Even Cylons love seals – Hawaii Five-0’s Grace Park promotes PETA’s campaign

From Audrey Magazine:

Asian Canadian actress Grace Park may be surfin’ and shootin’ it up in Oahu for her CBS series Hawaii Five-O, but her heart is clearly back home in Vancouver. She’s getting behind PETA to support their latest campaign to save Canada’s seal pups. According to PETA, every year, tens of thousands of harp seal pups — some as young as 2 weeks old — are beaten with clubs, shot, impaled with hooks, and even skinned alive for their fur as their mothers helplessly watch nearby. Get more information at PETA.org.


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8 Responses to Even Cylons love seals – Hawaii Five-0’s Grace Park promotes PETA’s campaign

  1. joe keagy says:

    A good person. An animal lover and drop dead gorgeous. My kinda girl!

  2. Val says:

    Why am I not surprised to see you here Joey – avid supporter of Grace Park. Grace I salute you for the cause… Its very true, its on the news and its horrid. Thanks for standing up for this. No matter what the problem is out in Vancouver there has to be another way and cruelty to animals is not the right answer. And it is nice to see you hear Joey!! You rock!!

  3. textbook says:

    She was already A-OK by me, but she just shot up another few spots on my list of good people.

    Thanks for posting this, it’s a day-brightener.

  4. McPhee says:

    Cute I’m glad Grace is helping out. It’s sad hearing how people are treating these pups it’s nasty.

    Officer – Also did you get my reply back to your previous email I need help

  5. Linda Stein says:

    I don’t completely agree with the way PETA conducts some of their campaigns but I admire the reasons behind them and anyone who stands up to protect innocent animals! Way to go Grace!

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