Another Aussie is cast to guest star in Hawaii Five-0

Jesse is a friend…yeah I know he’s been a good friend of mine

Aussie Rick Springfield has been cast to play Renny, a photographer with his fiancee in an upcoming Five-0 episode.  Hopefully he’ll have a little more screen time than previous popstar Nick Lachey…

From tvsquad:

Yep, the man who famously pined after ‘Jesse’s Girl,’ had ‘General Hospital’ fans swooning as Dr. Noah Drake (and his doppleganger, rockstar Eli Love) and, most recently, played an exaggerated version of himself on ‘Californication’ is now getting the cop drama treatment in paradise.

AOL TV has the exclusive details on Springfield’s ‘Five-0’ role as fashion photographer Renny, who we’ll meet in an episode set to air this spring.

Here is the official character description:

A world famous photographer, a force of nature, Renny is handsome, artistic and passionate. Renny is in Hawaii shooting a swimsuit cover alongside his model fiancé Kenza when tragedy strikes …

Update: The Battlestar Galactica connection

Rick Springfield starred as Lieutenant Zac, brother of Captain Apollo in the 1978 pilot of the original Battlestar Galactica series, who met an untimely demise.


Rick Springfield as Lt. Zac in Battlestar Galactica (1978). Photo: Universal Studios, vidcap by

As most of you know, Grace Park played Sharon “Boomer” Valerii (and clones) of the rebooted Battlestar Galactica.


Grace Park as Boomer, Battlestar Galactica (2005). Photo:

And now you know!  I will now return to my computer to research more nerdy facts.


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11 Responses to Another Aussie is cast to guest star in Hawaii Five-0

  1. jadore says:

    They have officially “jumped the shark”!

  2. McPhee says:

    LOL I didn’t know Rick was Australian

  3. spotted reptile says:

    That makes five Aussies by my count so far to appear in the current series: Alex, Claire van der Boom, Jacquie Mackenzie, Lachan Dichman, and now Rick Springfield.

    I had a massive crush on Rick way back in 1970 when he was a guitarist in the Aussie band Zoot. He was pretty gorgeous back then. I guess he must be in his late 50s to 60s by now.

    • officer808 says:

      As a kid I thought it totally sucked when he was blown up by he Cylons just as he was about to land on the Galactica 😦

      • WendieJoy says:

        As a young girl watching BG with my Barbies, I cried when they killed Rick in the first 10 minutes of the first show! *sob* But how cool was my Dad to let me stay up and watch it? 🙂

  4. McPhee says:

    spotted reptile – Dichen Lachman

  5. Linda Stein says:

    Doesn’t really bother me one way or the other who they hire to play guest roles. None of the “guest stars” mattered to me. I just look at them as if they were unknown actors playing that part and go with it. So far I don’t think any of them have done a bad job.

    People all over the boards are using that “shark” thing alot but I don’t think that’s the case. I think actors WANT to be on this show because it’s just so cool. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are saying to their agents “hey, H50 is open minded about who plays guest parts. I’d love to be on that show. Give them a call”.

    I think it means the show’s doing well, not that they are desperate which is what shows are when they “shark jump”. And if they WERE desperate why would Nick Lachey be helpful??? Just a thought.

  6. jadore says:

    I’m sorry Linda, but are you SERIOUS?! Nick Lachey! This guy is NOT AN ACTOR! I would hardly call P Diddy, Nick, or Rick anywhere close to being actors…just washed up wannabes who can’t seem to find work anywhere else. I think H50’s casting director must get a bargain basement rate on these clowns!

    • Linda Stein says:

      You missed my entire point. When a show “jumps the shark” it’s because the show is on it’s last leg and are trying anything to get it back on track. Anyone who says H50 is jumping the shark must think that this show is on it’s way out. That’s hardly the case. It’s one of the most popular shows on TV and the most DVRed show out there.

      I am not trying to justify the use of these “actors”. I just personally don’t care. Makes no difference to me if it’s Diddy or just an up and coming young actor playing the part. All I was trying to say was that people need to stop saying H50 is jumping the shark by hiring these people.

      If H50 was truly desperate and truly jumping the shark why would anyone think these people would help? You are right, these guys are NOT A-listers.

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