Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 18, “Loa Aloha”

You don’t get your deposit back

A phone conversation in a Waikiki hotel room, Tuesday 2/22, 7:37 AM.

Jenn:  “Hello, Outdoor Reservations, this is Jenn, how may I help you?”

Barry:  “Hi, my name’s Barry, I’m sorry to say that I’ll have to cancel my zipline reservation for later today.”

Jenn:  “I’m sorry to hear that, did something come up?”

Barry:  “Well, I saw Hawaii Five-0 last night, and quite honestly, I don’t want me or my wife to plummet to death on our honeymoon.”

Jenn:  “Sir, I assure you that our zipline is the safest, it meets all industry standards, and besides, that was just a sho-”

Barry:  “No my mind’s made up.  Is there something else I can do?   That’s a lot safer?”

Jenn:  “How about an ATV tour?”

Barry:  “No thanks, a bomb can be planted underneath the chassis!”

Jenn:  “A horseback ride?”

Barry: “Are you insane?!?  There could be a stick of dynamite in the saddle.  How about a flower sniffing tour of your garden?”

Jenn:  “Sir, you don’t need a guided 3 hour tour for that.”

Barry:  “Alright fine.  How about a nice relaxing cataman ride on the ocean.”

Jenn:  “No problem sir, I can do that.  Good news!  The Coast Guard just lifted the Tongan pirate alert an hour ago, let me get your name again-”


The Williams family reunion

Hawaii Five-0, "Loa Aloha"

Hawaii Five-0, "Loa Aloha". Photo: CBS

What was refreshing about this episode is that we got to see some of our Five-0 team as human beings, instead of officers of the law slaving away to solve the case of the week.  This window into their lives was brought to us by writers Paul Zbyszewski and Mike Schaub (Mike’s first co-writing credit), and I thought they did an excellent job in deepening  Danny, Rachel, Steve and newcomer Matt (played by Dane Cook).  Dane immediately came across as an engaging and personable guy, and the banter between him and Danny was a lot more good natured than the snippiness that can go between Steve and Danny.  We heard some of the “back in the day” stories of the misadventures of the Williams boys in their youth.  Without a doubt, my favorite scene of the entire series so far was the dinner scene where Danny tells the story of how he handcuffed Matt to the monkey cage at the zoo.  They shared a laugh and for the first time, I felt really connected to them.  Anyone with brothers or sisters knows exactly what kind of antics siblings can do to each other and the scene was perfectly written.  For good measure, the writers threw in a little foreshadowing-Danny tells Matt “I always come back for you didn’t I?”, implying some sort of disaster on the horizon for the brothers.

The Williams dynamic played further when Danny finally confronted Matt about his impending indictment.  Scott delivered amazingly, while I was impressed with Dane’s delivery.  We always see him as a funny guy, and to see him keep up with Scott was incredible.  Selfishly, Matt thinks that this is his problem alone, not appreciating what Danny could have done to help, and worse, not thinking of the consequences that this will bring to the rest of the family.  It was a powerful scene that played on classic “I’m not as good/smart/strong as you” rivalry.

We later see Matt digging himself into a deeper hole by making deals with a drug cartel, and Danny’s warning gave Matt the head start he needed to stay ahead of the Feds.  In another powerful scene, Danny drew his weapon on his brother as he tried to board a plane.  Ultimately Danny chose to say goodbye, rather than pulling the trigger to stop his brother (as if we would), so we’ll see how the writers resolve this situation.

Finally, Danny found consolation not in his partner, but in his ex-wife Rachel.  The chemistry between the two of them was perfect and her embrace is the culmination of their first two “long good-byes” that we’ve seen.  A lot of you folks have said you didn’t want to see the two of them get back together, but that scene certainly makes it appear so…

And now, Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0, Episode 18, “Loa Aloha”:

1)  There are a lot of buildings in Waikiki, but apparently the Hilton is the only hotel for miles.

2)  The best way to get the Feds off your back?  Call Mommy, excuse me, I mean the Governor.

Did you notice…

Matt referred to Danny as “Magnum”.  Danny did the same thing to a private detective in “Palekaiko”.

Why did Danny let a chain link fence stop him from crashing through like he did in “Ho’apono” to stop the Russian businessman?

Psst Danny, there’s $28 million still in the HPD evidence locker!  If you steal it all, *someone* is bound to replace it all again.  After it’s replaced, repeat evidence room break in!

Danny referred to himself as “Clarence Clemons” in a phone call.  That’s the name of Bruce Springsteen’s saxophonist.  Matt later refers to how he and Danny sneaked into the Stone Pony (a concert venue in New Jersey) to go watch “Bruce”.  More Jersey references!

“Loa Aloha” translates to “the long goodbye”, but fellow blogger Wendie Joy Burbridge has a different take on the translation, read her blog, “Five-0 Redux”.


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  1. dee says:

    Found it intresting how you mention the money in the locker…
    Now Matty stated that he was just” trying to make things right” in their airport scene.
    Is it possible that Matty is the “guardian angel” and used his ponsie deals to replace the money for the team- help his big brother Dan from going to jail???

    • officer808 says:

      now that would be a twist!

    • Val says:

      Matt to the rescue – guardian angel about the money is very unlikely since only four people knew the truth – its very unlikely that Matt would know and Danny as close as he is to the familys know the risk of this coming about the $10 mil coming out from the forefeiture asset vault. Besides didn’t Matt say that he lost $50 mil in one day has his own big problem to worry about by “borrowing” the money from his investors with every intention of putting it back but one like led to another. How eerily similar it is to what Steve did except Steve genuinely had every intention of putting the money back but it got burnt in the fire….and the four know that but unfortunately so does Hesse so the danger is risking Hesse to open his big mouth to WoFat – so did he is the $10 mil question along with the missing $250,000 that Chin was accused of taking? No way for Matt to know about the money that Chin was accused of stealing. Everything about the money leads to WoFat…I’m dead certain.

      • Val says:

        sorry tpo “like” should have been the word “lie” led to another. The word “familys” should be family.

      • cecile says:

        Does Hesse really know where the money came from ? Steve never told him.

