P. Dizzle in the Honolizzle filming for Hawaii Five-izzle, fo’ shizzle (spoiler free)

P. Diddy seen filming in Honolulu today

P. Diddy, for Hawaii Five-0

P. Diddy, for Hawaii Five-0, Photo: CBS

A local resident of Liliha saw Five-o filming and submitted this Undercover Special Agent report:

I live in the neighborhood and saw some of the filming.  Alex and Diddy were suited up in bullet proof vests and about to enter a house.  It looked like they were rehearsing the scene before filming started.  Alex was saying “I can come from this direction, and you can come from this direction.”  It was so exciting!!! [giggling]

If you want more Diddy, check out KGMB’s report (thanks to @Slash_Goggles):

Side note:  Yes, I know Snoopy Dogg Dog coined the whole “izzle” slang, so no need to correct me. 😛


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