Local actor Cody Gomes lands movie role in “Soul Surfer”

“Lost” and “Hawaii Five-0” alum Cody Gomes to appear in “Soul Surfer”

He was a Dharma employee in 1977 on “Lost” and “Moku” the bartender in a recent Hawaii Five-0 episode, and now local actor Cody Gomes adds another line to his resume as “Keoki” in “Soul Surfer”.  Read the following report with video, thanks to Elena Heu, KHON news.

Kaneohe man lands starring role in Hollywood movie

Reported by: Olena Heu

Her story shocked the world.

On Halloween 2003, elite Kauai surfer Bethany Hamilton was attacked by a shark and almost lost her life.

The movie “Soul Surfer” is based on Bethany’s life and stars AnnaSophia Robb, Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid, American Idol Carrie Underwood and Saint Louis grad Cody Gomes.

“I mean Bethany’s story is so amazing, coming back from such a ferocious attack and three months later being back on a surf board and being able to surf with one arm is truly amazing and for me to be a part of this is amazing,” Gomes said.

The 23-year-old Kaneohe resident was cast as a fictional character, a pro skateboarder named Keoki, Bethany’s best friend.

“And when I came back a couple times for call backs they said, actually you know we extended your character from two days to three months,” Gomes said.

This is Cody’s debut feature film, but he’s been acting for years, snagging lead roles in local musical theatre productions and commercials.

“I was very into martial arts when I was younger and I never really thought that I would become an actor, I kinda just fell into it,” Gomes said.

He beat out thousands of other hopefuls for the role and says the experience has changed his life.

“I wanna win an Oscar because I can truly move people with my films,” Gomes said.

Cody is moving to Hollywood to pursue his acting dreams, and plans to be there just in time for the movie’s premiere at the end of this month.



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