      • officer808 says:

        @cecile, don’t think so…
        @val you can edit your posts 🙂

      • Val says:

        @Cecile – Officer Bob – Hesse doesn’t know where they got the money from, I’m not so sure about that – (just a consipracy thing for me, because I find it very odd that he would toss $10mil into the fire) – no matter how crazy u are, $10 mil is a ton of money – it just still feels like a set up to me…and all of a sudden all the money after the Tsunami ep – is accountered for? The exact $28mil…- WoFat’s visit to Hesse at the jail after he got busted – just to many holes…in the story…I truly think that scene with Hesse and McGarrrett and the money is a set up by Wofat to see what Steve knows about what he’s father was investigating not just the murders but there has to be something else too – the money that Chin was investigating – somehow its linked to Steve’s Dad…I think. But we shall see when the mystery is revealed. I don’t like “weird coincidences”…lol.

      • Cecile says:

        It seems rather far fetched to me ! It looks like a very twisted way to ask a question ! lol we’ll see in a few weeks.

  2. Cecile says:

    haha don’t worry, it all of it was true, it’d mean there’s a Steve McGarrett and a Danny Williams to take care of it, which in itself would be worth the trip and the risk^^.

    I have to say, this one is currently running for a place as my favorite episode of the season (even though there was no banter btw Steve and Danny). There were some unexpected material, and some more usual things (sorry it’s really long) :

    The unexpected :
    – the procedural being rather toned down to favor Matt’s side-story. It’s the 2nd time, right, but that’s my point : a procedural show doesn’t do it twice almost in a row. Looks like the writers and producers are actually listening to their stars. More character stuff, less investigation. I liked it, even more that the investigation wasn’t totally let down : Steve’s in and out of Matt’s story, and Danny is back in for the arrest.
    That said, this is still a cop show, and I still want them to catch bad guys in the end (of 1 episode or of an arc story ^^)

    – Danny genuinely relaxed with his brother, Rachel and Steve. Like Officer Jin said above here, it’s nice to see them not enslaved to the job. It’s refreshing to see the mixing of family and job partner without it being a big deal, and also without it being a final episode scene, where ‘all’s well that ends well’ with a pop song over.
    In the same vein, I’m glad Danny went to Rachel for comfort, and not to Steve. I know I’ve said I’d prefer them as friends, but actually, they do look good together, and it made total sense. She knows Matt and Danny’s relation to his brother better than Steve.
    Oh, and I want to know what Danny was doing ‘every time’ that makes them laugh so much.

    – All-knowing-Steve’s not that all-knowing : Kono filled him in on the threats files. and Chin did about the fellons not allowed to visit. I like that they’re not letting the ‘he’s a SEAL, not a cop’ thing go.

    – Speaking of Steve : I actually wasn’t sure if he was selling Matt or not. The ‘save your family vs follow the law’ theme as been very present during the whole episode, so after Danny trying to save his brother, I thought for a second that maybe Steve was going to be the follow-the-law man. Glad he wasn’t ! That was actually my favorite scene (the dinner scene is very close though !).

    The usual :
    -Family is a big recurent theme in 5-0, but by introducing Danny’s brother, we get a glimpse of his Jersey past, and see how much he really gave up by coming to Hawaii. It makes the first few episodes (meeting Steve, the story with his HPD friend Meka, taking care of things for StepStan) even more meaningful, and moving. Danny needs a family environnement, and he’s building a new one, that includes his 5-0 partners, and Grace’s new family. At first sight, Steve, being a tough loner doesn’t quite fit in this scheme…at first only !

    A few remarks and a question :
    – It seems that Steve’s not the only one with daddy issues, though not the same : Danny’s dad was a firefighter, fighting for the good, so Danny wants to live up to his expectations maybe ! And that might explain why he’s such a loving father to Grace : wants to be as good as his own father ?

    – Teilor Grubbs seemed more relaxed with Dane Cook, than she is with Scott. I loved her pose with the princess tiara and wand, cute and funny.

    – I want more Chin and Kono now, please ?

    – What is surf and turf ?

    @Dee : that’s an interesting question, but how would have Matt been made aware of Danny being involved in the 10mil $ theft ?

    • Val says:

      Love your comment Cecile. I really like your take on mcSteve not all knowing – how very true is that. I liked that he isn’t the perfect navy seal and I love the daddy comparison issues. Interesting that Danny played with handcuffs when he was nine – he obviously enjoyed playing the good guy cop when he was a kid and Steve when he was five, he wanted to be like his daddy too, a cop. In the pilot episode when Steve was inspecting the crime scene he was looking for a glue gun so that he could lift the print off his father’s desk, don’t know if anyone noticed but there was a cute toy police car on the shelf beside the glue gun which makes me think Steve played with it a lot when he was little. How cute would it be if these two were playmates…as kids…they would both be partners then too fighting crime…lol.

      Teilor was just adorable last night playing with her wand telling her Dad that uncle Matt was the coolest, now that was a surprise, but very cute and also she was very excited to see all the presents and eager to stay with her uncle and loved that she was so playful in her bikini down on the beach on her uncle’s shoulder. She’s not painfully shy anymore but growing out of her own shy shell and developing her own little character far more which is wonderful to see. I like seeing more and more of Rachel and hope we see more and more of her in the future. She’s an interesting woman.

    • Diana says:

      Surf and Turf = Lobster and Steak

    • Linda Stein says:

      Surf and Turf is a combo platter of some type of seafood, usually lobster and some kind of meat, usually a good steak! It’s also usually the most expensive thing on the menu and absolutely fabulous!!!

      • Val says:

        Hey thanks for answering that Linda – I didn’t know that – wow yum – yep I would have stayed for dinner too!! Great food and great company makes a wonderful dinner evening in last night’s episode.

      • Cecile says:

        Thanks all for the answers to my questions !
        Yes, it does looks damn good !!

    • officer808 says:

      great analysis! The dinner scene was def my favorite too.

  3. Val says:

    I couldn’t agree more that the Williams Family reunion was a favorite scene – but I also liked the awkardness at first and surprise at seeing Rachel at the table looking not just stunningly beautiful but relatively at ease with her surrounding – we normally see her so uncomfortable around her ex and she tenses up a great deal from other episodes so its really nice to see her come out of her shell and bond more with Danny especially when she was with Grace on the beach and its interesting that Danny wasn’t upset at seeing her with his brother – this beautiful sight was his family a family that hadn’t been together in a long time but Rachel’s instinct is as good as her ex-husband. No one seemed to say too much about Steve but he was an amazing friend. He really understood the importance of family and he totally was prepared to carry the weight of doing the work and had time to be there for Danny who insisted he was fine but Steve insisted that he’d be there for Danny when he followed his brother and had him under surveillance. Steve helped him out a great deal when he lied to Feds about where his brother really was heading and sent them off on a wild goose chase. No matter what Steve would stand by his partner and I think if anything these two partners are more like brothers, not just best friends as the series continues to develop. Wow, first season ad we are in for so much more intriguing stories. I really needed my box of tissues last night and I have a feeling I’ll need it more in the future as we get closer to the season finale. Not looking forward to it but looking forward to the opening of season two.

