good.  Noticed how the interior of the warehouse floor (the money exchange scene) was wet?  A trademark Bruckheimer signature gimmick.

The best scene in the episode was McG’s and Danny’s attempt to sweet talk the pawn shop owner in giving in to an unwarranted search.  McG has been definitely channeling his inner Schwarzenegger lately, with Predator mud face paint and traps, and Commando attitude last week.  This week we get The Terminator:

McG:  I’ll be back.
Danny:  I’ll be back!?!?  What are you gonna do, drive a car through here…?!?

Of course he comes back with a grenade from the glove box (don’t we all keep one there?) and demolishes the door.  Door opened, problem solved.  Next week, the writers might lighten up the mood and pull references from “Kindergarten Cop” or “Twins”.


Disclaimer: Any allusion to the height difference between Alex and Scott is purely coincidental. Photo: Universal Studios

The coolest stunt executed was when Justin Sundquist (Alex’s stunt double) vaulted through the warehouse window, then jumped from the trunk of a car to a trolley pulling away, resulting in McG getting off three shots lying down, hitting Tyler square in the chest.  If that isn’t badass, I don’t know what is.

So I enjoyed the episode.  The clever dialog, extra guest star power and the photography elevated what could have been an average episode to a pretty good episode.  A lot of people on the net have been stating all day that while it was a good stand alone episode, it definitely wouldn’t be one of their favorites of the season.

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHH there pirates in Hawaii?

Thankfully, pirates do not ply the waters of Hawaii, and I want all of you who’ve emailed me that you’re coming here to know that you will not be hijacked while on a pleasure cruise, fishing trip or dinner cruise.

99.999% of the people of Hawaii will embrace you, welcome you and go out of their way to help you visitors out…but Saloni the Tongan pirate confessed something that local criminals  believe: “I rob people.  People who could afford to take the loss.  Rich tourists who have no respect for these islands.  I rip them off, but I don’t hurt them.”  Criminals  use this ridiculous excuse to target those visiting these islands, people who we invite, and quite honestly it makes me sad and ashamed.  Because we are the Aloha state, American and international tourists victimized by crime do have assistance, even if they’ve lost everything and are thousands of miles away from home- the Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii.   This non profit group’s sole purpose is to help tourists in need, which reinstills my pride in the people of Hawaii.

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 17, “Powa Maka Moana”:

1)  There ARRH no pirates in Hawaii (I’m gonna beat that joke till the end, folks).

2)  Grenades are more effective for executing searches than a warrant, so just open the door next time for the nice officer holding the grenade.

Did you notice…?

Actor Cody Gomes (Moku the bartender) had a small part in “Lost” as a Swan station construction worker who’s big line was “What’s the serial number for this hatch?” (thanks @hawaii for the tip).

The pawn store was also used as the “HOFFS DRAWLAR Funeral Parlor” for John Locke’s service in “Lost”.

Actor Taylor Wiley (Kamekona) actually did dabble in sumo and mixed martial arts earlier in his career.

McG and Danno were pushing the car up Round Top Drive and were at Tantalus lookout, not the Pali Highway as Danno stated.

McG and Danno met Kamekona in front of the Hale Koa hotel, a military hotel, which explains why men and women in military uniform were walking by.  This of course is unlikely in actuality since they would be on vacation and not on duty.

The cut scene of lava hitting the ocean is from the Big Island, Volcanoes National Park.  In the same cut scene, we see all the other water sports Hawaii has: boating, fishing , parasailing.

“Powa maka moana” literally translates to “one who steals on the ocean”, or simply, “pirate”.


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  2. mcphee says:

    Officer check your email 🙂

    Yeah I have to agree not one of the best but I enjoyed watching. The disappointing thing is that Alex ruined it altogether in a recent interview accidentally saying that Trent & Susan were the Bonnie & Clyde of the episode so I pretty much knew that they both in the act right through the episode.

    • Val says:

      The fact that AOL let the cat out of the bag – didn’t spoil it for me, not entirely, it was still fun to watch – knowing that little bit of info….actually helped me see the show from a different angle and Nick Lachey (although) masked was recognizable behind the mask – and the fiancee did a good job in crying the fake tears and playing the innocent….they did a great job under the circumstantces they had. AOL impressed me by not letting on that he knew that she was in on it the minute the name Susan was mentioned. He kept up the pretense from her long enough for them to open the bag to see the phone books. She did a good job with that greedy smile when she dropped the bag in front of her fiance when he said arrogantly “I told u it would work”… very well done.

  3. mcphee says:

    Oh, also seeing Ray Wise getting pretty emotional in the episode was pretty strange. Because I don’t think I’ve actually seen him like that because he is mostly plays the bad guy in shows recently like Reaper & Dollhouse

  4. MyMcG says:

    Thanks Bob for the laugh! Your caption under the Twins picture – hahaha. Whew, I’m dabbing the tears from my eyes. Hee hee!

