Local actor JT Rowland shares his experiences from the inaugural Hawaii Five-0 Actor’s Seminar

JT Rowland gives us the inside scoop

Sunday’s Hawaii Five-0 Actor’s Seminar at Tenney Theater was so tightly wrapped, only the press and invitees were allowed in.  Present were executive producer Peter Lenkov, actors Alex O’Loughlin, Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim, casting director Rachel Sutton, and producer/director/writer Duane Clark.

Local up and coming actor JT Rowland (twitter @JT_Rowland) was present at the seminar and soaked up some good advice and insight passed from the panel.  He shared some of what he learned on twitter, and also generously spent some time to answer my questions.

So you’re born and raised in Hawaii?
I am indeed a local actor. I was born in Honolulu but left the islands at a young age. I have been back now for almost a year.

What did they talk about at the seminar?
The seminar was a valuable experience for us actors. It gave us insight into what the casting agent as well as what the producers are looking for. Main points were on confidence, being prepared, be constantly training, know your lines or don’t show up to the set.

Their biggest pet peeve were actors that showed up to set and didn’t know their lines.

Another thing they wanted us all to know is that they take every opportunity to hire local talent. Peter Lenkov the exec producer was hurt by allegations that he paid LA actors preferential treatment over HI talent. He made it a point to say that 80% of their hires are local.

Any gems of wisdoms from the actors themselves?
Alex and Grace spent some time talking about their acting backgrounds. Alex being classically trained in Sydney. Grace went the route that that so many of us are taking. Finding local classes and plowing away at auditions.

Anyone’s advice struck you more than anything else?
Alex by far. You could tell he really wanted to impart us with wisdom. What I took away from him: Don’t act. Be present and “listen.”

Peter Lenkov did give me a better appreciation of the production side of the house. Lines, scenes, actors are all there to tell a story.  That’s what it boils down to at the end of the day.

Thanks for your time JT!

Other comments from JT pulled off the twitter timeline:

JT_Rowland Fun & I learned so much. Dan,Alex and Grace have such a presence, such charisma that I couldn’t help but be a little starstruck. #H50

JT_Rowland #H50 They all really seemed to care. The producers were more than a little hurt about the allegations that they hardly hire local talent.

JT_Rowland In reality, something like 80% of their hires are local. They gave candid and frank advice and accounts on the reality of what they look 4–

JT_Rowland — on the actors they hire. This portion of the seminar was worth 100 books on acting and the biz.

JT_Rowland It was also great to finally put a face to Rachel Sutton. She is the casting agent whom I’ve been trying to get acquainted with. #H50

JT_Rowland They covered so many things from the business side to the production and acting sides that there is no way I can do justice in tweets. #H50

JT_Rowland @Terrysagirl: Alex was classically trained in Sydney. Grace trained by attending various classes around Vancouver. #H50

JT_Rowland @Terrysagirl #H50 [Grace] described [learning acting]  as “[Guerilla] style.” Acting for film, auditioning, improv, movement classes. She still seeks out classes.

JT_Rowland @Ozbella Thing about Mr. O’Loughlin is that he appears to be an intense guy. But he’s actually pretty laid back. Awesome sense of humor. #H50

JT_Rowland @Ozbella [Alex] was constantly picking on Grace Park And Peter Lenkov. Jokes to the audience as well. Really cool guy. #H50

JT_Rowland @LisaLisa98 [The seminar] was strictly about the production and the craft.

JT_Rowland @LisaLisa98 …they didn’t dwell that deeply into the production side. What they did talk about pertained to the actor’s perspective on it

JT_Rowland @LisaLisa98 such as why the scene you were in ended up on the cutting room floor.

JT_Rowland @LisaLisa98 [edits are] Mostly due to time constraints. The show is actually about 47min in length. They always shoot over that and edit it down.

JT_Rowland @LisaLisa98 Peter Lenkov said they rarely edit due to someone’s performance because he can make a bad one work.

You can follow JT on twitter at @JT_Rowland.


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7 Responses to Local actor JT Rowland shares his experiences from the inaugural Hawaii Five-0 Actor’s Seminar

  1. textbook says:

    Wow. I am so impressed I barely know what to say. Surely this sort of thing is not typical. Do any of the Undercovers know if other shows do things like this? I’m just sitting here astonished. It is SO COOL. How I wish I could have been there. I care not at all about watching the filming, but THIS… Wow.

  2. rainycali says:

    Thanks so much for the recap. What I would have given to be a fly on that wall! I love the whole show starting with Peter Lenkov 🙂

  3. Val says:

    Wow – that was awesome thank you so much for finding this and sharing!! I must say I’m very impressed with Peter Lenkov for hiring locals, done a great job with it. I think the cast has shown not only their true talent, but how hard they work at making their craft speak for itself. Alex may seem very laidback and easy going but deep down he works very very hard and all that training and listening has really paid off for all. I’m surprised no one commented much about DDK – sure he had something of value to share from his experience. All in all, I’m in awe of this talented group.

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