“Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0” Episode 10, Hei hei, updated rerun edition

Originally posted 11/23/10

Alex o'Loughin as Steve McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0 Episode 10 Hei hei

Alex o'Loughin as Steve McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0 Episode 10 Hei hei, Photo: CBS

Reading way too hard between the lines…

I know I watched way too much Lost because I watch Hawaii Five-0 the way I watched Lost.  When McG gave his address as 2727 Pi`ikoi last week, this Undercover Agent searched for it in google, thinking there’s some hidden meaning or importance to it.  But no, there isn’t.  That address doesn’t exist, and I need to run my brain in a lower gear to watch Hawaii Five-0.  I just need to enjoy the sun and bikinis like everyone else.  In fact, there’s so much skin time that I tend to ignore the dialog and retranslate everything in my mind, because I am still looking for a deeper, second meaning…

Episode 10, Hei Hei – reading between the lines

Scene: Cut to Pier 20, Honolulu Harbor, Five-0 team looking down into the water.
Kono: Anyone up for a swim? [Oh gawd I gotta strip down to a bikini.  Again!]
Chin Ho: I forgot to bring my board shorts.  [No one wants to see me strip down 😦   Maybe there’s a broken computer I can fix!]
Danno: Looks like the rookie is going swimming!  [Hell yeah I want to see Kono in a bikini!  Again!]
McG: I’ll go in with you. [Guys, I’m required to be shirtless once every other episode, by contract.]
Danno: That’s very nice of you! [You show off.  But I still look good in my my tight, fitted shirts.]
McG: You sure you don’t want to go for a swim? [Yeah that’s right buddy. You want to arm wrestle?]
Danno: You go ahead with your pants, I’ll be here with a dry towel. [Jerk.]

Rachel and Danny – reading between the lines

In this episode, we finally meet Rachel for the first time, and although her relationship with Danny is strained, there’s still love between the two of them.  The long, slow glance Rachel gives as Danny drives away is reflected by Danny’s gaze into the rear view mirror of his car, with the bold letters “Objects are closer than they appear” standing out in the mirror.  Does this hint at a renewed romance between the two…?

And now, “Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0” Episode 10, Hei hei
1)  We have the most pathetic Iron Man triathlon.  The start at Magic Island finishes a 100 yards later at the other end of the island, and is then followed by a 2 mile bike ride down the street.  That’s the magic of Hollywood!

2)  Cops here don’t allow silly things like probable cause or search warrants stop them from investigating.

3)  We are so behind on the times, we still use Gavin’s List to buy, sell, look for jobs and find casual encounters.  I heard you people on the mainland use something called Craig’s List?

Did you notice…

Kono talks about the “mauka” side of the street.  Mauka in Hawaiian is a directional reference of something that is in the direction of the mountains.  The opposite is “makai” or in the direction of the ocean.  Hawaiians had no concept of compasses.

Kono mentions passing the Moana Surfrider Hotel.  It’s one of the oldest hotels at the end of Waikiki.

Danno mentions at the end going to “Sidestreet”.  He’s talking about Sidestreet Inn, a local restaurant that serves great local food.  The restaurant was founded by a few of Hawaii’s top gourmet chefs who wanted to have a more casual restaurant.

“Hao kanaka” is Hawaiian for “iron man”, referring to McGarrett’s awesomely huge muscles.

McG has lost THREE phones…his iphone went overboard when Graham tossed it over the Mighty Mo.  The second iphone was hacked by Bullfrog, and the third disappeared temporarily in a Samoan abyss.

“Hao kanaka” was the original working title, Hawaiian for “iron man”.  “Hei hei” was the final title, which means “race”.


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10 Responses to “Things We Learned About Hawaii From Hawaii Five-0” Episode 10, Hei hei, updated rerun edition

  1. lankyguy says:

    I understood they were using the 2727 Pi`ikoi addrss because it was one on the (fictional) addresses used for McGarrett’s home in the original series.

  2. Val says:

    Read between the lines is just so funny!! Especially about Chin since we never see him without a shirt….what a shame he has a great body too!! He is the only male team member that has’nt shedded his shirt – can anyone remember when Danny had his shirt off? One time only in the entire series.

    Things we learnt from episode 10 – Hei Hei….no I didn’t know about. I love that you do all the research and find all the info for us to share because with most of us who don’t live in the community it wouldn’t mean anything to us so its great that we can come here to your blog and get the info from you. Great undercover work.

    • Val says:

      Actually sorry I meant to say it was partially half on and half off!! Referring to Danny without the shirt thing. Can anyone recall.?

      • officer808 says:

        Surfing lessons with Kono in Wai E’e 🙂

      • Val says:

        Actually there was one other incident which was in the pilot episode too. He was sitting in the ambulance just after he got shot and fell out of the window. That girl who bit him, walked by the ambulance and Scott was sitting there getting his injured arm wrapped with his shirt half off and half on…that was the first time!!

    • officer808 says:

      Thanks always for your kind words Miss Val 🙂

  3. hawaiiobsessed says:

    I think Danny should keep his shirt on. His man sweater doesn’t appeal to me.

  4. Steven says:

    I think Kono’s uniform should be her bikini with the bullet proof vest. I find that pretty sexy but then I love the action girl type anyway.

    Loved the reading between the lines bit, but I’m a little confused by the fact that apparently entire cities stop working during Triathlons. Maybe it’s because I’m in the UK but are they really such showstoppers in the US? You’d think someone at the jewelry store would still be working, or for that matter that in a city the size of Honolulu someone would have noticed four people rapelling up a building.

    Actually, I think Grace Park is gorgeous period.

    • officer808 says:

      Yeah, during the Honolulu Marathon, a few major roads are partially closed, and it’s held on a Sunday, where no one’s working. A heist is actually very plausible.
      Keep on petitioning Peter Lenkov for more bikini Kono. You can do it! 😉

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