    • Cecile says:

      yes, Steve’s a really good friend. It’s a good balance of teasing (‘I want to meet your brother’), and caring for Danny and the others (‘Are you alright’ to Chin).
      Alex is really good at delivering the stoic with a soft spot side of Steve.

      • Val says:

        I agree Cecile – lots of people overlook AOL’s role in the series and he does deliver in many fronts not all the action exciting bits but in the human element side – for someone who spent years as a navy seal and intelligence, it has taken him sometime to fit in with being part of the island’s community since the pilot episodes, he truly has shown not only is he an amazing boss to work for, he’s fair minded and a super friend. He is the most caring boss I have ever seen. He truly wears a purple heart and a big red one on his sleeve.♥

  4. textbook says:

    Cecile, surf and turf is found on many steakhouse and upscale restaurant menus for (mostly) guys to order so they look important and/or extravagant. It’ll be a steak and lobster on the same plate. Occasionally less upscale restaurants will include it with less impressive “surf” elements.

    The episode was frustrating for me, but not for obvious reasons – in fact, it’s once again a characteristic of this show that they keep throwing curves. I found it very strange that Steve and Danny were able to sit down with the family and relax until after dark, without regard for the case they were working. Nice, but strange. See, this is the sort of thing that crosses my mind: That cops, detectives, etc, spend all their time working the case and barely have time to eat or have a cup of coffee that didn’t come from the Starbuck’s down the street or the cop shop coffeemaker. This to keep us involved in the police procedure that has to be wound up by the show’s end. So I’m sitting here wondering, “Why are Steve and Danny spending all this time when they should be out solving the case? Isn’t this what cop shows have taught us all these years?” – while at the same time, it’s telling me that cops really do have workdays and they have to go home sometime, and they do sometimes bug out early or take long lunch hours. YOU’RE CONFUSING ME, H50! Wow. (Note: Castle has an element of this also. Castle himself goes home at the end of a day and hangs out with his mom and daughter. Except a lot of the time he has a bright idea and goes back out to find Beckett.)

    The relationship between Danny and his brother was fascinating. In another cop show there would normally be overt rivalry and competition between brothers. These two guys not only love each other, they say so. Huh? My mind was boggled by the warm fuzzies. I loved it. Dear Danny, he just gets taller for me every week (not counting reruns.)

    I’m wondering what’s to become of Danny’s emotional state in the next new episodes. This was big for him. It’s going to be hard for him to process – another whacking blow to his ideal of a life he thought was going fine. Separated from Rachel, leaving his family and the home he loved, now his beloved brother lets him down harder than he could ever imagine. His little brother, in fact, who was his charge, his responsibility. I felt the gut-wrenching choice he had to make in letting Matt go.

    Now, here again, I’ll tell you how well trained I am with respect to cop shows. First I expected Danny to shoot him anyway, and I was hoping he’d just shoot him in the leg. Then, I truly expected there to be the offscreen sound of a gunshot, with Matt being shot – I’m hoping just in the leg – and we discover that Steve has followed them, and he’s the one who shoots to save Danny from having to do it, or not do it. But no, instead we now know that Danny has suffered a gigantic blow and he’s hurting terribly.

    That he went to Rachel afterward was maybe not completely predictable, but right. She has Grace, after all, and they’re the family that he has close by. He needed a hug in the worst way and he wouldn’t get the right one – the healing one – from the team. If being with Rachel leads to anything, I’ll be at least moderately surprised. (Ah! Another TV/movie cliche op here – that sympathy and closeness will inevitably lead to sex and/or reconciliation. Which sometimes happens but goes wrong. They [the writers] just better NOT.)

    This is the most I’ve ever seen of Dane Cook. I thought he was better looking than that. He was okay though.

    • officer808 says:

      Great analysis…I would disagree though, I don’t think any brother would should their sibglin in the leg, unless of course that sibling was Charles Manson.

      Good point on how this affects Danny…there’s a lot going on with him, I hope the stories don’t get unbalanced and center a lot around him.

  5. Linda Stein says:

    It’s beginning to sound so redundant. Week after week we say the same thing. “This week’s episode was one of the best yet”. Every time we say it, it feels like it HAS to be the last time because how is it possible? How can they, each week, top themselves? Will it be with the nature of the crime being solved? Will it be the level of action and the number of things blown up? Will it be Steve and/or Kono doing some great, new, unbelievable stunt? It could be any or all of those things but this week even though we DID have things blowing up it was the interpersonal relationships that have been formed and are growing and the relationships from the past revisited that were the highlight along with some of the most superb acting from Scott Caan!

    I have heard of Dane Cook but I have never actually seen him in anything. I read different people saying they didn’t like the idea of him being on the show. Since I’m not familiar with his work I came into last night’s episode with no preconceived notions with regard to his ability to play the part. I’m glad I didn’t because I think he did a fine job. If he’s looking to extend his career past comedy he took a very good first step last night.

    Like the episode with Step-Stan this one was a split story, with Danny dealing with his family issue while the rest of the team solved the crime of the week. I think the writers may have realized we fans didn’t want to see another episode where Danny was completely separated from the rest of the team so they made sure he was in on the final bust of the bomber and had Steve with Danny at crucial points when dealing with Matt. It was a good compromise and worked very well. But the bomber storyline isn’t even worth much discussion. It was there, it gave the team something to occupy their time but it was Danny’s story that propelled this episode.

    All the banter of the show was between Danny and Matt and it was good. Reminiscing about sneaking into the Stone Pony to see Bruce, Matt calling Danny “Magnum”, Danny scolding Matt for spoiling Grace. They sounded like REAL brothers. I’m glad the writers didn’t have a “cargument” this week. Having Steve and Danny go at it would have been so inappropriate tonight. I’m glad they cooled it.

