Mike Gordon interviews Hawaii Five-0’s Taryn Manning

Taryn in upcoming  movie “Heaven’s Rain”

Taryn Manning

Actress and singer-songwriter Taryn Manning, Photo: CINDY ELLEN RUSSELL / CRUSSELL@STARADVERTISER.COM

Five-0 actress Taryn Manning (Mary Ann McGarrett) spoke to Honolulu Star Advertiser reporter Mike Gordon to promote her new film “Heaven’s Rain”:

When she immersed herself in the role of Leslie Douglass for the film “Heaven’s Rain,” Manning found a story of survival. Leslie and her brother Brooks were teenagers when a pair of drifters took their family hostage in 1979 and killed their parents. Leslie was repeatedly assaulted, and both teens were shot and left for dead.

It was a meaty role for the 32-year-old Manning, whose recent acting credits on the CBS drama “Hawaii Five-0” offered a higher profile than the independent film she made last year.

Speaking about Five-0, Mike reported:

IF YOU’VE missed seeing Manning as Steve McGarrett’s tough-talking sister on “Five-0,” take heart. The actress said CBS honchos have told her that Mary Ann McGarrett will return.

“They are saying I will be back next season,” Manning said. “I will still be around.”

So by my count, I’ve seen writers, set designers, and now actors of the show all refer to a second season, but still no official announcement of an actual second season…intriguing.


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6 Responses to Mike Gordon interviews Hawaii Five-0’s Taryn Manning

  1. Val says:

    Okay I’m officially annoyed – when is CBS really going to come from behind the big executive offices and make the announcement once and for all. What are they waiting for – when the cast and crew are ready to actually begin shooting season two?

    Are they seriously going to make us wait this long?

  2. Bert Hayling says:

    They can’t still be on the fence about renewal, especially not with all the “planning for season 2” stuff we know is going on (f’rinstance, moving the 5-0 HQ standing sets from the old P.O. building over to 605 Kapiolani, which I guess they’ll start as soon as production wraps in April).

    I’m guessing (with all extremities crossed, just in case) they’re going to draw out the news until the CBS Upfront when they can announce with an appropriate degree of hooplah and trot out the cast. 😉

  3. Ichi says:

    I couldn’t imagine them saying no. After all, aren’t they averaging like 12 million viewers every night?

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