Exclusive new BTS photoset of Hawaii Five-0 filming in Kailua

An Undercover Special Agent gets an in depth report

Alex O'Loughlin, on set in Kailua, Photo: Undercover Special Agent Jamee

Alex O'Loughlin checking his 97 emails, on set in Kailua, Photo: Undercover Special Agent Jamee

Most people saw the Hawaii Five-0 crew set up base at the Kailua Don Quixote parking lot last week, where Danny’s Camaro and the trailers were parked, but few knew where the actual filming was.  Some did…Undercover Special Agent Jamee was on set to see a lot of filming going on in a private residence deep in Kailua.  Here’s her behind the scenes report.

On Monday, I was lucky enough to be invited onto the set of Hawaii Five-0.   It was such a great experience! I was able to meet Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan and watch them rehearse and film numerous scenes that will air on the episode that P. Diddy is in.

Alex is such a people person. I told him that it was really nice to meet him, and when he said, “it’s lovely to meet you too,” in his Australian accent, I just about fainted right there! He even talked on my cell phone to my mom (she is a big AOL fan as well). Scott was a bit more reserved, but he was friendly when I talked with him. He is quite a character on set. In one scene they filmed, Mc Garrett  “crashes” through a wooden gate with the Camaro which left a scatter of wooden planks across the front lawn. Scott went around collecting various pieces and managed to find a screwdriver and screws and proceeded to piece together a box. He was very proud of his creation! The owner of the estate had picked up one of his pieces of wood and Scott yelled jokingly, “Hey, that’s my wood!”

I also made a new friend on set, Dot, Scott’s dog. She found a football and kept bringing it to me to play fetch. She’s such a cutie and Scott has her well trained. I had such an amazing day on set and it will be a day I will always remember. I was even invited by the director to have lunch with the cast and crew. I was going to study for a nursing tests all day, but I think spending the day at H50 was totally worth it!!! And lucky for me, my test eventually was postponed until next week Wednesday ;) -Jamee

Mahalo Jamee for your report!  Check out the photos on Facebook.


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10 Responses to Exclusive new BTS photoset of Hawaii Five-0 filming in Kailua

  1. Stevo says:

    Great pics!!!!

    so much enjoy~~

    Alex’s still so hot~

    anyway thx for sharing!

    : )

  2. pinkiepie230 says:

    Thank you Officer Bob and Jamee – what a treat for everyone! Love when your special agents are on the job Bob. Where do I apply? 🙂

  3. hawaiiobsessed says:

    very cool!

  4. textbook says:

    Some stories are fun, some are funny, some are exciting, some are thought-provoking… And then there are ones where I just stop breathing altogether…

    …she got to play with Scott’s DOG!


  5. carol10010 says:

    Are there more pics of Dot? That dog is so “doggone” cute!

  6. sockie says:

    thanks jamee and bob! that was fun!

  7. Maureen says:

    Thank you Officer Bob and Jamee for sharing this wonderful experience.

  8. Merry Blue says:

    The dog that appears around the 30 s mark in the “Guilty Secrets” interview with the H50 cast, looks a lot like the pics of Reggie.

    If I screw up embedding the link, search YouTube for “The Cast of Hawaii Five 0 talks Guilty Pleasures from HNN”.

  9. McPhee says:

    That would’ve been cool to see pictures of Scott building a box with the wood LOL that made me LOL that was hilarious.

    Jealous how you got to meet Alex & Scott and Alex getting to talk to your mum Jamee on the phone really shows how nice the cast are on set. Also nice how Scott let you play with his dog Dot on set that is really cool

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