    The entire dinner scene was wonderful. Steve offering to leave so the family could be together, deciding to stay (for a half hour) after he saw the fantastic food and then staying until after dark having a good time. Have we ever seen them sitting and laughing and so relaxed? Finding out Danny handcuffed Matt to the monkey cage at the zoo because it was “his duty” then finding out he was only NINE at the time! Steve really broke up over that one! And the looks Danny was giving Rachel!!!! Oh my God. Anyone who says he doesn’t still have feelings for her is just BLIND! Matt saw it, in fact, Matt engineered it. Danny was only supposed to be picking up Grace. Matt’s the one who invited Rachel. I also liked how Rachel still called Danny “Daniel” and how he introduced his partner and his brother to each other as “Matthew” and “Stephen”.

    So now we know that Danny’s family is very close knit. Their father is a firefighter. Their parents are still living and they have sisters. The story Danny told about what Matt did for him after his breakup with Rachel was heartbreaking and shows the devotion between them. The look on Danny’s face when Matt admitted he took the money was like he was kicked in the gut. He was floored, disappointed, angry, hurt, and then determined to help. He was even willing to leave Hawaii, leave Grace, to help his brother. When he had to pull a gun on him at the airport it was almost physical pain. I was holding my breath the whole time.

    The dynamic between Steve and Danny continues to grow every week. Like in the Meca episode when Danny wouldn’t even entertain the idea that Meca was on the take, Danny immediately dismissed the FBI’s claims that his brother was dirty. Also, like the Meca episode, Steve was listening to what the FBI guys were saying with a look on his face that showed he was considering it could be true. But, unlike the Meca episode, Steve was on Danny’s side 100% from the get go telling Danny that family comes first. The look that passed between them when Steve claims to know where Matt was then fed the FBI a bogus story was priceless. The gratitude Danny felt was palpable.

    Then there is Danny and Rachel! He looked genuinely surprised but very happy to see her at the dinner table and, like I said before, the looks between them spoke volumes. Rachel was totally attuned to Danny. She saw right through him at the beach when he was questioning Matt. She still knows him so well and he still trusts her. He told her what was going on and practically asked her what he should do. Then at the end, it wasn’t his partner he went to for comfort, not the partner who helped him by lying to the feds, it was Rachel. He needed her because only she really knows the love between the brothers. She was there, back in Jersey, to see the family dynamic up close. He knew only she would understand the pain he was in. And she did. As he stood at the door, totally destroyed, it was she who reached out to him, pulled him into a hug. Oh yes, there is still love there!

    The writers still managed to get some funny moments into the story. Besides all the laughing around the dinner table, Grace and her presents was really funny. Can you please tell me what little girl wouldn’t have ripped into all those gifts instead of just playing with the wand and tiara on the table? I don’t think Matt needs to spoil Grace, I think she has plenty of stuff at home already. But I did think it was absolutely adorable when Danny told Grace and Matt to behave and Matt told Grace they needed to cause trouble now! Another funny moment was when the Feds didn’t believe Steve had the Governor on speed dial and Danny saying “why are you smiling? He’s not kidding. He did this to me”.

    Two last things before Lynnette reams me a new one for this being too long (LOL). How the hell did that little child from Glee win that Golden Globe????? Scott was extraordinary and if he’s not nominated for an Emmy we need to go all Egypt on the committee’s ass!

    And finally, I love the fact that the writers of this show are not afraid to make our heroes human beings. What I mean is, usually, in these types of shows the heroes NEVER break the rules, never even think about stepping one millimeter out of line. But our team? They steal millions of dollars to save one of their own. Danny told Matt he knew about the investigation even though the FBI told him they would charge him with obstruction if he did. Steve lied to the Feds about Matt’s whereabouts. Danny let him go. These writers are not afraid that we will think less of our heroes. It is a very bold and brave way to write a cop show and I think it makes it better. Not just the same old formula. Like Alex O’Loughlin has said in numerous interviews. This is not your daddy’s Hawaii Five-0!

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      I would NEVER do that to you, Linda! BTW, awesome review! Say, lets go find that Gleek and rip that Golden Globe out of his hands and get on a plane to Hawaii and deliver it to it’s rightful owner! I’m ready to go all “Egypt!”

      Hey, Textbook! You got up early today! In fact, it looks like we all got up early! Except for Val – she never goes to bed! LOL!

      • Linda Stein says:

        LOL…should I recruit my cousin Vito to make sure the little gleek co-operates? Makes me wish I HAD a cousin Vito LOL. But I like the idea. If we only could manage to get to Hawaii and give Scott an award! He was incredible last night! I really NEED to get some more of his stuff. He’s amazing!

    • officer808 says:

      awesome, awesome review, thanks Linda!

  6. jlopie (Lynnette) says:

    Okay, how can you all talk so calmly and rationally about last night’s episode? I’m still a basket case this morning! There was a mad bomber in this episode? Completely blanked that part out. On my way to the store this morning for a case of Kleenex – I’m going to need a box for each time I rewatch this episode. Sigh….

    Hands down, Cecile, this IS my favorite episode to date. BTW, before I forget: Surf and Turf; surf = fish; turf = beef. So, a combo platter with both fish, usually shellfish, and steak. Notice, Steve said he could eat some surf – think he must not be a red meat eater.

    And I am officially off the fence now. All my previous comments about not wanting Rachel and Danny to get back together are trashed. She redeemed herself in my estimation last night. And, yes, they do really look good together – that infamous word “chemistry” fits here. And for you guys – it was RACHEL in the bikini! Not bad, I might add! Somewhere someone said she has sexy eyes, but I don’t really think he was looking at her eyes…

    Steve was the ultimate, compassionate, caring, endearing friend last night. And notice, he learned his lesson from the Mecah episode, just agree with Danny when he’s riled up by officials telling him his partner – now brother – are under investigation for criminal mischief. This time Danny was wrong, but Steve never smirked or said “I told you so”. Good job there, Stevo.

    Became a Dane Cook fan last night. He was awesome, and I never would have guessed his career to date is as a comedian. But let’s face it, he pulled off his character as well as he did because of Scott. Scott was spot on last night, and he drug everyone along with him. Of course, this is just my opinion, you may think differently, and I promise not to use my hacker skills to install a trojan virus which will blow up your hard drive if you disagree! Off to buy my tissues – will return here later.