    I personally thought it was really fun to see this episode bring to life some of the behind-the-scenes pictures and videos you posted on the blog last month. And yes, there were a couple of funny moments, but this one was a little light on substance for me, too. We didn’t really get a lot of character stuff. And we got no further clues on the other on-going mysteries. But once in a while, I guess a little something fun but not so good for you is okay…

    I loved Kamekona in training, brah! That whole scene with Kamekona was hilarious. He is so cute, I love him! But I only kind of liked the scene in the opening w/ the Mercury. One of the things I love about Scott Caan’s portrayal of Danny is that he goes right to the edge without going over. But in a rare instance, I thought Danny was just a little over the top in this scene. And pushing “your dad’s old wreck” up a hill CAN’T be good for Danny’s bum knee!

    I also loved Kono’s little hop across the escalators. She’s totally badass. And totally adorable – wink! Cousin Chin Ho needs to stop looking so surprised when he is confronted with her awesomeness, because it’s a habit now.

    I did feel a little bad for Nick Lachey, though. Bob, I agree it could’ve been anyone playing that role, and especially since almost all of his screen time was spent in a black ski mask!

    One little thing that I noticed that just ticked me – as Steve is approaching Tyler in the trolley to unmask him after he’s been shot, you can see one of the advertisements on the trolley over Steve’s shoulder is for Waiola Shave Ice!

    • officer808 says:

      Looks like we’re on the same page on most stuff! An Undercover Special Agent on the set watched the stunt woman do the elevator leap and kick a few times before finally getting it right, but she made it look easy on the take that they used.

    • MyMcG says:

      Typo in my last paragraph that actually changes the meaning of what I was TRYING to say! I meant to say it “TICKLED” me that Kamekona’s shave ice stand is featured in an advertisement on the trolley. Tickled, not “ticked”! I always delight in the little details!

  5. Cecile says:

    I really liked the set up of this episode, fake pirates for a kidnapp and ransom, and I thought the invastigation was well rounded. But I agree with you that there hardly were any character development in this one. I was a little disappointed that Steve did all the talking to the parents. And when Mr Brown challenges him, none of the three others jumped in and helped him out. Danny’s supposed to be the sensitive, loving father, it would have been logical to see him 1) save his partner 2) reassure all the parents present there. I know this was done that way to crush McGarrett’s confidence,but here, not only did Mr Brown challenged his authority, but he doubted the whole team efficiency.

    Once again, it was a very McGarret centered episode, but none of the others really interacted with him on this one (Danny’s banter aside).

    MyMcG mentionned the fact that we still have no new clue about McGarrett Sr’s investigation. I was thinking the same thing. It’s nice to spread it over the entire season, but it’s really been a while now, since the first two episodes of January. It’d be nice to have an update !

    As much as I love the banter between Danny and Steve (when it’s justified, Danny’s sometimes a little to dramatic), I just can’t get enough of Danny’s oneliners. They kill me every time (‘You’re head must be a miserable place, I need a beer’, ‘He needs help, I need a lift’ ‘the training bra’…) ! And they really are delivered greatly.

    Same remark as MyMcG about Kono’s little stunt, so cool ! You’re right Officer, she made it look so smooth and easy. I so wanna try that ^^.

    Little goofs now :
    – in the hangar scene, Steve could only plant 1 explosiv, in the bag, yet 3 fireworks actually explode, knocking almost all the baddies out at the same time. Such a hero Steve !
    – in the final reunion scene, the first girl who runs in, saying ‘Daddy, mum !’ runs towards the wrong people, before finally stoping and turning to the couple who hug her !

    And a final question for our chief officer : can you really tell someone’s origin archipelago by looking at his face ? I suppose tattoos or jewellery are distinct from one group of islands to the other, but here, Steve IDed the guy as Tongan just from his face. Isn’t it a little far fetched ?

    • Cecile says:

      Oh, and of course, thanks again Officer for the recap, it’s the icing on top of my 5-0 day :).

    • MyMcG says:

      Excellent point, with Danny as the lone parent of the four, seems it would have been perfect for him to talk to appeal to the parents in the room. He would’ve made an awesomely heart-felt plea, too, I’m sure.

      I do love the Danny one-liners! We should make a collection of them, episode by episode. That sounds like a research project right up your alley, Cecile! 😉

      • Cecile says:

        lol don’t tempt me like that, my official research might start suffering from all this attention I take away from it to watch our favorite show !

        [ok, I’ll try to do this this weekend…Man, watching ALL 17 episodes of H50 AGAIN…what a torture…]

    • officer808 says:

      thanks for your analysis 🙂 You’d have to live here a long time to recognize the subtle differences between the Polynesians…it’s a lot more subtle than Asian characteristics. But yeah, it’s possible to tell someone’s ethnic origins.

  6. Linda Stein says:

    Great recap as usual Officer! I’m going to be another one who finds this episode a little lacking in substance. The plot was pretty predictable, but hostage storylines on police shows usually are. Someone is taken, kidnappers demand money, loved one wants to pay, police say no, loved one makes mistake, someone dies, police figure it out, day saved. They really are all about the same. It was a fill-in episode, a bridge, if you will, to more revealing episodes ahead, I hope. Every series has these types of episodes. You can’t reveal everything too fast, you need a stand alone episode to break up the flow, get everyone a bit nervous about what’s coming next. But I did still find it very enjoyable. It is Hawaii 5-0 after all so there is no way it could ever be a bad episode.

