Taryn Manning back to knock more Yakuza teeth out?

Is she back?

That’s what Five-0 fans want to know…she’s teased us with two cryptic tweets Saturday night:

@tarynmanning: Palm trees, oceans, moonlights, tropical rain, rainbows, unicorns…bliss.

@tarynmanning:  See u soon my bro…H50 http://yfrog.com/h2ps3oyj

So is she coming back?  If so, what kind of trouble are the McGarrett kids gonna get into next?  After her performance in “Ke Kinohi”, she’s gained a lot more fans in the Five-0 circles.  I would love to see her back kicking butt and keeping Steve on his toes.  Dentists will also probably love the fact that Mary Ann McGarett is back in town.


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6 Responses to Taryn Manning back to knock more Yakuza teeth out?

  1. Yanabamenara says:

    Agreed. I’d love to see her again.

  2. textbook says:

    For me, the most important thing is getting the logic of having Mary Ann at all back on track. If they meant to dump her for real, and they’re bringing her back, then somebody has listened to reason.

  3. Val says:

    I’m thrilled that she’s back. I never liked the idea that McGarett was going to be a character to have a typical dark side, loner kind of guy to run the Governor Task Force to combat crime. To have MaryAnn who is his younger sister who is not just smart and intelligent, but she has this very youthful vulnerable side to her that draws out all the protective instincts that one could expect from a brother like McGarrett is just awesome and we want him to take the responsibility of watching out for her, not just running a task force. AOL is right when he says that she brings another side to his character but she is also a character that adds an important piece to his backstory. I love seeing that she is a character who’s spunky, smart, pain in the ass at times but she’s a wonderful character, having her back is such a welcome relief. I think its awfully sad in the last scene that she had to leave never to see her brother again…that’s just terrible. With just the few appearances we’ve seen of her, she really belongs to the Five-O family – would like to see more than just brother and sister, like to see her help her brother get the people who destroyed their family!!!

  4. McPhee says:

    I hope sooo too she was brilliant in the previous episode I hope it is true that she is back

  5. norriski says:

    May not be popular but I don’t like the idea of Taryn coming back as Mary. I have issues with the character, I LOVE the idea of Steve having a baby sister, I HATE the way Mary was written (even though it was toned down). I don’t like the addictive personality, I don’t like that the first time we meet her Steve has to “keep her out of jail” I don’t like the implication that Steve enables her. There is more and there are personal reasons as to my disliking of this aspect of the character, but I’ll refrain from sharing all of that with you all. To top it off I do not see any chemistry between Taryn and Alex or the rest of the cast. She just seems out of place on the screen with the rest of them. Had the character been written differently and/or played by someone else maybe my feeling would be different.

  6. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Been on the fence on this one for a long time. First, I hated her, then I loved her. Now, I’m a little ambivalent. I dislike her for all the same reasons as norriski, but Val gives some very good reasons for her to be Steve’s sister.

    I think her character was brought on board to be a counterpoint to Steve’s character. Although they both were thrown into their situations because of Mom McG’s death and Dad’s apparent abandonment, they grew up as totally different individuals. Steve became the overachiever in everything he attempted, but lived a very introverted, austere life without many personal attachments, until landing back on Hawaii and meeting Danny, Chin and Kono! Mary, on the other hand, grew in a totally different direction. She is the rebellious one, not prone to dealing well with authority figures, and all in all, a pretty obnoxious person, until she gets to the island and finds out that all was not as cut and dry as she thought. I think she learned a lot about herself and her brother by getting kidnapped and then saved by Steve.

    Note! At this point, at least, as far as we know, she is the only character on this show that’s had a pretty shady background. Everyone else, one could almost say, comes from a pretty much “good-two-shoes” upbringing! Big families as compared to the McGarretts.

    I think more revelations are coming concerning the McGarrett clan. (Still trying to figure out the Gov’s involvement- there’s something fishy there). So, I think I’ve talked myself into being glad she’s coming back.

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