Will McGarrett lose his friend (with benefits)?

Canada’s Global Television announces the production of a new show

In a press release, Global Televsion announced the production of a new hospital drama, “The Hot Zone”.

TORONTO, March 14 /CNW/ – Shaw Media announced that production on Global Television‘s gritty, new, medical drama The Hot Zone (working title, formerly known as Combat Hospital) has begun. Commissioned by Global’s original content team and recently picked up by ABC, the 13 x 1 hour-episode series will be shot in Toronto until July 2011. Broadcast details will be revealed at a later date.

The Hot Zone is a fictional medical procedural set in 2006 at the only military hospital providing advanced surgical care in all of Southern Afghanistan. The series charts the frantic lives of the hospital’s resident doctors and nurses from Canada, America, the U.K. and other allied countries. This highly-charged series follows the characters as they navigate their way through the relentless life-and-death battles on the operating table, and the never-ending conflicts that arise from working in a war zone military hospital.

The release names the new actors on the show:

The Hot Zone features a diverse ensemble cast including: Elias Koteas (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) as Colonel Marks; Michelle Borth (Hawaii Five-0) as Canadian surgeon Dr. Rebecca Gordon…

Alex O'Loughlin, Michelle Borth, Hawaii Five-0

"Catherine, I will miss our treasured friendship, and your instantaneous access to intelligence satellites." Photo: CBS

Lieutenant Catherine Rollins (played by Borth) may have left the U.S. Navy, changed her citizenship and went back to medical school!  If the show develops and has staying power, will this significantly affect her role as McGarrett’s girlfriend in Hawaii Five-0?  Will her departure be written into the storyline, or will she return in later appearances?

One thing’s for sure: McGarrett may be losing an important friend with benefits…and by that I mean Navy intelligence benefits.


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32 Responses to Will McGarrett lose his friend (with benefits)?

  1. Corrie Howe says:

    I liked your headline…I think you really were talking about all the benefits. Including giving Steve a monogamous relationship without the customary expectations which come with it. You know the ones which would hinder him from his other duties.

  2. Cecile says:

    That’s cool for M. Borth, but it sucks for us ! Catherine is too cool to get away !

  3. Val says:

    Sadly its true – it looks as though Michelle is moving on but can’t say I blame her tho since her appearances are so few and far between, whereas the new show is too good an opportunity to snap up for her and wow she’ll be working on our sunny shores and not in Hawaii. I’m sure its not her goal to be forever McGarrett’s friend with benefits, let’s hope that there will others he can depend on for extra help from navy intelligence.

    I really liked Michelle Borth, am going to miss her as Catherine and I wish her all the best with her new work here in Toronto. Hope she likes our hospitality!!

    • Overdamoon says:

      The medical drama The Hot Zone is a summer series. So unless it delivers stellar ratings and ABC extends beyond its 13-episode order, the production will wrap in July and won’t conflict with H50 production schedule. If there’s H50 season 2, doesn’t their production start in August? Michelle isn’t the main H50 cast so her schedule is even more flexible.

    • Overdamoon says:

      No, this medical drama is a SUMMER series and their production wraps in July 2011. H50 production won’t start until August, if I remember correctly from last August. Michelle isn’t a main H50 cast so her schedule is flexible.

  4. Merry Blue says:

    Personally, I would have liked to see more of Catherine – she could have developed into an interesting character (and maybe she still will), but this would certainly be an opportunity for her to let Steve know that she’s off to somewhere else where she is well appreciated and she has a relationship where, even if it is FwB, there is an equal amount of give with the take. The main thing I did not like about the Steve-Catherine relationship was that Steve came across like a user/taker and Catherine was sensitive to it. It would probably do wonders for Steve’s character development for Catherine to dump him with a clear (but not bitter) explanation of why.

    • Val says:

      @Merry Blue – one of the things that I really liked about Catherine was her sensitivity and clearly she liked Steve alot. She is very devoted to her job but when it comes to Steve she willingly breaks some rules because deep down she knows that could never say no to him but I think that she’s way too smart to be ever taken for granted and Steve deep down knows it too. We never see him willingly flirt with anyone else or spend time dating other women on the island. Steve to Catherine’s credit isn’t a player – he’s just a guy that might have some commitment issues and a lot of baggage around him. He’s not a guy that’s easily pinned down but he’s not someone who would lie, cheat and lead women on. The mere fact that he calls her all the time when he needs her help, he somehow does make it up to her when they are together, even tho its all passion and sex for them – its mutual on both fronts. Unfortunately their line of work doesn’t really allow room for lengthy dates so they take whatever time they could get. Remember there was a moment in the tsunami episode when they were together at his house because it was the one time that they could be together. I’m sure they had lots of times together which is not written into the story. But Catherine is moving on now and leaving Steve and Hawaii Five-0 behind her….wish her tons of luck, as Michelle Borth. I’ll miss her.