    • Val says:

      Oh my God – Love your reviews Linda and Lynette….spot on!! I’m ready to go all egypt too – let me know when you are ready to go…I’ll start packing too. Honestly you guys crack me up but what you have asserted echoed in my mind a million times – just what drives us to watch the show each week and to spend this amount of time – talking, sharing, caring and building new friendsips along the way. This is why we love the show as well. As for your comparison to what happened to Mecca and now Matt…Steve was more patient with Danny. Did you see the look on Danny’s face when he reluctantly took the card which I’m sure he wanted to shred into tiny little pieces, when he heard that not only was his youngest brother accused of stealing he was about to be indicted… how he held his composure without exploding a denial, it was a near thing. When those feds left, the tension on Danny in that room was like a stick of dynamite, he was shocked, he was in absolute shock and he was hurting beyond belief and all it needed was for Steve to not believe him, which to his credit Steve remained silent and let Danny talk. He held his tongue and waited and then leaned over to tell Danny with a caring hand on his shoulder to go talk to your brother, take all the time you need to do it,family comes first. Danny needed to hear that. They may not give each other brotherly hugs but you just know that their friendship has come a long way. Steve knew that he was dealing with a difficult day but he never once laid a burden on Danny. Danny and Kono were going to go to the courthouse that afternoon to speak to the DA but instead Steve went with Kono instead. No mention about Chin who to his credit never complained – just followed through on what was needed and stood by the team. He and Kono know that Steve needed them and counted on them and they were there without questions for Steve and silently for Danny too. As team goes, they are just awesome and I don’t care that they don’t all solve crimes together, but eventually they do – don’t care if their cases aren’t always so predictable like other cop shows, I’m glad that the writers found their niche and dared to challenge us to think outside of the box….to love these characters no matter what they deliver to us each week…well Peter Lenkov et al….we are challenged and we love the direction and we trust in your writers writing. I have never ever trusted other shows in their writing before…they always let me down but not Five-O!! We love you just as much as the cast!! ♥

    • officer808 says:

      Allright, one more for the Rachel and Danny reunion!

      Watch some of Dane’s stand up… I think it’s funny stuff.

  7. textbook says:

    Actually, Dane Cook as a comic is kind of a polarizing figure. I’ve read numerous times that he does in fact do stand-up, but a heap of people don’t find him funny. Like Steve Guttenberg (and for me, Albert Brooks.)

    I will second or third anybody’s motion that Scott should get an Emmy. Most actors you don’t have much opportunity to see how much they’ve put into their roles. It goes by too fast and you’re involved with the story. Whatever I might like AO’L for, I am now a huge Scott fan. The producers really scored when they hired him. I’d love to know about any auditions that were done. And I’m not just saying that ’cause I’m scared of Lynette.

    By the way, everybody, it’s spelled “Meka”.

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Thanks for the correction. “Meka.” Got it. I tend to make up spelling as I go, esp. when I really get into something! BTW, YOU have nothing to worry about, no Trojan virus for you!

  8. JOEY KEAGY says:

    OK, well linda needs to go on your payroll becasue she summed it up incredibly! Danny and Matt were awesome together. Reminded me of my own brother and myself. Steve and Danny are best friends wether they realize it or not. Rachel and Danny have got to get together. Maby step-stan needs to get killed off. They still love each other! Another fabulous episode. The only disappointment is in knowing that March 21 is a lonnng way off! you can only watch the same ones so many times !
    Good wite up #H50 Undercover!

    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Joey, I think after last night, Danny totally knows that Steve will always have his back. I feel, in a future episode, we will probably see Danny reciprocating for Steve. His brother let him down hard, but Steve was there for him, and Danny will do the same for Steve.

    • officer808 says:

      Thank you sir! I will be more than happy to put Linda on the payroll, she can make as much as me, which is $0.00 😉

  9. WendieJoy says:

    Thanks for the mention Officer808:) Love your Zip Line dialogue! LOL!
    I LOVED the Magnum and the Clarence Clemons drops. Appropriate for Danno to drop the New Jersey references! Glad you commented on that, as i could not figure a way to work that into my blog:) You’re awesome! Love my 50Undercover daily fix! XO WJ

  10. textbook says:

    Just remembered something that occurred to me last night. As the episode went along, and Danny had more dialogues with his brother, he had less of the New Jersey accent/bravado in his voice. He was talking to somebody to whom he didn’t have anything to prove.

  11. Melissa says:

    I really enjoyed the episode and the fact that it developed the characters more. The characters in the show are what keep bringing me back week after week. The mad bomber story line was there, but I really like the fact that we learned more about Danny’s family and his relationships with all his different families (blood and work).

    One of my favorite parts was the dinner scene. I can totally relate to a “30 minute” dinner break turning into a much longer and relaxing dinner. The monkey story is a favorite, and I can so see that actually happening. It was nice to see at least part of the team being able to relax. I also enjoyed the fact that they were going to “say hello” to the feds at the end of the dinner scene, and the “he did this to me” in regards to calling the governor.

    The relationship between Danny and Steve is made stronger by the fact that Steve dropped what he was working on to help Danny tail Matt. Steve’s family is not with him (either dead or on the mainland) so the team, especially Danny, is now his family. He knows how important family is especially since his is mostly gone. The human side of his character is just as important as his business/SEAL side and we were able to see that more.

    When Danny determines that his brother is truly involved, he has a heart to heart with Matthew. Though Danny seems convinced that Matt will turn himself in and he,Danny, will see him through the ordeal, the look in Matt’s face tells a different story. You could tell at that point that Matt was still planning on running. I was pleasantly surprised when McGarrett misled the feds as to where Matt’s whereabouts were. When he said, “Danny we have to tell them”, I thought Steve was truly going to go by the book, and I was mad, but when he said on a boat, the anger left. As far as the ending goes, it was hard for me to hear it all since my husband was “yelling” at Danny to shoot the tires of the airplane so it couldn’t go anywhere. (better than having to shoot your brother, but still upholding the law to some extent).

    At first I was a bit surprised that Danny saught solace with Rachel, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Danny and Rachel have a history that includes Danny’s family and how important it is to him (so important that he leaves NJ for Hawaii). I also thought that perhaps McGarrett was with the feds on the North Shore looking for Matt (to lend credibility to the deception) and hence was not available.

    It truly opens up more potential problems for the team in future episodes (will Danny be charged with helping Matt escape, what about Steve’s role in the deception, and of course there is the missing money that is no longer missing (from tsunami episode)?)

    Also, it appears that Steve’s flecks of gray were missing in this episode…hmmm.

    • Cecile says:

      I was wondering too why Danny didn’t shoot the tires of the plane, but I guess it was not just about shooting his brother, but more whether or not giving him a huge chance to no spend the next few years in prison.

