Mike Gordon’s write up of yesterday’s Five-0 seminar, with Jamm Aquino’s photos

More coverage on yesterday’s seminar

Hawaii Five-0 Actor's Seminar

Hawaii Five-0 Actor's Seminar, 2/27/11. Photo: Jamm Aquino

Mike Gordon sat in on the seminar yesterday and reported:

It was the kind of afternoon that aspiring Hawaii actors normally only get to dream about: The stars of the CBS drama “Hawaii Five-0,” its directors, producers and casting gatekeepers all taking their questions about landing a part.

But there they were Sunday on the stage at Tenney Theatre. “Five-0” stars Alex O’Loughlin, Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim, executive producers Peter Lenkov and Brad Turner, director Duane Clark and Rachel Sutton, the show’s casting agent.

Read his whole write up on the Honolulu Pulse website.

See Jamm Aquino’s photos on the Facebook page or at the Honolulu Pulse website (note you’ll have to scroll through individual photos on the Pulse site).

It looked like a full house at this invitation only event for actors, so a big mahalo to Mike Gordon and Jamm Aquino for giving us a report!


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12 Responses to Mike Gordon’s write up of yesterday’s Five-0 seminar, with Jamm Aquino’s photos

  1. textbook says:

    Really cool pictures! Lucky audience. Talk about right place, right time…

  2. Linda Stein says:

    Hey Bob…anyone get any video of the event. It would be great to hear what they were saying and what they were laughing about!

  3. mcphee81 says:

    Looks like Alex has changed his hair a bit looks flatter and slicked back he looks a bit different.

    Where was Scott I guess he was a bit media shy to attend

  4. Ichi says:

    Awww, Alex is always such a cutie!! 🙂 He has the best smile!!

    I’ve been suffering from Five-0 withdrawals since last monday… good thing there’s hulu and sidereel I can watch the older episodes on! Yay for marathons. One suggestion I have after reading through all the review posts is to add a character biography section to this site! It would be a nice summary to have of the characters’ backgrounds and connect to the current storylines, e.g., Danno’s dad was a firefighter, Kono was once training to become a professional surfer, etc.

  5. jadore says:

    I read Scott was in L.A. at his photography exhibit.

    • Cecile says:

      [I’m fairly sure I posted an answer here a few hours ago, but it doesn’t show…weird]

      Streetwear shop The Hundreds made a collection of T-shirts with prints of Scott’s photographs, and the opening was this weekend, as well as an exhibition of some of his photos.
      Here’s the LA Times article about it, and here is The Hundreds page

    • textbook says:

      Yeah, there are some pictures up of the opening reception, on Saturday. His dad was there.

  6. sockie says:

    re: alex’s hair… It could be that’s how it wears it on his days off. my dh has the same haircut, and some days he spikes it, some days he doesn’t.

    and before you ask, no, I did not convince him to get the same style. I may have politely nudged, but that’s it. honestly. I swear. nothing more. he has no idea why I like it so much and I’m sure not going to tell him. 🙂

    so, bob- no idea what your hair looks like, but you might want to keep that in mind. 😉

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