      • Merry Blue says:

        Val, I’m pretty much on board with your comments. I do think they are very fond of each other and they had carved out the relationship that works for them in their careers. But, the last time we saw Catherine she did point out to Steve that he only calls her when he needs something (usually something that could involve a courtmartial, lately). In the last half year, Steve has undergone radical life changes (job, family losses) and perhaps he has not been as attentive as usual. I hope they can continue to work Catherine in, but…. I don’t want to wish Ms Borth ill on her new series either. The problem with that new series is that it has been picked up by ABC, not CBS and I wonder if that will actually prevent her from working on H50 in the future? I don’t know how the industry deals with that.

        If she does go, I’m just sayin’ that a little more character development wouldn’t hurt Steve. Danny sure doesn’t pull his punches (remember that priceless “you were never held as a baby, were you?” and “PhotoShop” interchange?), so a hint from Catherine might be well placed.

        I’m really hoping that this new CIA agent that is coming on board Monday is not being set up as a new Steve romance. 😛

  5. jadore says:

    Don’t really care. McGarrett/Catherine = BORRRING! The only interesting character I find on the show is Danny. Let’s see more of him and Rachel!

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  7. textbook says:

    Don’t really care. J-J-J-JEALOUS!

  8. McPhee says:

    Noooo I like Catherine

  9. Ichi says:

    Eh, she hasn’t really developed into an interesting character yet in the series. Right now she’s just a convenient plot-fixing device for McGarrett, which to me seems like a cop out (lol) for the show

  10. Liz says:

    eh, not important. Alex is into Blondes anyway. I say they should hire Sophia Myles to be his love interest on a permanent basis. 😉 And, make her a regular!! Steve has needs too. 🙂 Has anyone heard the rumor I keep hearing that he and Amber have broken up? I hope not. She is a cutie. They sure looked pretty tight at the airport. I hate rumors, I just wish we could get the facts.

  11. McPhee says:

    I just realised they show Five-0 on Global so I don’t think she’ll leave the show

    • Val says:

      Hi McPhee – its aired on global tv here in Canada but Five-0 is a CBS production…different network but yes we will get to see her in her new show but sadly not on Five-0.

  12. Rachel says:

    Um Liz if you hate rumors so much then why are you posting that? 😉

  13. Val says:

    @Merry Blue I agree with your last comment whole heartedly. I definitely do remember the garage scene where Danny made the references to the fact that he was never held as a baby and the photoshop comment – one of my favorite memorable lines so I agree that there is room for improvement..using one of Danny’s lines!! I’m not sure how this will work if she’s working on another competing network, it would depend on what’s in her contract. I would hate to see her leave the show. There is lots of potential for further character development for her role and I’m sure that given more time they would love to have her as a steady love interest for Steve. Despite the objections to some viewers, they have wonderful chemistry.

    But from what I know sources tell me that Taryn Manning is coming back for season two and she will be filling the missing gap that’s missing from Steve’s life. I really love MaryAnn and hated to see her leave. She adores her brother and it was just so sad to see him have to ship her off for her own good, very much like what their father did.

    Having her back will breathe new life into the McGarrett household and I think Alex must be thrilled to have her back. I sincerely hope that no matter where Michelle is working there’s room for her to come back but I doubt it. I’m nervous, very nervous about this new cast member, I too prefer that she not be chosen as Steve’s next new love interest – somehow it will create a void in the team which will be weird. Maybe I’m wrong, I trust Peter Lenkov’s instincts so far so I’m prepared to be open minded and let it play out.

  14. Overdamoon says:

    Hey folks,
    There’s nothing that says Michelle isn’t coming back to H50. The Global TV announcement neglected to say that it’s a summer series. Production will wrap in July 2011, which won’t conflict with H50 production. According to the Deadline Hollywood article below, her involvement is due to this. “The casting stems from Borth’s talent deal with ABC, which came out of her starring role on the network’s short-lived drama The Forgotten. ..”


    • Val says:

      @Overdamoon – thank you – that’s very promising. I hope you are right that Michelle has not been taken out of the H50 series….that’s really great news. Much appreciated!! You made my day!!

    • Merry Blue says:

      @Overdamoon, thanks, yes, it should be fine for this season. If The Hot Zone gets picked up for a second season, would it still be a summer series? If so, then we, and Michelle, can have cake and pie too. 🙂

      @Val – Danny has some very colourful commentary, especially about Steve’s poor social skills. Some of Danny’s comments are extremely snarky. I’m really impressed by Steve’s reaction to them. Whether he snaps back or not, he certainly thinks about them and often takes them to heart. It appears to be part of the humanizing of his character over the course of the season.