    I’m of an age that I really don’t know who Vanessa Minnillo is but I do remember Nick Lachey from 98 Degrees. It doesn’t bother me if CBS wants to hire pop stars or rap stars or whoever they want for guest roles in their shows as long as they can pull their weight. Nick and Vanessa did just fine. But you don’t advertise that “famous” guest stars are going to be on your show and then not use them for more than a token face appearance. So, the fact that Alex spilled the beans on the “Bonnie and Clyde” aspect of their characters didn’t really matter. It wasn’t really too hard to figure out they were behind the plot. Nick, the more “famous” of the two, only had 30 seconds of screen time all the way to the very end of the show. If you’re not going to use your advertized “famous” guest star for something useful, anyone could play the role so it was easy to figure out that with only 5 minutes of show left, here’s Nick! Actually it was easy to figure out even before that. They only disguised his voice over the phone to Steve and with the parents, when he was on camera his voice was normal. And the use of Susan’s name was a clue anyone who ever watched Murder She Wrote picked up on the spot.

    I found it very compelling that this case brought back memories to Steve about listening on the other end of the phone when his father was kidnapped and the determination it gave him that THIS situation would not end the same. The agony on his face when they found the dead boy’s body was heartbreaking. The look on Steve’s face when the boy’s father was explaining about the money drop, the “what the hell did you do?” stare before the father began to explain was incredible.

    So while this episode will not go down as one of my favorites, there were still lots wonderful moments throughout the show to prove that H5-0 has the most talented writers, cinematographers, producers, cameramen, stuntmen, and, of course, actors of any show on TV today. Some of the best this week:

    Steve and Danny pushing the Mercury up the hill. Last week they managed to have a cargument (I love this word Bob!!) with Steve not even in the car. This week, neither one of them was in the car. I’m sure Danny just loved to hear that he’s as temperamental as a classic car. I feel for Danny. I’ve helped push an old car and it is not fun, especially when it’s hot outside.

    Actually, Danny was the good old Danny in full force tonight. He had several gems. Let’s see….
    – the kidnappers, unlike Steve and their lunch bill, don’t care how the money was split
    – asking if Steve was from Krypton because he thought pushing a heavy car uphill was “good exercise”
    – pirate zombie and a pirate-y code of silence
    – cracking up when the guy in the pawn shop said Steve looked like the rational one
    – telling Steve that he “needed help” and being willing to pay for it
    – seeing the grenade and realizing Steve was “not bluffing” and telling the owner after the explosion that it “could have been avoided”
    – telling Kamakona that he likes his odds in a fight with him and telling him to “bring it”

    The writers of this show must sit in the staff room just cracking each other up every week and I’ll bet my last dollar that Scott comes up with a lot of this stuff himself too.

    Kono and Chin at the bar going over the American Express version of the financial life of a college student. Passing out with cocktail olives up your nose….priceless! I also liked how Chin didn’t mind that he didn’t get carded he was just happy the bartender didn’t think he was Kono’s father!!! I have often wondered why these two are so close. They must be at least 10 years apart in age. That story simply MUST be told before this season ends.

    What is a “downward dog” anyway? Just wondering. Mainland curiosity.

    Only Steve McGarrett!!! Who else has pictures of semi-automatic machine guns readily available on their phone? Is there an app for that? And, don’t you all carry an extra hand grenade in the glove compartment of your car for just that one special occasion? But, wait, isn’t that Danny’s car?

    Kono and Steve continue to be totally bad ass with the stunts. Someone said that Chin has to stop looking surprised when he comes up on Kono after she’s taken down the bad guy because it’s so routine by now. They’re right, brah!

    It was a bit corny but I totally loved the ending. The team standing by watching as the kids are reunited with their parents. Watching Kono stroll through the crowd, tears in her eyes, getting a hug from one of the moms. It must have felt wonderful to receive such heartfelt thank you’s. Danny, Chin and especially Steve’s smiles were a wonderful warm way to end the show. They save the day every week. It was nice they got to share the benefits of their hard work for once instead of just driving or walking off.

    Now we have next week to look forward to and another “famous” guest. Can’t wait!

    • MyMcG says:

      Linda – a lot of the same thoughts as I had here!

      “You need help; I will pay for it!” It’s a shame they didn’t/couldn’t work in the conversation that must have taken place AFTER they left the pawn shop. After the smoke cleared and the debris swept up, Danny must have ripped Steve a new one about keeping a grenade in HIS car, the one Grace rides in once in a while. Had that ALWAYS been there? You know, a live grenade in the car, just for those occasions In the final film they don’t show where in the car Steve kept the grenade, but the behind the scenes footage Bob had posted on this site looks like Steve reached into the glove compartment for it. That’s totally within arms reach of an 8 year old.

