@WebSouffle/ Dana in Vermont shares her experience at the Hilton filming (SPOILERS)

Dana in Vermont adds more insight to last Thursday’s filming at the Hilton Hawaiian Village

Dana submitted a special report of her adventure watching the filming last week.  If you saw her video clip and photos, you know how close she was to the action.  Read on to find out more (spoilers ahead).

@websouffle at Hilton Hawaiian Village filming

@WebSouffle at Hilton Hawaiian Village filming, Photo: @WebSouffle

Aloha Officer 808 and all!
I just returned from a week long trip to Oahu & because I do a podcast about the show was really hoping to see some filming. I was also lucky enough, like Agent Grace, to be able to find out about filming at the Hawaiian Hilton’s Tropics Bar last Thursday 2/24!

I was able to talk some waitresses into reserving a table right near the shooting after finding out that the outdoor patio would still be partially open. That worked out fine and we even got to move to a closer table once the tables they were shooting started to be dressed for the filming.

I was also really lucky to been joined at my table by some online friends who are local to Hawaii, @WendieJoy (Five-0-Redux blog at http://www.honolulupulse.com/category/blogs/five-0-redux) and her friend Diana, @AlohaBruce @AlohaYaling (of http://www.hawaii-aloha.com/) @LisaLisa98 of the Five-0′s and a teacher friend of mine who I travelled to Hawaii with on our Winter Break. I was really sad that you, Officer808, were unable to be with us, but I know you were there in spirit!!!

Agent Gail really scored and I am so happy for her. I was NOT brave enough to approach the actors, though I did get to see them walk around, sit in their set chairs to wait around and basically go over lines. It was really cool to see them rehearsing their scenes, with Alex O’ using a little sheet of paper to cue himself and his moves. I noticed how relaxed everyone seemed. The AD John Newman was really nice and always made an announcement to the onlookers at the hotel that they were very grateful for fans. He asked us kindly to be quiet and of course no flash and said we should all just have fun.

So here’s what I can add and it’s a Spoiler alert!!! I really liked the segment they were filming and actually guessed right that it was a final scene for a future episode because all the leads plus big Kamekona, the shave ice guy were all sitting together at the table and drinking beer. An assistant confirmed this later when he came up to our table to tell us we were in “deep background” (we would be in an area of a shot that would have us in it, but very fuzzy) so I await with baited breath my debut on prime time tv, no matter how fuzzy!!! Woo woo!

The first thing I noticed about the scene was Taylor Wily (Kamekona) practicing over and over making a tablecloth into a fake sling. .. his scene included him standing up and teasing McGarrett about it because Steve was at the table, with a wound over his eye and arm in a real sling. Before that Steve and Danno were engaged in a lively conversation, which seemed to culminate in Danno offering to buy the “next round.” It was also a nice scene because it included Hawaiian entertainment, music, singing and drumming as well as a waitress coming up to Steve and signing his cast. Other than what Danno seemed to have said above, I couldn’t hear any further conversation because I was near where the extras at tables around them were. I happened to be next to the waitress carrying Steve’s beer to him which started the scene.

It was cool to me from a production view too because I saw how all the extra and background were directed to start up carefully before “Action!” was called. Grace is right that they filmed this scene about 4 times, but they stopped for about 45 minutes after the first two takes with stand in in the actors places while they gave them a break. The AD also advised the extras and background to start up their movements from a different point in the last two times, most likely to get different angles to edit with later.

Finally, I was lucky enough to be next to a nice man who happened to be there with the crew because his company was in charge of the explosives for the show. His name is John Hartigan of Ultimate Effects (www.ultimateeffects.com) and he told me that he had done the explosives & Special Effects for a lot of films, most notably to me was “Sin City” with Bruce Willis. Since he is from the Upstate New York area, nearby Vermont, he said he would be happy to talk to me about some of his work on my “Hawaii In Vermont” podcast (alohavermont.com) He also told me that if I wanted to stick around that evening, they were going to film some exploding stuff in the Hilton’s parking lot. I thanked him, but thought I’d had enough excitement for the night!

If anyone wants to see some pictures and the scene I shot, go ahead and checkout my “Hawaii In Vermont” blog at alohavermont.com . I also hope to be able to share these with the 50Undercover.com blog and Officer808 soon, so stay tuned!!! All in all, it was a very thrilling experience!

Dana In Vermont


Check out Dana’s blog and Hawaii Five-0’s first true podcast at Alohavermont.com.  Mahalo for sharing! 🙂


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5 Responses to @WebSouffle/ Dana in Vermont shares her experience at the Hilton filming (SPOILERS)

  1. Val says:

    Wow very cool – thanks for the new added info. Well nice to see a happy ending once again for the last scene of an episode. I hate it when it always ends with a bang and then we are stuck on dry dock waiting for :”to be continued”…..it would simply be too much to take. So far they are doing all the great stuff. Seriously with all this excitement, I would have truly wanted to watch how they filmed and did the explosion, scene. I have never come up close to seeing anything like that – hint, hint for the DVD’s – please add some of those interesting behind the scene shots …would be wonderful to see it all come together.

  2. textbook says:

    I enjoyed this too. Thanks to Dana in Vermont!

  3. sockie says:

    thanks for this– very interesting!

  4. Kimmer says:

    Great info Dana!

    Watching the video on Dana’s blog, it looks like the waitress is paying attention to Steve because of his arm sling, so Kamekona jumps up to put his own arm in a sling so that she would pay attention to him too. Looks like another good full 5-0 team scene!

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