    • Val says:

      @Melissa and @Cecile – I don’t believe Danny would have shot the tires from the plane – the reason for this is that he yelled at Matt that he tried to help and that he gave Matt a choice, a choice he refused to answer to and to take what is the responsibility and courage to turn himself in. He couldn’t do it and deep down Danny knew after the plane left that his “brother” was lost to him.

      Danny is hurting and extremely angry but in that moment, for the first time he truly believed that he’s brother made the choice to run. As far as Danny is concerned his brother turned his back on the family, left them to pick up the pieces and that’s something Danny will have to answer to – the family. He let his brother go because Matt stood by him when he needed it the most – those six months didn’t just go away because Matt did this terrible thing. You don’t turn your back on family. That’s why it was so cruel of Matt to tell him to make the terrible choice of shooting him which Danny would never do. For the Five-O’s the common theme “family comes first”.

    • officer808 says:

      Thanks for contributing 🙂

      You’re right…someone’s mentioned that Matt’s room may have been bugged, which would implicate Danny as an aid to Matt’s flight. The team is digging themselves in a hole somewhat, playing fast and loose with the rules.

      I too as a little surprised by McG’s comment, I thought he was going to rat Matt out!

      • Diana says:

        I don’t know how it will play out with the Feds since Danny went out of his way to say that he talked to a friend at SEC and that is how he found out about the pending indictment, he never mentioned that the FBI was investigating. Plus, he also mentioned to Rachel that he had a call into a friend at the SEC, so it would appear that he would have a phone record of talking to some there. I know I maybe splitting hairs here, but when it come to a court of law sometimes it really does come down to splitting hairs. 😉

      • officer808 says:

        yeah, like the missing $10 million, this is going to ome back to haunt them I think…

      • Val says:

        That was a worrying thought because when Danny and Gracie were walking down the hallway they did pass that waiter and if the Feds were watching his brother – the definitely would have bugged the room – but the weird part was the last scene when they were searching the room for Matt – no one mentioned about busting Danny there and then for talking to his brother. They simply showed them the video clip which was very damning against Matt since he was making some sort of payoff which u can tell must have been very devestating for Danny to see that. But I held my breath when I thought Steve was going to rat out on Matt too but I think he knew that Matt was going to split and Danny was running out of time to be with his brother – but once the feds realize that Steve sent them on a wild goose chase… they are in so much trouble already what’s one more but then again – what does it really mean to have “full immunity” and “means”… (could that be the added protection that has allowed them to skate along the thin ice all this time?) – how much longer can their luck hold?

      • Val says:

        But Bob – the missing money is now accountered for so it can’t implicate them anymore!! The only pitfall is whoever put the money back (back ground shark music) knows who took it and why…maybe? (Wofat) The febs prob over Matt – hmm there may be a way of wiggling out of that with “the full immunity and means” that the Gov gave them. She must be able to protect them on some minor things….this being one of them?

  12. says:

    Things we learned, part 2:

    1) Well, the Hilton is very big. 😉 But the Aston’s getting some love. A little crumb-like morsel of love.

    2) Loved how the feds called Gov. Jameson “fairy godmother” after. She did, after all, make that “misplaced” drug money problem go away for the Five-0 unit.

    Nice catching the Jersey references!

  13. Diana says:

    While last night was not our typical Hawaii Five-0 episode, I still found it to be very good especially in light of the fact I believe that it was start of the writers laying the foundation of the season finale storyline. Remember we only have 5 more episodes, not including the season finale itself, until the end of season in May.

    I personally think the season finale will be all about family and I think that the writers are trying to lay the ground work to show just how important family is not only to Danny but also to Steve. Did anyone else notice the comment that Steve made to Danny that “Family comes first.” This is the second time where Steve has told Danny to blow off a case to take care of his family. And to top it off, Steve also had no problem blowing off the bombing case at the drop of a hat to go help Danny spy on Matt, whether Danny wanted the help or not. Showing that it was more important to Steve to be there to support Danny at that moment, then being in the office waiting on something to break with the bombing. Not that innocent people dying wasn’t important to Steve, it was just slightly less important to him than making sure his partner was okay.
    also think that the writers were purposely trying to show that Steve is now as much Danny’s brother as Danny’s real life brother Matt, if not more so, by first having him attend the family dinner and then in that Steve didn’t blink an eye about lying to the Feds to help Danny out at the end, just like Danny was there to support Steve when they thought they were going to be busted for stealing the 10 million. Of course that turned out be a good thing since it gave Danny a surrogate brother to lean on given what a rat his real brother turned out to be at the end of the episode by putting Danny in the position of either giving him up to the Feds, shooting him or watching him leave and become a fugitive.

    Talk about self centered at its finest, Matt left Danny to clean up his mess since Danny will be the one that will have to explain to their parents and siblings what happened and why Matt is now a fugitive from the law. And can you just imagine how torn up Danny is going to be when he has to explain to Grace why her favorite uncle is now in the same boat as the people he works so hard to put in jail every day. Maybe Grace can spend some bonding time with Steve and he can step in to the role of being her new favorite uncle. Of course, that is until he goes to jail for stealing 10 million dollars that got returned, but I digress, as that is a different conversation for later.

    And, I hope the ending of the show when Danny went to Rachel, instead of going to talk to Steve isn’t foreshadowing of Danny having to make a choice between his brother/partner and the ex-wife that he is still in love with. Especially since I am not totally convinced that Stan is not somehow involved with the WoFat and the Yazuka. Which also begs the question with Matt being involved in the financial industry and given Rachel had to had meet Stan when she was still living in the NJ/NY area, plus she is graduate of the London School of Economics, which means she would have also been involved in the NY business industry, if there isn’t some connection between Matt and Stan and thereby opening the chance that Matt is also some connected to WoFat and the Yazuka.

    Also, did anyone catch Danny’s response of “Again?” when Rachel told him that Stan was in Boston on business? Maybe I am just a conspiracy theorist or have listened to Reba McEntire’s “Whoever is in New England” a little to much, but it makes one wonder if there could be some hanky panky going on, on Stan’s part given that things haven’t been good between him and Rachel. It could also explain Rachel’s little performance the end of the episode where her and Grace was carjacked, in that she didn’t want Danny to start to suspect that there might be more wrong with her marriage than just the carjacking incident.

    Oh and finally, did anyone catch the Fed, referring to the Governor as H50’s “Fairy Godmother”? Could this be some foreshadowing on the part of the writer in reference to the 10 million perhaps?