      Downward dog is a pretty basic yoga pose. Steve’s character is athletic so it makes sense he would know a little yoga, but then he should also know that what Danny was doing was NOT downward-dog. Sorta kinda similar only in that in downward dog, you’re bent over at the waist… He was probably just trying to be funn, har har Steve (you can look it up in wikipedia to see what the posture actually looks like)

      I was thinking something very similar to you about the iphone app! I was actually thought it was a lost opportunity to have Danny smart-mouth about how the app must have been free with a lifetime subscription to Guns & Ammo…

      And I also loved Steve’s smile at the end – his hand was mostly covering his mouth but you could see his smiling eyes. Swoon.

      About next week, I’m also looking forward to it – I’m not a huge fan of Dane Cook in real life, but from the previews it looks like he’ll be really fun as Uncle Matt. I know there have also been comments here for and against little Teilor Grubbs’ acting abilities (she doesn’t bother me; I think she’s cute), but looks like next week will give her a chance to show a little more sass and do more than just act scared or dazed!

      • Linda Stein says:

        MyMcG! I just love the back and forth we get into each week on this blog, don’t you. It’s so much fun and breaks up the boredom of winter. What the hell are we all going to do when the show goes on hiatus in the summer or….heaven forbid… I can’t even say it!!

        I totally agree with you that Danny probably went ballistic on Steve for the grenade in the car and well he should but an officer of the law should know that an 8 year old should never be in the front seat of a car anyway. Still really stupid for it to be in the glove compartment anyway.

        Oh…yoga! No wonder I had no clue. My most strenuous exercise is hauling groceries and laundry baskets! LOL

        Free machine gun app with a lifetime subscription to Guns & Ammo…. ROFLMAO…I LOVE IT!!!!

        I don’t know Dane Cook’s work at all so I have no preconceived notions of how well he’ll do. I’ll just take it as it comes. As for Teilor, she doesn’t bother me either, she is cute. Yeah, she could be better but it’s no big deal. Scared and dazed…LOL…you are ON today!

      • MyMcG says:

        Linda, during the summer, we will have to observe a re-watch schedule and rehash all the earlier episodes we didn’t dissect together. Or we could keep ourselves busy with special “research projects” like the one I mentioned to Cecile above. Or Bob, how about like, an open-thread on Mondays during the off-season?

        You’re right an 8 year old probably shouldn’t be sitting in the front seat… Am I remembering, right, though? In the pilot, Danny picks up Grace from the Edwards Mansion and it looks like he’s going to put her in the front seat. Doesn’t he divert Grace’s attention while he shoves the big stuffed bunny into the backseat, which he probably wouldn’t do if he were planning to seat her back there… Oh well, that is just the artistic license for TV land, like not wearing seatbelts, I suppose.

        Kimmer, I noticed Steve dropped his phone too and thought, hmm, I guess that was the best take even considering his butterfingers?

    • Kimmer says:

      Linda, your recap cracked me up almost as much as the actual episode.

      Not only did I ROFLMAO at the “Did he say training bra?” comment, just before that Danno says “” when he sees Kamekona. Priceless.

      Did anyone else notice that AOL dropped the iPhone when he went to answer it while standing at the back of the Mercury? Interesting that they used that take.

      I was glad to see Kamekona get annoyed at Danno. It filled out his character, I think.

      Kono totally rocked the escalator takedown. Ouch!

      I liked the happy musical ending too, but I do love the endings where they are all interacting together.

      • Linda Stein says:

        Thanks Kimmer! This is always so much fun, isn’t it?

        I was speculating on Facebook about the dropped phone. I think, and obviously it’s very likely I am wrong, that they only did one take of that scene. The whole car is visible in the shot as Steve and Danny are pushing it. Which means that for at least part of that scene Alex and Scott were actually pushing that car without assistance from a tow vehicle in front, in the heat, UP HILL! Not only is that very strenuous but it can’t have been good for Scott’s bad knee. I think Alex dropped the phone and they just thought, “screw it, it’s good enough as long as the dialog is right”. Alex and Scott are total professionals with stage experience. It’s not inconceivable that they did their dialog in one take.

      • rescuewriter (Vanessa) says:

        I didn’t notice him dropping the phone. I need to go back and re-watch–oh, the pain and horror. lol But I wanted to say that I kinda actually like it that they went with that take because, to me, it adds a tiny bit of realism to the mix. 🙂

    • officer808 says:

      Linda, great rundown as always! You’re right about the pop stars…if you’re going to put them in, make them meaningful! Jojo didn’t have too big a part in “Kai E’e”.

      I love your recap of the funnier moments…training bra, and the Krypton (i.e. Superman) reference.

      I like the idea of an open thread during the off season.

      But I think I’ll be keeping you entertained during the summer…

  7. Tracy Miller says:

    Great post! Despite its imperfections, this show gives me mad happiness. And I love the piratey stuff in here. Keep up the good work!