      • Val says:

        Some of those lines are just fabulous – cracks me up every time although there are one or two where I just love it where Steve has Danny over the barrel referring to the scene where he says: so what do you call, throwing a guy in a shark tank and hanging a guy over the roof:
        Steve: Those guys are from out of of town. followed by the smirk, so love that smirk!! lol
        Next scene I like is when they are discussing what duties Steve had as a navy seal and Steve tells him that its all classified but admits that he worked the other side
        Danny: The otherside is with a sniper rifle
        Steve’s comment is only a smile with a smirk….
        But there are so many many more other lines from the show that are just sooo funny and yet you are so right Steve does take them in stride and gets so used to Danny complaining about them that I fear that he is getting so immune to them and just ignores those comments and veiled subtle hints but then again you are right there are moments when he does listen and he knows that Danny’s heart is in the right place but there are times when he deserves a kick in the pants for not being careful….lol!!

      • Corrie Howe says:

        One of my favorite scenes is when Steve is the passenger in the vehicle while Danny is driving Bastille around tied to the hood. Steve said he gets a free pass next time and then grins like he’s the proud father of a son who just hit is first home run…(or that he corrupted Danny).

        I also love “You say I have a face. You have a tone.”

        And when Danny said of Kamekona, “Did he just say he’s got a training bra?”

      • Merry Blue says:

        @Val – I think the one time Danny really got under Steve’s skin and actually hurt him a bit was all the b!tch!ng about having to push the car up the hill. Steve asks, “what happened to you, man – where’s your sentimental side?” Danny shoots back that if he did have such a side (which he apparently denies) it would be for people, not for objects. Danny is right – Steve is attaching a lot of value to objects; for him it is a way to try and cope with the loss of his father. I guess it is a matter of perspective how much of that is healthy.

        @Corrie – yeah, that one was so sharp that I lost some of the subsequent dialog on the first viewing; my brain was going whaaat??? HAHAHAHAHA and drowned out the show.

    • officer808 says:

      Thanks again Overdamoon for giving us the info 🙂

  15. val says:

    @Merry Blue, @Corrie – ditto to your comments. That pushing the car up the hill scene was so funny, it really was the expression on both those faces, tells me that Danny must have been complaining, moaning and groaning the entire time, lol….just cracks me up, but he’s such a good sport, he won’t bail out on McSteve.., really surprised that he accepted the offer of a ride in that car, must have taken some coaxing and persuasion that morning and oh my God the park scene, Kamekona wearing a plastic bag,….lol!!

    The scenes to me that really gets under McGarrett’s skin are all the veiled references to his mental health whenever a boy and a father are tied to a story, that everything comes back to him losing his father….lol….and that he needs help, all the time, really pisses him off because most of those times have really nothing to do with him losing his father or losing his mind when he follows his own gut which by the way is usually the right one whereas his partner Danny leads to a different conclusion…to Danny everything is black and white…to Steve there is always two sides to a story and his instincts about those are not always wrong, and also the tsunami centre when Steve starts to suspect that maybe the warning signal could be faked, Danny is not running the same train of thought, so I love it when Steve tells him to be quiet so that the adults around can think and then calls Catherine on his cell!!! LOL…..ouch!!

    oh see, I really miss H50 you guys have truly brought it back with such fond memories.

  16. michlela says:

    franchement pour ce qu’on la voit sur hawai,catherine ne me manquera pas si elle s’en va de la série!! la relation est juste fondée sur le sexe et n’a rien à voir avec des sentiments comme on a pu voir entre alex et sophia sur moonlight qui étaient eux
    parfaitement fusionnels!!!!je suis d’accord avec liz,ils devraient faire revenir sophia sur hawai cette fille a quelque chose de spécial qui fonctionne parfaitement avec alex!!
    a moi personellement c’est ce petit plus émotionel qui me manque dans hawai!!!

    • officer808 says:

      For those who don’t speak French 😉

      Frankly for what one sees in Five-0, I will not miss catherine if she leaves the series! the relationship is just based on sex and has nothing to do with feelings, as we have seen between alex and sophia on moonlight in which they were perfect together!! I agree with liz, they should bring back Sohpia, she has something special that works perfectly with alex! to me personally, I’m missing that little piece of emotion in Hawaii Five-0!

      • Val says:

        Thanks officer Bob for the translation: Sophia Myles as a welcome addition to Five-0? As much as I love her and thinks she’s fantastic as an actress, I don’t think it will work having her as Steve’s future love interest as great as the chemistry has been on the other show. It would be too weird and its not the same show, the chemistry will never be the same.

        As a guest star appearance she would be great along with Jason Dohring, it would be great to see them make an appearance.

        Michelle’s character, Catherine is still the right fit because she has the right sort of background that matches up to navy intelligence. People keep referring her to McG’s friend with benefits, don’t think its entirely fair to categorise her as only that. She’s smart and intelligent and really beautiful and I’m sure with time, the writers will find the right niche for her to have more character development and I think Michelle deserves to have her role recognized beyond the friend’s with benefit and only time will tell what they have in store for her.

    • officer808 says:

      Personnellement, j’adore Catherine, mais je pense qu’avoir une relation personnelle complexe dans la première saison peut enlever à l’esprit de corps.

      Personally, I love Catherine, but I think that having a complex personal relationship in the first season may take away from the team spirit.

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