    Hmm, so much to ponder, and I haven’t even really thought about the subplot of Bomber killing the children because his own son had been killed.

    Anyway. Other thoughts? Agree, disagree, think I’m totally out of my mind?


    • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

      Hey, Di – welcome to the ranks of the long-winded over here! You will certainly fit in just fine! And, as in your posts elsewhere, you bring up very pertinent and thought-provoking points. My eyes are just too blurry from reading everyone’s opinions to make any further more comments now. Just want to say, you are not totally out of your mind, just a little touched, like the rest of us!

    • Val says:

      Wow Diana – you certainly have given us lots of room for thought and lots of info to digest and no u are definitely not out of your mind but I think you have raised some very interesting questions to what really is going on and I think you might have just opened a door to some interesting stories coming our way….. very interesting point of view.

    • officer808 says:

      Thanks for contributing Di 🙂 I totally agree that, Wo Fat, Matt and the missing $10 million may all be connected…

    • Linda Stein says:

      Steve didn’t blow off the bombing case to sit down to dinner. At that point in time there was only one murder and the team thought the judge was the target. As they were walking to the table Steve said they had the judge under complete protection and Danny and Kono were going to talk to the prosecutor the next day. They were completly free to sit down to a nice dinner. If it had been a day later, after the prosecutor’s son was killed, they would not have sat there that long, if at all.

  14. Merry Blue says:

    This episode has to be one of the most powerful, if not THE most powerful to date. It was substantial – that was the word in my head at the end. This episode was full of Substance. Packed solid with information, emotion, and tension. And very little hyperbole. The two juxtaposed story lines did not jar at all in this episode and the transitions moved smoothly between the plots, as I found they did not two weeks ago in the Federal witness episode.

    Things I noted/wonder about:

    How much doo-doo is Danny going to be in with the FBI? They will be back on his case about the non-existent boat in the North Shore bay (and probably on Steve’s, too). However, considering that snarky agent was spotted sneaking out of Matt’s room disguised as a waiter, the FBI had to have that room bugged, no? So, if the conversation between Danny and Matt about returning to the mainland and surrendering was recorded, will that help get Danny out of trouble?

    A poster on the official CBS H50 facebook page felt that Danny should have shot out the plane’s tires, to prevent Matt escaping. I have very mixed feelings about this. Yes, I supposed it would have worked. But given the turmoil that Danny was experiencing, I can understand that this did not register as something he could or should do. Or perhaps it did and he felt it was unbearable to face the subsequent result: calling HPD or FBI to pick up Matt, putting his own brother in jail. Adult, real-cop Danny has a much greater understanding of the world’s shades of grey than the child, pretend cop Danny’s black and white world. And actually shooting his own brother, even in the leg, would never have been acceptable to Danny. Danny allowed his brother to make his choice and I think that made it much harder for Matt. It may be that eventually Matt will discover the strength to come back on his own and redeem himself. (Well, we do like to do a lot of dreaming….)

    Finally, the resolution to the bomber case was amazing. The bomber apparently could not detonate the bomb. Was this because the boy was already out of the car and away from the bomb, or was it because that this was the only victim that the bomber interacted with directly and he saw his own son in the victim? I think it was the latter.
    Suddenly he felt he would be killing his own son over again? In both story lines, at the end, the trigger is not pulled and both the bomber and Danny are left with grief and turmoil. It’s grief and turmoil of their own choosing, though.

    I liked the ending with Danny going to Rachel. I personally hope this signals a “moving on” for the two of them in which they can relate as people who care about each other and not as antagonists. And not as renewed lovers, either. But that’s my preference. I’m interested to see how the story arc moves on.

    OK, so Chin Ho has a cloud of doom, Steve has a cloud of doom and now Danny has a cloud of doom. Does Kono get one too? And we have to wait a month to start finding out?????

  15. mcphee81 says:

    I suffered from a terrible migrane headache for half a day yesterday. Pretty much after the episode I was like ‘What happened to the killer’. I got sooo completely lost in the storyline with Matt that I didn’t get much focused on the other guy.

    Poor Danny losing his brother like that he really did try his hardest to save him from going I was litterally saying ‘Danny, don’t let him go’ like 3 times. I nearly cried for him also it was very sad. I thought when he went to Rachel after the ordeal I thought they were going to kiss there for a moment because he had that eye for her at the Hilton scene there.

    I have to agree I was thinking during the scene thinking ‘Why couldn’t Danno just drive his car right through the fence to save Matt from leaving in his private jet’ and I didn’t think about that with the scene that happened in Ho’apono as well.

    I am eventually going to watch this again today I’m feeling a bit much better before I go to work and see what else I’ve missed.

    I’ve been hearing on another site that apparently some people didn’t like Scott’s acting in this episode. Those people are wrong once again I think Scott has shown how good of an actor he is in this episode.

    March 21st the next one awwwwwww looks like I can see another Five-0 Marathon coming on for me 🙂

    • officer808 says:

      You can almost watch one episode a day between now and the next epi 🙂

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        Who settles for 1 episode a day? *Guilty chuckle!*

      • Val says:

        Officer Bob has a good point if we spread the episodes out each week starting from the beginning by the time we are done with the last episode that we saw last week – we’d be close to waiting for the next new episode – but I agree with you Lynette who settles for just watching it once….I’m guilty of that too.

  16. textbook says:

    Okay, let’s just all agree on one point and have done with the “Did you see the way they looked at each other?”:

    Danny still loves Rachel.

    Rachel still loves Danny.


    Now, will anything come of it? Some of us hope not, some of hope so.

    I say Rachel has too much water under the bridge to suddenly fall into his arms. Their marriage broke up some time ago. She has a marriage that may or may not be solid, and a very young daughter to consider.

    Danny, as we have seen, has a whole whackin’ lot of integrity. He’s got a moral code, and too much pride to suddenly fall into her arms. And she has a marriage – solid or not – and they have a very young daughter to consider.

    We don’t see Grace wearing a T-shirt saying, “Mom and Dad, please get back together!” She may wish for it in her heart of hearts, but she’d never try to interfere with Mommy’s choice. In fact, she’s pretty well-adjusted for a child of divorce. The breakup – ahem, some time ago? – happened when she was even younger. To mess with the stability of her home would be unconscionable.