  8. Val says:

    Terrific comments by everyone about the show. Not bothered by the predictability of the plots, hasn’t bothered me too much, H5O has a way of introducing interesting twists and turns that continuously has a wow factor here and there. What truly was compelling for me in the episode is the scene with the parents. Some of you said it was unfair that Steve took the lead in dealing with the parents – it was the right decision for Danny, Chin and Kono to remain silent. In cases like this you really need to show that Steve is in control of the situation, Danny did tho step in a little when he said that even tho they had suspects behind bars, there was no evidence linking them to the kidnapping of the kids. But he silently left the floor to Steve. The compelling part was when the father presented Steve with a photo of his son, and he desperately wanted his son back. Steve did the best that he could to stand ground but he couldn’t offer gurantees to these families that they all will be brought back safely. The reminder that he had been on the opposing end of it was heartfelt, his father and his sister, they were the first painful experience he ever spoke aloud before publicly but he felt their pain and their anxiety and he wanted to reassure them all and luckily most of the parents listened except for the one couple who refused to see reason. He was blind, panicked and thought he knew better and it was most unfair for him to say to Steve u have nothing. I felt so bad for Steve in that moment because no he didn’t have an answer but he deserved the chance and the respect to give it a try to help find these kids.

    The next compelling scene and I agree with Linda – I too was heartbrokened when he found the body of the kid on the beach, the look on his face was just terrible but it wasn’t his fault..he couldn’t prevent that from happening. He just couldn’t convince one arrogant blind father who in the end will have to live with what he did to his son.

    Think the end scene when they finally found the kids and they reunited with the parents – the look on the faces of the Five-O’s – just had another good day on a job written on all their faces. We rarely see the happy smile on Steve’s face but it felt good to see it on all of them. They deserved to smile they pulled off another great episode. As for the rest of the funny bits – just to add one funny scene at the bar when the bartender asked Kono for id and shrugs dismissively at Chin who was about to produce his police badge too….lol….Chin is such an easy going character but that one look on his face said – ‘hey don’t do that again dude”….and then the comment about not carding him was okay as long as he wasn’t called Dad….lol… We see the comedy alot between McSteve and Dano but now and then we see some amusing scenes between Kono and Chin but I agree Chin needs to stop being surprised when she kicks ass….but love that she winked at him on the escalator moving up!!

    McSteve’s action scene in the end…a big wow factor….jumping onto the car and diving into the trolley….terrific as always.

  9. Sam says:

    I actually loved this episode. It was a nicely rounded case-file so to speak. A crime was committed, they investigated and solved it. Sometimes it is great to see just that, to take a breather from the other stuff we still need answers to. So that was very nice. Someone said it was kind of a filler episode, probably was, but still a great one.

    Really loved the photography, not just the scenes outside, but specially the interrogation. Great colors. Very well done, they really know what they are doing.

    I think it was absolutely right that Steve talked to the parents. I mean he is the head of Five-0, he will always take the lead, not just be course he is in charge but be course he is a born leader. And the parents didn’t need another father who would cuddle them and tell them how he feels with them. They needed someone who was once in the same situation as they were. One who could give them the confidence that his team would do anything to get the kids back. And of course he has a lot more experience with kidnapping cases. I doubt that any of the others have much experience with something like that, if any at all.

    I have to say I didn’t think about where he got the grenade from. I just imagined he got it out of the trunk, where they probably have their other weapons and stuff. I thought he just popped the trunk from the inside, my car has the button for that in the middle of the dashboard. So I’m sure the grenade was not in the glove-box. 🙂

    I didn’t mind that AOL gave that nice spoiler, course I didn’t even recognize that Susan person, but I knew as soon as they found her on the boat that she got something to do with it. That was just too easy.

    The only thing that ticked me off a little bit was what Danny said about Steve’s car. I think that was out of line and more than his normal more or less friendly banter. I think it was hurtful since Steve told him quite often how important that car was to his dad and himself. Don’t get me wrong I love their banter, most of the time it’s the highlight of an episode. But I think that was too much. I’m actually starting to find Danny quite annoying. I don’t want to, be course I love their banter, I can’t explain it. And unlike Steve who just smiles and shakes his head about Danny’s antics, I get annoyed with him. So please tone him down a little bit.

    I really loved the ending. It is not that often that they can see the results of their work in such an overwhelming and emotional way like they did this time. That was really nice to see and I think a great experience not just for Kono, who was really bathing in it. I really liked the heartfelt smiles on all their faces.

    There were some really great endings with great music on H50, this one was one too. I think they are creating the best endings of any show currently on TV. Well that has probably something to do with that I think H50 is currently the best show on TV. 🙂

    • officer808 says:

      Yes, the more I thought about it, I should have spent time talking about the ending. I did touch on it on the podcast, that they did get to see the fruit of their labor, but it was bittersweet, since one of the student’s didn’t make it back.

  10. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Well, gee wiz! I’m alway an hour late and a dollar short around here! I know some of you never go to bed, and others get up at an ungodly hour, but us normal people are always playing catch up on this here blog! Hardy har har!!!!

