The ladies of O’Laughing Press transcribe the GQ Style article

Making their optometrists proud

Alex O'Loughlin, GQ Style Auestralia

Alex O'Loughlin, GQ Style Auestralia

The ladies of O’Laughing Press will certainly make their optometrists proud…they transcribed the entire Alex O’Loughlin GQ Style interview!   The interview by Brendan Shanahan is probably one of the best I’ve read on any of the Five-0 cast.  It’s candid, raw, honest and fair.  I’ve been so used to seeing him as Steve McGarrett, that listening to the real Alex O’Loughlin come out makes for a fascinating read.  He showed a lot of vulnerability and a lot of emotion, which is a far departure from the typical E! or Entertainment Tonight interviews that we’ve seen before.

This paragraph stood out:

“Most people on this island are watching the show. So everywhere I go, people know who I am. But the thing about it is that … it’s Hawaii. And Hawaiian people are rad. They’re a lot like Aussies, very grounded and laidback and really, really sweet. There’s a lot of ‘Aloha’ here, a lot of generosity of spirit. People aren’t trying to pick a piece of you away when they come up to get a photograph, they’re just really happy to see you. Sometimes I prefer to stay at the house, but for the most part, it’s part of the gig and it’s probably the best place on earth to get used to it.”

I’ve heard him compliment the people of Hawaii many times, and it just makes me happy to hear that he holds us locals in such a sincere regard… Aloha Alex!

So fans, put away your microscopes and enjoy the article in its entirety on the O’Laughing Press blog!




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3 Responses to The ladies of O’Laughing Press transcribe the GQ Style article

  1. Melissa says:

    Thank you for sharing the article. As a teacher, what really spoke to me was the fact that the teachers didn’t know how to reach him, so he didn’t see the reason to be in school. That fact is why we teachers try so hard to do so many different things to reach all of our students…you never know where they will end up and we need to help them have the tools to be successful.

  2. hawaiiobsessed says:

    thanks for the article!

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