The show must go on – Hawaii Five-0 continues shooting

“Kai E’e” revisited

In a rare instance, life imitated art, which was imitating life in the first place…  Last night’s events of the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami eerily reminded many of us fans of the recent “Kai E’e” episode.  As we joked on Facebook, we all wished it was a disaster that could be avoided by simply finding a hacker in the Ala Wai Harbor who was falsifying the data.  Unfortunately, last night’s events were real, and the images coming in from Japan reminds us that we really are at nature’s mercy.  Tsunamis are a natural disaster that usually follows a major underwater earthquake, and like the Chilean earthquake last year and the Indonesian earthquake in 2004, yesterday’s earthquake generated a significant tsunami that did major damage in Japan.

As we learned in “Kai E’e”, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center keeps tabs of all these events.  Sophisticated buoys keep track of wave height, speed and direction.  While scientists can predict the tsunamis impact when it reaches land, nature will constantly throw in many variables.  We were warned of a tsunami wave with a height of six feet.  Fortunately, we have the benefit of time on our side and had six hours to prepare.  Hawaii has an excellent reputation of being disaster ready since we’re subject to earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis.  Everyone did their jobs to be prepared and be safe.

Now, our thoughts and prayers go to those deeply affected in Japan.

And that being said, the show must truly go on 😉

Peter Lenkov tweeted last night:
@Plenkov: Cast & Crew safe. All at high ground. So far it’s wait and see. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

Daniel Dae Kim added:
@DanielDaeKim: Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. My family and I have moved to high ground. Now we wait…

and then this morning:
@DanielDaeKim:  Back at work, bleary eyed & heartsick, but very grateful. As far as I know, everyone is safe. Thx 2 all of you 4 your kind thoughts. Truly.

The production headquarters, Five-0 headquarters (the Post Office building and Aliiolani Hale) lie just a few blocks out of the inundation zone, where filming happened this morning.  The Bayer Estate (McGarrett’s house) and Rachel Williams’ house are beachfront properties, but I haven’t heard if the houses suffered any flooding.

And despite the disaster, I can happily report that love blossoms anew from the destruction and carnage of the earthquake and tsunami.  Actor JT Rowland was on set today and tweeted:

@JT_Rowland:  #blush Grace Park said hi as she passed me on the way to make up. I was like, I love you. But silently, only to myself. Lol : ] #H50


Read this blog by Melissa Chang to see how technology helped Hawaii mobilize, and how you can help relief efforts in Japan.

The Huffington Post has a list of relief funds as well.


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10 Responses to The show must go on – Hawaii Five-0 continues shooting

  1. carol10010 says:

    So glad everyone there is safe but heartsick about Japan. Simplest way to help? Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10.

  2. joe keagy says:

    We are all so happy and relieved that all of our friends. New and old are safe there. Prayers for the people of japan. Aloha

  3. jadore says:

    Glad to hear cast and crew are safe. Many thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan.

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  5. Val says:

    Hi officer Bob – this has been a very scary morning….waking up to the sound of the alarm on my tv clock – saying two words I never thought I would hear uttered “tsunami” and “Hawaii”….. I thought I was dreaming but wasn’t until I started watching the news – appalled by what was going on in Japan and all sorts of catestrophic disaster was going through my mind as I raced to my computer only to find I’m not the only panicked one worrying about what was going on in Hawaii….and all we could do is wait…and watch…..mortified and truly worried that the same would occur in Hawaii!!! Waiting around for news was like a ticking timebomb…it wasn’t watching Five-0 on tv….this was real. I have family along the west coast as there had been reports that trouble was coming….looked out my window – pouring with steady rain…and very foggy outside and gloomy…. I have never ever witnessed a Tsunami and seeing it on live feed from Japan was terrifying… Those poor people and such a tiny island…got a rude awakening today… never felt so helpless in my life or so thankful that I was on dry land with a roof still solid above my head. Simple things that I take for granted….have not been that way for a long time since the beginning of the year.. This has truly been a year for turmoil….and we are already into mid March….when will we stop hearing bad news.

    Thanks officer for sending this blog….its nice to finally read your words to know that there is a semblance of normaly around the island…the Five-0 cast are all back at work…those are all good signs ….they all must be stressed, tired and a little scared too but now our worry is turned to what’s going on in Japan. God be with them all. The death toll is rising but unconfirmed numbers. Aloha….and hugs to all our friends and for all the people of Hawaii!! Aloha!!

    PS: Thanks so much for posting the links – we have followed the news from the tsunami warning centre…..they handled the evac. brilliantly…so glad that everyone was prepared well in advance but can anyone truly be prepared for what mother nature has in store for any of us?

  6. McPhee says:

    Good to hear that everyone is safe over there in Hawaii. I live on a Island in Australia too I was worried we were going to be hit but the water was very calm here.

    Officer I hope everything is okay with you over there in Hawaii as well I was thinking of you as well and everyone that lives in Hawaii.

    My heart goes out to everyone in Japan at the moment who has lost everything

    • officer808 says:

      McPhee thanks for your kind thoughts 🙂 Moderate flooding happened in Kona, Big Island and Kahului, Maui. Several families lost their homes, but no one was hurt.

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