    Good anaylses, everyone! I, too, must admit I wasn’t in Gaga land over this episode. It was certainly fun! I loved all the same scenes everyone else here did! I can’t even pick out my favorite, unless it was the whole pawn shop scene. That one really was priceless, and it was fun seeing the final take as we did get to watch the fanvideo of the filming of it last month.

    I really want to know why CBS hypes these “celebrity” guest stars, then sticks them onscreen for 30 seconds, and most of that is in a ski mask! I realize they are trying to improve their 18 to 34 age demographic, but it’ becoming a farce. I’m not saying Lachay and Minillo didn’t do a good job. That’s what’s sad, they did do a good bit of acting, just, as Linda says, anybody could have done it. I wonder now, how much face time with Dane Cook there really will be next week?

    Another complaint (and these are minor, people). Officer 808, you touched on this. We have been shammed twice, now. We were hyped up for a tsunami that didn’t exist, and now for pirates on the high seas that were never really there. I rather liked the sham the first time, thought it was a cute idea, but last night, not so much. And if the writers do it again this season, I might actually get mad! Some people call it the unpredictabilty of the show, and friends, I respect your opinions, but I disagree. It’s actually becoming a predictable ingredient. I like other predictable parts of each week – the bromance, carguments, bigger and better methods of interrogations, etc., but I’m a little put out to think that the writers think their fans can be easily fooled. Correct me if I’m wrong here, people, I might just be having a bad day!

    Oh, and I do think knowing about the Bonnie and Clyde aspect of the episode affected how I watched the show, and maybe that’s my whole problem here! It took away the suspense for me, knowing from the very beginning that Lachay and Minillo were the baddies.

    A few direct replies to posts – Linda, what are we going to do with you, girl? There is a word – it is “brevity” – I would teach you how to use it, but I haven’t mastered it myself, yet! LOL. You really put a lot of thought and heart into your comments. I love them! You have so many great points, that there is no way I can comment on each one – because I am practicing with that word I told you about – but I loved your analysis of Steve and his response to the kids’ parents. This whole episode revolves around Steve’s reactions to the kidnapping, and in the end, it helps him come to terms with his father’s death. You know that he is playing out the entire scene of his father’s kidnapping and death in his mind, and when he tells Kono that no matter what he did on the day his father died, he knew the outcome would not be good, we realize that Steve has probably verbalized for the first time to anyone, just how helpless he felt that day. And I think that is why none of the rest of the team said anything to the parents – it was Steve’s chance to come to grips. The loss of the one boy devastated Steve, because he desparately wanted all the kids and parents to be reunited, as much for his own sake as theirs. Closure came for Steve at the end, though – all the smiles and happiness at the reuniting of the families. I think Steve has finally come to terms emotionally with what happened that day in his own life.

    My McG – I’m ready to get back to Mom McG’s murder investigation, too. We’ve had quite a break from that storyline now, and if one looks at the TV ratings, I think it’s time to bring some serial arcs back in. If there are too many stand alone shows in a row, those fickle viewers are going to think they won’t miss anything if they watch Castle next week. I know that won’t happen with any of us diehard fans, but the ones on the fence might chance it. By the way, the ratings are good and steady, H5-0 continues to win it’s timeslot – not trying to scare anyone here. Just think it’s time for a return of some stories to keep the viewers watching.

    Cecile – I live for Danny’s one-liners! I laughed hysterically over the training brah, “this could have been avoided,” etc. There were so many good ones this week. We all will have to decide which research project we want to take on during the summer so we don’t repeat ourselves and we can put it all together right here on this blog! I’m sure Officer 808 will want our help, right?

    Val, you really are the emotive one on this blog, and we love you for it! A case of Keenex is heading your way soon! You feel everything so personally, and you make us look at episodes a little differently, maybe with a less critical eye – more of an “aww gee” response! Keep it up! It’s good for the hardened bloggers to tear up from time to time!

    Oh, gee, I better quit. Linda, you’re probably laughing your **** off right now at me trying to tell you how to write! LOL, I deserve it!

    Officer 808! Almost forgot about you! I guess you do have something to do with this blog. I humbly admit to loving your blog – Mr. Undercover is my idol! A reminder – Back to Top button! Soon!

  11. textbook says:

    According to the time stamps, you people were up all night and I was startled when I saw all this at once today! My head spins when I have to read through so much. (‘course that could also be the pollen allergy, it’s bad today…)

    I really got nothing to add. You’ve pretty much covered it. Except I was surprised to see Ray Wise do the crying daddy. He’s usually a sneaky bad guy. And it’s frankly refreshing to see someone actually crack up at the death of a loved one. Most of the time they’re calm and collected and answer the cops’ questions as if it happened last week. Hacks me off. A real person would dissolve into tears every few sentences.

    Oh, and I made nothing out of any looks between Steve and anybody at the end. Big deal. They’re law officers. Tough day. Whew. (wipes forehead…)

    Hey, ossifer, is the trolley a regular public conveyance, or a tourist thing? Where’s it go? We’ve got one in Dallas but it’s mostly for tourists and has a very limited route hitting flavor-of-the-month restaurants and that sort of thing.

