Life On The Set of Hawaii Five-0 with Gabriella Sheindlin

Life On The Set of Hawaii Five-0 with Gabriella Sheindlin

At the suggestion of a friend, bikini model and fitness competitor Gabriella Sheindlin called Hawaii Five-0 casting for any available part.  The casting director immediately offered her a walk on role for the Hilton Hawaiian Village scene that was filmed last week.  Gabriella spent a few minutes chatting with me about her experience on set.

Gabriella Sheindlin.

Gabriella Sheindlin, Photo: Robert Tolentino Photography

Tell me a little about yourself…
I started in bikini competition and won overall in the Paradise Cup.  I recently started modeling again,  did a shoot with a photographer and started a file on Model Mayhem.  Rob the photographer pretty much launched everything that’s going on now!

How’d you get involved with Five-0?
A friend of mine told me about casting for the show.  I walked in, filled out some papers, and right there they told me they needed a waitress.

Wait…you just walked right in and gave you the part?!?!  How lucky is that?  So you got to chat with the cast for a bit in between scenes?
We [the extras] were there before hand, and when Alex O’Loughlin walked in, he winked at me said “Hi.”  Another actress asked if I was starstruck…at the time I told her no, but I was a little nervous.  I guess it’s good that I didn’t watch the show cause I didn’t know how big the stars were.  I watched the show after, and realized they were all…legitimate! [laughing]

Allright so I watched the behind the scenes clips…I see you waiting on tables, but what exactly are you background actors talking about?  Are you actually saying anything?
Hah!  One of the actors was telling me “This is terrible! What are you doing?!?”  I was just supposed to ask if things were ok.  Once, I grabbed a plate from a table and served it to another table…but I don’t think anyone’s gonna notice that!

Is that all you got to do that night?  Wait on tables?
They asked me to stick around for the next scene, for the beach bar and luau.  You might see me dancing there.  Basically it went well, and I think they want me back.  It was my first time on camera, and somehow I was placed in the forefront of the scene.  As the night went on, I felt more confident.

There was a pretty huge crowd building up that night, was that a distraction?
There was a lady that kept on yelling at Alex during the filming…oh and later during the luau scene a drunk lady ran through!

What is in the future in acting for you?
I’ve been in contact with the people from Cougar Town, and they’re supposed to let me know if they need me.

Well good luck Gabriella!

You’ll see Gabriella in the foreground of @AlohaBruce’s BTS video clips. Gabriella appears at about the 15 second mark in the first clip and the 3:00 mark in the second.


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