A lucky fan recaps her night watching filming at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, more photos added to Facebook

Hawaii Five-0 filming at the Hilton Hawaiian Village

Hawaii Five-0 filming at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Photo: @eggfooyoung

I uploaded more photos from the Hilton Hawaiian Village on my Hawaii Five-o Undercover’s Facebook page in the Right Place, Right Time – Fan Photos 2011 album.

Undercover Special Agent Gail E. from New York shared her experience from Thursday night’s filming at the HHV:

I come to Oahu every February to celebrate my brithday and stay with close friends on the North Shore. I told them it would be cool if I got to see some filming of Hawaii Five-0. It was more of a joke than an expectation. I didn’t really expect anything of it.

My friend and I heard that Five-0 would be filming at the Hilton. We went over to see if we could get more info. We heard from someone that the main characters would be filming around 7ish at the Tropics Bar and Grill. There were already a few people standing around outside. We stood there and waited. They brought in the extras for the restaurant at about 6:00. The main characters came in later, walking by us and waving to the crowd. After a rehearsal run, they filmed a scene at the table. Chin, Kono, Danny, Steve (who was in a cast and had a bruised face), and Kamekona (who also was in a cast) came in. They had a band play for a little bit for the first scene. They reset the table to shoot another angle of the same scene. They filmed this about four times.

Earlier in the day I got a map of Oahu. I thought it would be cool to get it signed if I got to meet any of the actors from the show. In between filming I caught Daniel leaving. He signed my map and took a photo. I talked to a set hand after and asked if I could get Alex’s autograph since he was standing near makeup, waiting for next setup. He said it was possible. They finished filming, and I was near the makeup area with a few other people. When Alex walked out I said, hello and asked if it would be possible to get something signed cause I had to leave. He asked me where I was staying and where I was from originally. I told him I was visiting from New York and loved the show. He said he would have to give me a special signature then! He wished me a happy birthday too, and he was really nice! I got a quick photo with him and told him I loved Steve and rooted for him all the time. I asked if they were picked up yet for second season. He said not as of yet but was hopeful. I wished him luck. Also I got to say hi to Scott as he was leaving, got a photo of him and autograph too.


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4 Responses to A lucky fan recaps her night watching filming at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, more photos added to Facebook

  1. Val says:

    @undercover special agent Gail E. – thank you so much for the write up and sharing your experience of visiting one of the rehearsals at the Tropics Bar & Grill. What a fantastic and memorable way of celebrating your birthday. But its also really nice to know how wonderful these actors truly are as people. I think Hawaii is definitely high on the destination list for vacations now with all the buzz around the show, the friendly locals and just the beauty of the island. Even looking at the backdrop of the set – the flowers, palm trees – just very pretty to look at. I know the cast and film crew are so incredibly hard at work and the hours and day is really long and attracting a lot of attention from tourists, on-lookers and curiosity seekers, yet everyone is not distracted they get along with their day – crowds are not rudely shooed away they get to stay and wait and watch and politely if they get the chance say hello – its wonderful. Sad tho to hear that Alex O’Loughlin wasn’t able to confirm that they have picked up season two, yet we know its in the works so we’ll just all have to be patient to wait for the official announcement. I’m looking forward to seeing this episode. Wonderfully nice that he “gave her the special signature” – he’s a very very nice guy from what I’ve read and seen of what people have posted & its really nice to know.

  2. Ichi says:

    Wow, what an amazing experience!! I wish I could meet them too 🙂

    And AHA! I /knew/ Kamekona was in a cast! You couldn’t really tell from the photos. I wonder what this will have to do for the plot..

  3. McPhee says:

    Great B-Day present! My birthday is coming up but I wish I had the money to go to Hawaii but I’m saving up to go away somewhere else later this year for family so I need the money for that

  4. McPhee says:

    no word still yet on 2nd season. I can’t understand why it takes sooo long to say yes to a highly rated TV show for that

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