  12. Cindy says:

    Thank you once again for the smile today from reading your well-written summary of our favorite program, H50. There’s not much more I can say as it has been covered very well in these commentaries and I totally agree. Loved the pawn shop banter & the way McG gave the owner every chance to open up while he was unwrapping the grenade. Loved Kono’s escalator stunt & Chin’s look of surprise, but also of appreciation & pride in his cuz perhaps. It’s very nice that she has more involvement within the show now. Loved McG’s smile at the end, partially obscured by his hand so as to not be overtly noticeable but it reached his eyes as well. Love McG’s character developing & feelings emerging from the hardcore seal demeanor. Love reading your blog & the resulting commentaries. Mahalo

  13. jadore says:

    I thought it was a great episode. Scott was as usual “spot on”. I can understand why he got a Golden Globe nomination. I have never really been an Alex fan, but he is starting to grow on me some. Also, glad to see more of Chin. Daniel Dae Kim is great, loved him in “Lost”. The pawn shop scene was hilarious! All in all, it was good show. Looking forward to seeing more of Wo Fat, hopefully soon!

  14. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Just another little thought here. Some people think Danny was over the top in his argument with Steve about the car. Well, maybe so, but I can understand where he was coming from. Needless to say, I have a little temper, too. I occasionally have some anger management issues as well! And it’s usually directed at my partner – in this case, my husband. For example, my husband occasionally thinks I can lift/move/handle BIG things as well as he can, in the heat or the cold. I try to do it, but when it becomes too much, I blow my cool! In exactly the same way Danny did over pushing the 3-ton piece of junk up that hill. I have been known to say sarcastic things in an extremely ticked off voice. And you know what’s funny? My husband laughs at me!

    So! I did not see anything over the top with Danny’s angry flare up – I think I saw myself, because I know if it was 95 degrees and I was pushing a 3-ton, 37-year old car up a hill with a tie around my neck, my anger would know no bounds. The writers of this episode must have partners with teensy-tiny tempers, too, because the dialog was spot on!

    • Linda Stein says:

      It’s funny you should say that Lynnette, because I’m the same way too! Like you it’s usually directed at my husband or my daughter. At 21, she’s an adult who understands her mother is sometimes a nut! What makes me crazy is when they don’t listen to me when I say something is wrong or won’t work but they do it anyway. Then when it IS wrong or it DOESN’T work and I’m stuck with the consequences I go ballistic!

      I can totally visualize the scene BEFORE what we saw on the show. Steve and Danny in the garage at Steve’s house.

      Steve: “I think we’re ready to take this car on a road test”
      Danny: “What, you only got the damn thing to start yesterday!”
      Steve: “So, that means it’s fine. I’ve been working on it for 6 months”
      Danny: “I don’t know about this, maybe you should work on it longer”
      Steve: “Nah….it’ll be fine, come on, I’ll drive”.
      Danny: “Where do you want to take it?”
      Steve: “I was thinking about the Pali highway”
      Danny: “Are you nuts, all those hills, this thing will never make it”
      Steve: “Sure it will”
      Danny: “And what if it doesn’t? I don’t want to have to push this thing all the way back here!”
      Steve: “Oh, come on Danny! Where is your sense of adventure”
      Danny: “Adventure?!? I call it stupidity.”
      Steve: “It’ll be fine, I know what I’m doing”
      Danny: “Yeah, well, I hope so! Oh, man, this is such a bad idea”

      A few years ago my mother-in-law planned a family vacation. She booked a vacation for us all to go to Myrtle Beach in AUGUST! I spent 6 months telling everyone that was not a good idea. First of all, it’s a 16 hour drive from Philadelphia to Myrtle Beach. 2nd, it is unGodly hot in South Carolina in August not to mention that it is also hurricane season. We should be going somewhere else or be going at another time. No one would listen to me. The few days before we were going the weather reports were talking about a storm brewing out in the Atlantic headed for the east coast. I said, we shoud cancel the trip within the allowable time frame to get our refunds. No one would listen to me. We decided to spread the drive over 2 days. My husband said we could wing it on the way, I wanted to book a room at a nice hotel. He wouldn’t listen to me.

      So after a 16 hour drive and a night spent in a horrible motel we arrived in Myrtle Beach. It was almost 100 degree and impossible to lay on the beach in the sun because of the humidity and the bugs. Didn’t really matter though because we were only there a day and a half when the entire coast was evacuated because of the hurricane! So, back in the car we were with 200,000 other tourists trying to get out of town. The 16 hour drive took TWENTY hours, non-stop to get home. Every hotel, motel and shit-hole was booked solid from everyone evacuating. On that drive home I made Danny look like the most rational creature on the plant. So I completely understand his attitude! I LOVE Danny!

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        Linda, remind me to tell some of MY stories sometime. I love your prequel! I know I’ve had similar conversations in my own garage. Danny is definitely not outrageously over the top, or even terribly grouchy, considering what Steve puts him through!

