USA Today’s inside look at filming for “Loa Aloha”

‘Hawaii Five-0’ enjoying boom times in paradise

USA Today reporter Bill Keveney got the inside scoop on filming for Hawaii Five-0 this past month.  Check out Alex’s interview as well!  Read the article at the USA Today website.  Here’s a little clip:

HONOLULU — Tourists and locals mix on the wharf, some stopping at food stands, others basking on a bench in the warm morning sunlight. A steady breeze tempers the heat.

Boats bob in the nearby marina, with Waikiki’s huge hotels glimmering in the background.

It’s the perfect Hawaiian advertisement, especially for snowbound mainlanders.

And then —Ka-boom!

A 20-foot fireball engulfs a car, black smoke rising into the clear blue sky.

The beauty is Hawaii; the explosion is Hawaii Five-0.


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4 Responses to USA Today’s inside look at filming for “Loa Aloha”

  1. hawaiiobsessed says:

    Wow! Look at all the great posts and all the new info. You must not ever sleep Officer “Richard Bob”! This blog must take a lot of your time as well as your other committments. Let me just say we are grateful! Also relieved to read you will keep us “entertained” throughout the summer. Was already getting anxious about how to make it through! I love this blog.
    Kinda worried about what AOL said about the group getting fractured and seperated and we won’t believe how McGarrett ends up….. “biting nails” Guess that will keep us all hanging on to see it resolved huh? I love this show.

  2. officer808 says:

    Ah….”fractured” and “separated” my possibly have another meaning… hint hint…
    And thanks again for checking out the blog!

    Warmest Aloha,

  3. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Ohhh! Good hint “JOHN”! I’m now visualizing a Big Bang episode! It’s a lot more sane that what I was visualizing at 3am this morning – when I couldn’t sleep because “someone” had posted a certain USA Today article just before I should have gone to bed! There will be payback someday!

  4. Cecile says:

    “Neither O’Loughlin nor Caan loves the crime-of-the-week procedural scenes. Caan says he’d like a season that is one grand arc instead of weekly stories.”

    You know what would be interesting ? Cases that last more that 1 episode, but not the whole season. We wouldn’t know if it’s going to be an ‘easy’ one, that’s only going to take a few days to solve, or a big one, that needs a more complex investigation, and thus lasts a few weeks. It would keep us on the edge, unlike a crime of the week thing where you know 45 min are enough to solve it, but also unlike 24, where I knew that the lead Jack Bauer was following at H12 was not the good one, because there was still 12 hours to watch (and it was ALWAYS 24 hours, never 22 or 25…so it kinda ruined everything !).

    Having random lengths of stories would keep us entertained.
    Furthermore, when Gov. Jameson hired McGarrett, I thought she was expecting something more than ‘just’ solving ponctual cases. Apart from the cases where McG Sr is involved, all the other ones where Police Departement material : kidnapping, murder…Where it actually falls under Five-O’s jurisdiction (if such a thing can be determined ^^ I mean more Feds like), it’s sheer luck : gambling mafia => because they were present at the football game.

    I mean, I was rather expected big operations, with sometimes a more ‘normal’ case, than the opposite, which is what we see.

    But I still love the show, and the more I see, the more I love it !!! I can’t wait to see those final episodes and how everything turns out !

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