The Definitive Hawaii Five-0 Social Networking List

Hawaii Five-0′s social networking sites

Recently I stumbled upon the Facebook profile pages of three of the primary cast members of Hawaii Five-0: Alex, Scott, and Grace.  These stars were sending personal messages and commenting frequently to wall posts that fans were putting up.

After taking a look at the pages, the red flags were all over the place that they were phony:

1)  The profiles didn’t say “official”.

2)  Poor English grammar and misspellings throughout the page.

3)  Photos that these “stars” supposedly took themselves were actually photos gleaned off the internet.

4) More subtle was the fact that these were personal pages (like the ones that anyone can create) and not “Fan Pages”, such as Daniel Dae Kim’s official Facebook page or my Hawaii Five-0 Undercover Facebook page.

If you search”Alex O’Loughlin” or “Scott Caan” on Facebook, a whole bunch of profiles come up.  How do you determine what’s real and what’s fake?

1)  Go to the celebrities’ official home page or the network page.  All social networking links should be there.

2)  Go to a trusted forum and ask around if a page or profile is legitimate.  This isn’t usually the best way since a whole bunch of people can be duped, but at least multiple people are on the lookout.

Why is it important to be vigilant?  If you “friend” someone on Facebook, they have access to a lot of your personal information- email, family members, high school and college information, place of employment, etc.  With that info, they can potentially do damage with identity theft, so I highly encourage everyone to watch who they “friend” on Facebook and who they follow on Twitter.

Finding out the Scott Caan you friended isn’t really him surely feels the same way an eight year old feels when he discovers there’s no Santa Claus.  But don’t waste any valuable time chatting with fakers when you could just as easily be doing something more productive like getting your “arm porn” or “Grace in a bikini” fix.

I contacted CBS’ local Hawaii Five-0 publicist Erika Kauffman who provided this official list.  A few names may be missing from the list, specifically the writers who recently joined Twitter.  But if one of the show’s writers is encouraging you to follow a fellow writer, I’d say you’re pretty safe.

Note that Erika confirmed that Scott Caan and Grace Park DO NOT have ANY social networking accounts.  Any Scott Caan or Grace Park account that you see is not theirs!



@CBarbee1 – Carol Barbee, writer
@BobOrci – Roberto Orci, executive producer
@tarynmanning – Taryn Manning, “Mary Ann Magarrett”
@PLenkov – Peter Lenkov, executive producer
@danieldaekim – Daniel Dae Kim, “Chin Ho Kelly”
@jrorci – J. R. Orci, producer/writer
@JM_Live – James Marsters, “Victor Hesse”
@michelleborth – Michelle Borth, “Catherine Rollins”
@CHTagawa – Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, “Hiro Yoshimuri”
@Harimoto – Kyle Harimoto, writer
@danecook – Dane Cook, “Matt Williams”
@erikakauffman – Erika Kauffman, publicist
@H50net – affiliate fan site
@mark_dacascos – Mark Dacascos, “Wo Fat” (account disabled by Mark)
@dwolkove – David Wolkove, writer
@33Edge – Kelly Hu, “Laura Hills”

Generally speaking, most of these Five-0 folks post regularly to Twitter.


Alex O’Loughlin –
Note:  Alex or his publicist HAS NOT posted up to this page, but it is official.

Daniel Dae Kim –
Note:  Daniel regularly posts to Twitter and Facebook.

Offical Hawaii Five-0 on Facebook –


And last:

While NOT an official Hawaii Five-0 site, I fully assure you that my Hawaii Five-0 Undercover Facebook page is indeed authentic and run by me.  😉


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18 Responses to The Definitive Hawaii Five-0 Social Networking List

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  2. OLaughing says:

    Thank you, Officer. This information is good to know. Too many fans have been duped into thinking they are corresponding with the real person. It’s a shame that these charlatans stoop so low.

  3. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Thanks for the update officer 808. Know it took a lot of research, but do appreciate you looking out for all your special agents, most of whom are pretty new to all this social networking, etc!

  4. officer808 says:

    Update: small edits for clarity.

  5. Tatum says:

    THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!! FOR POSTING THIS, I was wondering who else got a twitter account and facebook. So I am heading to add all those possible people to my twitter

  6. Val says:

    Thanks for posting the info – its good to finally see something official and its a great safe guard for everyone. Nice to know that someone cares.

  7. Claire says:

    Oh finally! CBS have released a list of official sites for the H-50 cast (after they initially gave out the wrong information). I’ve only been trying to tell people Alex O’Loughlin’s Facebook was Official since October last year. Tenaya Wallace, campaign director of Donate Life Hollywood (Alex’s liaison for his chosen charity) was kind enough to find out from one of Alex’s publicity team during a meeting with her. She then passed word onto the fans through myself, and the founder/administrator of the Alex O’Loughlin Fans for Donate Life page, Sabine Atkins. If there are still any doubts, and in light of a number of recent imposters, please check the photos section of Alex’s Facebook Page – I’ve posted a screen shot of the emails that were forwarded onto me by Tenaya Wallace, where Rachael Wesolowski (ID Public Relations) confirms that Alex’s page is legit, and she was the one who set it up.

    • officer808 says:

      Aloha Claire and thanks for your input! CBS has not released an official press release, but instead this is a list of accounts confirmed by Hawaii Five-0’s local publicist Erika Kauffman.

  8. hawaiiobsessed says:

    Thanks for watching out for us Officer!

  9. McPhee says:

    I only trust what I use on Facebook or Twitter from realiable sources online. I have noticed in the past year posting Twitter links on Fan pages which are real and what’s not. I can’t believe the amount of craze fans do this just to get people’s attention

  10. Thank You sooo much…I’ll share it right now…!!! Have a nice rest-weekend!!! :)))

  11. r1015bill says:

    Thanks for the confirmation!

    You may want to research and include an additional list for H50 writers having twitter accounts. Most of them were introduced via tweet by people already on your list. Here’s who I think are valid twitter addresses.

    elrudest, joehalpin1, dwolkove, Harimoto, mike_schaub, Jlrieder, theothermelissa,

    • officer808 says:

      Mahalo r1015bill for your input! I did miss @elrudest, @joehalpin1, @mike_schaub, @Jlrieder, @theothermelissa, as Erika did not include them in my communication with her (the others in your list made the original list). I will create a permanent menu link on the top bar within the next day or so. Thanks again!

  12. officer808 says:

    Thanks for your comments folks, and please spread the word about the “real” accounts! 🙂

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