  15. hawaiiobsessed says:

    I think everyone’s covered everything…. :>) I just want to say Officer Bob, you crack me up!! If they can’t think of anything funny for the banter between Danno and Steve they should totally call you! The caption on the Twins picture, hysterical!!! What was your comment about those particular pirates being “much more worse” than other pirates. I almost spit my coffee on my keyboard. This blog is the icing on my Hawaii Five-O cake!

    • officer808 says:

      Mahalo for your kind words! And thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

    • Cindy says:

      I completely agree with you obsessed. I really enjoy “Bob’s” writing and the smiles and giggles it gives me from reading it, and yes, H50 should use Bob as a backup writer. lol It must take so much time to write this blog and to explain terminology & the locations on the island. But it is so appreciated by us on the mainland who have never experienced Hawaii. Mahalo

  16. Merry Blue says:

    You guys….. have covered all the bases. I am allergic to “me too” posts for the most part, so I will limit myself to occasional flippant or facetious comments. 🙂

    Regarding the dropped phone: this was a product placement. Very cunning not to show the brand name, but we all already know that McG has a iPhone (probably a case of them in his office, since he tends to lose them). This placement is meant to demonstrate the shock resistance of the iPhone: it still works after Steve picks it up. If we were not meant to notice the phone being dropped, the sound editors would not have inserted the very loud crashing noise it makes when it hits the pavement. Or they would have used another take. See, the producers have noticed our complaints about blatant placement and have made them more subtle. It worked, eh? 😉

    • textbook says:

      Ah, Merry my dear, such a cynic! I love it. Frankly guys, I didn’t even notice the phone drop. Had to rewatch it just now. You’re right, that sound was too loud for normal, but it’s possible they stuck it in just to explain why he was bending over to pick up the phone.

      Still it’s that sort of thing that makes me crazy, wondering why they think that product placement impresses me in any way. Why would my brain draw the conclusion that it’s a hardy phone just because it fell a couple of feet to the ground – having previously made the connection between that phone and the previously product-placed brand of phone anyway? You could be right, MB, but – well – yuck.

      • Merry Blue says:

        Ahhh, I did put in a “facetious” disclaimer, Textbook…. “Cynical” works, too.

        I don’t have an iPhone, but I do have an iPod touch and I put that “protective film” over the screen, more to protect myself from broken glass from the day I finally drop it (and they are slippery suckers, just ask Steve) than from smearing up the screen. Makes me wonder why Steve would want to carry one in his front pocket, given his tendency to leap, pounce and otherwise fling himself about. Ouch.

  17. luvinao'l says:

    OK — clearly you all think about this stuff much harder than I do.
    Great lines from the ep: how about “This could have been avoided…” Caan’s delivery is perfect as nearly always…
    I have two questions for the forum… How do you explain that all the money is back in the evidence locker… not missing the $$$ from when they ransomed Chin…? And it seems to me there was a different ep. 17 originally planned — saw it listed a couple weeks back — but it was not aired and they jumped ahead to Powa Maka Moana — which means we didn’t see what they originally planned to follow up the mysterious “return” of the missing money — anybody have thoughts or info on that…???

  18. luvinao'l says:

    Though I suppose the page could change any time, if you look at the IMDb page – — you see traces of what I was talking about. Powa Maka Moana was originally ep. 18 and there is an untitled 1.17 that did not air… at least not yet… Other sites are now calling Powa Maka Moana ep. 17, but originally it wasn’t… In fact, IMDb makes it look like perhaps they are skipping again… OK, maybe I DO think about this stuff as hard as some others of you…!

    • Cecile says:

      IMDB has some issues with predicting TV shows original airing dates ! I had the same question when I checked the page a couple of weeks ago.

      It also only lists 20 episodes for season 1, while CBS announced in October there would be 22 episodes (though I could swear I saw somewhere it had been upgraded to 24 episodes, but I can’t find where anymore).

      They are better at compiling things that have already aired than predicting things ! (lots of casting rumors listed as facts on movie pages too) !

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        Cecile, I glad you brought up that you had read somewhere, sometime, that they had called for 24 episodes, because I distinctly remember that as well! But I haven’t seen anything about that since! If there’s only 5 more new episodes this season, they have a lot of ground to cover, quickly! I’m hoping 24 episodes is the correct count! Anyone know for sure?

      • rescuewriter (Vanessa) says:

        I thought I read that there were going to be 24 episodes.

  19. Cecile says:

    I really can’t find it anywhere, but if the three of us remember reading it, I guess it did appear somewhere…unless we want more 5-0 so badly that we actually started believing our hopes of a longer season !

  20. rescuewriter (Vanessa) says:

    Okay, I found the post I must’ve read on the cbs forums from “dianaofwales”:

    According to Honolulu Star Advertiser – CBS has upped it’s order for H50 episodes from 22 to 24. So hopefully this is a good sign for it getting renewed for a second season.

    — Di

  21. officer808 says:

    Yes the 24 episodes was confirmed by Peter Lenkov in a Star Advertiser interview a few weeks back.

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