Ryan Ozawa’s rundown of “Loa Aloha”

Tracking the supporting actors and the “Lost” connections…

Blogger Ryan Ozawa gives his weekly preview of this week’s Hawaii Five-o:

But this week’s episode brings a parade of local actors, some with established careers and others just getting started in the business. For one, we’ll meet Judge Kamalei, played by Iolani School school Clyde Kusatsu. Kusatsu has a long acting resume, stretching back to playing Reverend Chong in “All In The Family,” and Dr. Dennis Okamura on “The Young and the Restless.”

The characters of Diana and Brian Meachum, meanwhile, are played by Kailua girl Brooke Alexander, wo played a con artist on “As the World Turns,” and Brian Meachum, a member of The Actors Group.

Finally, look for Kaiser High School graduate and college journalist Remington Taum as Lani and local actor Eric Nemoto as Deputy Public Attorney James Chen.

Hardworking stuntwoman Boni Yanagisawa plays Judge Kamalei’s wife Katie. She’s worked in over 50 productions, including “Iron Man 2,” and “The Green Hornet.”

Read the rest of his post, and the “Lost” connection at Nonstop Honolulu.


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