    Rachel and Danny’s relationship has warmed up enough that they can enjoy being in each other’s company when it happens. This – I think – is because Danny got the chance to drop his defenses with he and Steve were in her house to investigate the “triathlon bandits” back in November. We saw that she wasn’t a witch, and he was forced to admit it to Steve. It got him over a hurdle. He’s coming along. Rachel can allow herself to feel affectionate toward him. (I hesitate to say that there’s a maternal component there, but it crossed my mind.)

    Still, none of this means any of us should get our knickers in a twist. It’s up to the writers now. Get some sleep.

  17. hawaiiobsessed says:

    Loved the scene on the beach when Rachel asked Danny what was wrong. I could totally see the history there with them, how they were together when it was good. Loved the ending when Danny went to her with his heart broken over Matt leaving. Please don’t get them back together tho! Anyone remember Friends? Ross and Rachel’s angst was much better not relieved. Moonlighting? Much better not together.
    I thought Grace interacted much better with Matt than I have seen with Danny.
    Love Danny but I really want to see the others too. They need to develop something with someone else. Maybe just because the last two episodes had him kind of dealing with family stuff away from the team.
    Didn’t love Steve’s sis character but really hoping they bring her back so we can have some Steve story!
    Might have to tape the show and watch it during the day! I couldn’t sleep after watching it!
    Don’t know Dane Cook’s other work. I thought he was very good in this. I was sure Steve was going to appear somewhere to keep Matt from leaving on the plane.
    Any new episode is going to be enjoyed thoroughly! :>)

    • hawaiiobsessed says:

      Oh I forgot, what the heck was up with the black hair dye in AOL’s hair? When they were sitting on the curb and he gets up and walks away. Weird. It does make his eyes look bluer but …. wonder why they did that?

  18. Sam says:

    I’m almost afraid to speak my mind here this time, you are all so very much gushing about the last episode. For me this was not the highlight of the season. And there is just one simple reason for that, the timing of the ep was just wrong. This was the second time in just two weeks that we got a Danny-family-drama to watch. The second time that the team-dynamic was destroyed.

    I’m sorry but this is not why I watch Hawaii-Five-0. I don’t want to watch the Danny-Show. And that is exactly the problem. Danny is always trying to solve his problems alone, without the help of the team or even Steve. He is just not a team player. Steve on the other hand is. And all the episodes that were focused on him showed that. He always involved the team heavily in the solving of the case. I guess that is just the SEAL in him, it’s drilled into him. You can only accomplish a mission (solve a case) as a team. Never alone.

    And that is why I’m not so thrilled about this ep or 1.16. They where both good and this one even got some extremely good scenes. But in general, I’m sorry they are not H50. And I hope that we will not get too many episodes where the focus is on Danny and his family drama. And please don’t give us any more Rachel. I like her, don’t get me wrong, I think she is a very interesting women. But she and Danny are not made to be together. Yes they love each other. But they are divorced for a reason, and that reason is not going away just be course Danny needed her moral support. So please keep them separated and don’t even entertain the idea of getting them back together. Thank you very much.

    Why am I so critical about all this? Be course I totally love Hawaii-Five-0 and I’m just worried that this great show will become somewhat of a soap opera. I couldn’t stand that. So please don’t get any of the four or soon to be five characters involved with each other. No matter in what constellation. Don’t get Danny and Rachel back together, don’t kill off Stan in some weird WoFat twist and please no more personal drama. I can already see Chin and Kono wanting more character developing. I can understand that the actors want “character” for their characters, but please slowly not everything in one Season. This is still a crime show and a damn good one for that matter. So go back to the crime (and action, yes I was missing that too), solve some spectacular cases, give us some more mysterious hints about the dozens of questions we are seeking answers to. In general go back to be the best TEAM of crime-fighters out there.

    Oh and one really important thing – who had that stupid idea to dye Steve’s hair? That person should be fired. That new look is not just distracting (I spend minutes adjusting my TV), it’s just plain dump.

    Now with this out of my system I can go and watch the episode again. 🙂

    • officer808 says:

      Sam, all opinions are welcome, whether we agree or disagree 🙂

      I’m also afraid that the storeis are becoming heavily Danny-centric…so we’ll see how the rest of the season goes.

      • jlopie (Lynnette) says:

        Sam, I appreciate your opinion, too, and even though I am one of the really big Danny fans on this list of commenters, I’m agreeing that there’s been a little too much focus on him lately. I don’t like him always fighting the good fight alone, either. The writers need to balance out the story lines and give some love to Chin and Kono. And the really big AOL fans are needing a major fix!

        Thanks for your dose of reality – we all need it from time to time!

      • Cecile says:

        You’re right about the timing, it was too close from last time, but it was a little different, Danny was still in the investigation (even though it was very light), et Steve helped him.

        Same here, I love Danny, but like I said earlier, we need more Chin and Kono now, and more of the four of them. I suppose they favor Danny because of Scott’s nomination for the Golden Globe. They try to give him more nomination and winning material ! But let’s hope they won’t forget about the other three.

  19. BigBraddah says:

    “surf and turf is found on many steakhouse and upscale restaurant menus for (mostly) guys to order so they look important and/or extravagant.”
    WHAAT!? Men like steak. And Lobster. Men are hungry alla time. I care not a whit to look important or extravagant. And I love steak and lobster. I am happy to eat it alone with no one noticing. Most real men I assume have long outgrown the need to display insecurity to that degree. Please promise us you will stop dining with twenty somethings.
    (dotted all thru Waiks we find many restaurants offering surf n turf. A good example is the no frills diner Seaside Grill on Kuhio. Which offers mahi mahi and lobster tail, or steak and lobster tail. At a competitive $12.95 like many others vying for the tourist kala. And garanz, ain’t nuffin extravagant, impotent or upscale about these places.)

    “Matt referred to Danny as “Magnum”.  Danny did the same thing to a private detective in “Palekaiko”.”
    And during Magnum PI’s eight year run, often he would refer to calling Five Oh. or alluding to needing Five Oh. or whatevahz. Magnum reference 5-0 often. It’s The Circle of (TV) Life.

    Yep. The ep. title this time is wrongo, boyo!

    “I was wondering too why Danny didn’t shoot the tires of the plane,” H50’s budget is not as large as one would assume.

    • textbook says:

      “Please promise us you will stop dining with twenty somethings.” Actually that’s one reason I did stop. Hawaiians probly growing up with actual surf & turf have a more sophisticated relationship with it than guys in Texas. (Maybe with most everything.)

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